when you rearrange the letters….

when you rearrange the letters of a word, you get…. dormitory=dirty room presbyterian=best in prayer astronomer-moon starer desperation=a rope ends it the eyes=they see slot machines=cash lost in me snooze alarms=alas no more z’s eleven plus two=twelve plus one and my all time favorite: mother-in-law= “woman hitler” those are funny, my friends….

random thoughts for leap day!!!!

1.  if you don’t have plans for sunday night, the youth of st. john’s in hecla and the methodist church in hecla are putting on a baked potato supper with all the trimmings at st. john’s in hecla from 5-7pm.  it’s a freewill offering, and i’d love to see you all there.  it’s a fund […]

random thoughts for wednesday 2-27-08

1.  i never thought that i’d say it was good to get back to work…ha ha….spent the last 36 hours at home sick….woke up tuesday morning and couldn’t swallow anything, so it would have made it hard to be on the radio, of course, maybe my show would have sounded better!!!  ha ha 2.  okay…here’s […]

random thoughts for monday 2-25-08

1.  well, as expected, and as i predicted, “no country for old men” was a big winner last night at the academy awards.  it won “best picture of the year”, and havier bardem won the best supporting actor.  he is absolutely CREEPY as the villian in this movie. movie goers are lucky because you can […]

another round of random thoughts…..

1.  yesterday the new england patriots decided not to put the franchise tag on randy moss, meaning that on february 29th, he becomes a free agent.  the pats can still sign him on that day, HOWEVER, here’s my prediction….if i know my egomaniac owner of the redskins, he’ll throw a bundle of money at randy […]

random thoughts for friday 2-22-08

1.  what a great weekend for movies in this area……two movies that are up for a bunch of oscars will be shown in aberdeen.  one of my favorite movies of the year “no country for old men” is showing at carmike cinema 9 theaters….this is an incredible movie, and should win movie of the year […]

top eight country songs you’ll never hear

another top eight list!!! top eight country songs you’ll never hear…. 8.  i still miss you baby, but my aims getting better. 7.  her teeth were stained, but her heart was pure. 6.  if the phone doesn’t ring, you’ll know it’s me. 5.  my wife ran off with my best friend and i sure miss […]

“stupid” top ten list

here’s my top ten list for thursday morning: top ten creative ways to call someone “stupid”….. 10.  a few clowns short of a circus 9.  a few fries short of a happy meal 8.  dumber than a box of hair 7.  doesn’t have all his cornflakes in one box 6.  the wheel’s spinning, but the […]

random thoughts!!!!

1.  i’m so sick of this cold weather…..seems the older i get, the more i don’t like it……however, i wouldn’t move anywhere else in the world.  isn’t it funny, that when it’s 25 degrees in the winter, we’re out parading around like it’s summer…only in south dakota. 2.  great news for movie fans….”no country for […]

weekend at the movies

for valentine’s night, i took my wife, two boys, and my sons girlfriend to see the new ryan reynolds movie called “definetly, maybe.”  one of my favorite young stars, abagail breslin also stars in this movie.   hmmmm…i give it kind of a luke warm rating….it wasn’t over the top, and it wasn’t at the bottom.  […]