when you rearrange the letters….

when you rearrange the letters of a word, you get.... dormitory=dirty room presbyterian=best in prayer astronomer-moon starer desperation=a rope ends it the eyes=they see slot machines=cash lost in me snooze alarms=alas no more z's eleven plus two=twelve plus one and my all time favorite: mother-in-law= "woman hitler" those are funny, my friends....


random thoughts for leap day!!!!

1.  if you don't have plans for sunday night, the youth of st. john's in hecla and the methodist church in hecla are putting on a baked potato supper with all the trimmings at st. john's in hecla from 5-7pm.  it's a freewill offering, and i'd love to see you all there.  it's a fund … Continue reading random thoughts for leap day!!!!