when you rearrange the letters of a word, you get….

dormitory=dirty room

presbyterian=best in prayer

astronomer-moon starer

desperation=a rope ends it

the eyes=they see

slot machines=cash lost in me

snooze alarms=alas no more z’s

eleven plus two=twelve plus one

and my all time favorite:

mother-in-law= “woman hitler”

those are funny, my friends….

1.  if you don’t have plans for sunday night, the youth of st. john’s in hecla and the methodist church in hecla are putting on a baked potato supper with all the trimmings at st. john’s in hecla from 5-7pm.  it’s a freewill offering, and i’d love to see you all there.  it’s a fund raiser for our youth.

2.  a couple of movie notes……make sure to try and see the academy award winning picture of the year “no country for old men” at carmike before it leaves.  hopefully it lives up to the hype.  and secondly, is it just me, or are you getting a bit tired of the overhype of will ferrell lately.  his movie “semi pro” comes out and i’m sure i’ll go see it, but i’m getting a wee bit tired of his goofy movies lately. i absolutely love the guy as a comedian, but i think they’re way over promoting him in recent years.

3.  NFL FREE AGENCY IS HERE!!!  it’s going to be a flurry of signings and players switching teams this weekend….hopefully the vikings do something about their dreadful wide reciever position, and hopefully the redskins make a few picks as well.  should be very interesting seeing where randy moss and others wind up next year.

4.  hugh hefner wants lindsay lohan to appear nude in playboy…no thanks…you’re not going to sell a lot of magazines of something everybody’s seen for free already.

5.  rod stewart and bryan adams are touring this summer together…..please please please come to our area…..also, rumors are swirling about chicago and the doobie brothers touring all summer together…THAT WOULD BE AWESOME…..

enjoy your weekend and enjoythe weather…..

talk to ya monday morning at 6:00!!!!!!

1.  i never thought that i’d say it was good to get back to work…ha ha….spent the last 36 hours at home sick….woke up tuesday morning and couldn’t swallow anything, so it would have made it hard to be on the radio, of course, maybe my show would have sounded better!!!  ha ha

2.  okay…here’s my gripe and moan section…….coming to work this morning about 9:30, i left Warner and headed toward aberdeen on highway 281.  there was a vehicle in front of me in the right lane and a car driving the exact same speed limit as the car in front of me in the STUPID LEFT LANE…..i was fit to be tied…..don’t people know that the left lane is for passing, not for living in?  i had to drive 55-60 behind these two vehicles, and i came close to blowing my horn and flashing my lights……it seems some people need to go back to driving school, or at least take common courtesy classes……my goodness…..

3.  well, my tennessee volunteers were number one in the nation for exactly two days….after defeating number one memphis on saturday night, my vols lost to in state rival vanderbilt last night in a nailbiter.  crap…….oh well, the ratings don’t matter, what matters is what they do in the ncaa tournament coming up….MARCH MADNESS…..DON’T YOU LOVE IT?

4.  while i was home sick with my son mitchell, we watched a brand new release called “death at a funeral.”  i had seen the previews on television and decided it might be good.  we both enjoyed the heck out of the movie.  it’s all in british language, which i sometimes have trouble understanding, but it’s a very very funny movie.  if you have a couple of hours, you might like “death at a funeral.”

1.  well, as expected, and as i predicted, “no country for old men” was a big winner last night at the academy awards.  it won “best picture of the year”, and havier bardem won the best supporting actor.  he is absolutely CREEPY as the villian in this movie. movie goers are lucky because you can see a couple of academy award winning movies in aberdeen right now.  “no country for old men” is showing at carmike cinema 9 theaters, and “there will be blood” is showing at the capitol theater. 

2.  GO TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS….i’m so pumped….my favorite college team, the tennessee volunteers beat memphis saturday night, and should become the number one team in the usa this week, marking the first time in school history that the mens program has gone number one.  the women’s team at tennessee, under coach pat summitt, has been number one on numerous occasions.

3.  boys districts get underway tonight…….one of my sons and a couple of nephews play for warner so we’ll be going to the games this week.  we have tons of action on the radio tonight…..district 2a boys are on pheasant country 103, district 2b boys are on the rock 94.1 and the central girls are on espn radio 1420.  I LOVE THE POSTSEASON……

4.  couldn’t be more excited about a couple of bands coming to the area this summer….my favorite band “CHICAGO”  is coming to the sioux empire fair in sioux falls again, and “38 SPECIAL” is coming to the dakota magic casino near hankinson, n.d. in june.  this is going to be a great summer for music in this area.

1.  yesterday the new england patriots decided not to put the franchise tag on randy moss, meaning that on february 29th, he becomes a free agent.  the pats can still sign him on that day, HOWEVER, here’s my prediction….if i know my egomaniac owner of the redskins, he’ll throw a bundle of money at randy moss.  my prediction….by the evening hours of feb. 29th,randy moss will be a washington redskin.

2.  I’M SO EXCITED…i’m wearing my bright orange tennessee volunteers pullover today, in honor of the biggest game the vols mens team has played in years.  saturday night at 8:00 it’s no. 2 against no.1 in the nation, when the tennessee vols play memphis…..i cannot wait…..

3.  i played “little arrows” for my forgotten 45 this morning….i love that show….already had a few comments on that song, and it seems like a lot of people my age and a bit older love the “forgotten 45’s.”  just so you know, i love finding them and playing them, too.

1.  what a great weekend for movies in this area……two movies that are up for a bunch of oscars will be shown in aberdeen.  one of my favorite movies of the year “no country for old men” is showing at carmike cinema 9 theaters….this is an incredible movie, and should win movie of the year at the academy awards on sunday night.  also “there will be blood” with daniel day lewis, is on at the capitol theater….to top it off, the new thriller “vantage point” is at carmike…..sounds like i’ll be eating 80 pounds of popcorn this weekend.

2.  by now you all know that i am the worship leader at st. john’s lutheran church in hecla every sunday.  we have our services at 9am, and i invite you to come to church this sunday, because we have a beautiful almost all musical service called “remembering the promise.”  it’s fantastic, plus our softball team is serving breakfast after church…come if you can.

3.  would love to hear your comments on this board on sunny 97-7 and the morning party…..feel free to register, log in and leave your comments.

another top eight list!!!

top eight country songs you’ll never hear….

8.  i still miss you baby, but my aims getting better.

7.  her teeth were stained, but her heart was pure.

6.  if the phone doesn’t ring, you’ll know it’s me.

5.  my wife ran off with my best friend and i sure miss him.

4.  she’s lookin’ better after every beer.

3.  i liked  you better before i knew you.

2.  mama get the hammer, there’s a fly on daddy’s head.

and the number one country song you’ll never hear..

1.  if i can’t be your number one, then number two on you!!!

love that one………