the world of politics

I AM A HUGE FAN OF fact, if the truth be known, i would love to be the governor of south dakota sometime in the next 15 years...... while watching the President's state of the union address the other night, i commented to my family, that our politicians are such hypocrites.  they applaud and [...]


brittany spears

as a parent, i'm just sick for brittany spears.....she's obviously on a course of destruction....frankly, i'm afraid she's going to take her own life sometime soon....and i'm not the only one who feels that way.  some of her family members have been crying out for help for brittany before she takes her own life.  my [...]

okay, i give up…..

i give up....i have to admit that the new england patriots are the best team in football.  when scott and i did our "professional pigskin prognosticator program" picks this season, i picked against new england hoping they would win.  even this sunday, i'm pulling for the new york giants to win the super bowl.  i'm [...]

speaking of schools….

let's play a cool game......i'm going to tell you every school name and mascot where i went to school......then at the end, i'll type in my favorite team name of a school that no longer exists......c'mon, play along!!!!  when i was younger i was a : britton brave veblen cardinal langford lion campbell tintah cougar [...]

who woulda thunk?

it's funny how time treats you.....when i was a senior in high school back in good ole langford high school, i would have punched you in the nose if you would have said that in 2008 i'd be living in warner, cheering for the warner monarchs!!!!!!!   and now that we live here, i wouldn't live [...]

award winning movie

this past weekend i had the opportunity to see "no country for old men".  this movie won the "screen actor's guild" movie of the year.  i thought it was a very very good movie, a little long in the middle, and it had an ending i didn't understand.  what i'm wondering is, why don't movies [...]