random thoughts for monday 2-25-08

1.  well, as expected, and as i predicted, “no country for old men” was a big winner last night at the academy awards.  it won “best picture of the year”, and havier bardem won the best supporting actor.  he is absolutely CREEPY as the villian in this movie. movie goers are lucky because you can see a couple of academy award winning movies in aberdeen right now.  “no country for old men” is showing at carmike cinema 9 theaters, and “there will be blood” is showing at the capitol theater. 

2.  GO TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS….i’m so pumped….my favorite college team, the tennessee volunteers beat memphis saturday night, and should become the number one team in the usa this week, marking the first time in school history that the mens program has gone number one.  the women’s team at tennessee, under coach pat summitt, has been number one on numerous occasions.

3.  boys districts get underway tonight…….one of my sons and a couple of nephews play for warner so we’ll be going to the games this week.  we have tons of action on the radio tonight…..district 2a boys are on pheasant country 103, district 2b boys are on the rock 94.1 and the central girls are on espn radio 1420.  I LOVE THE POSTSEASON……

4.  couldn’t be more excited about a couple of bands coming to the area this summer….my favorite band “CHICAGO”  is coming to the sioux empire fair in sioux falls again, and “38 SPECIAL” is coming to the dakota magic casino near hankinson, n.d. in june.  this is going to be a great summer for music in this area.

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