here’s my top ten list for thursday morning:

top ten creative ways to call someone “stupid”…..

10.  a few clowns short of a circus

9.  a few fries short of a happy meal

8.  dumber than a box of hair

7.  doesn’t have all his cornflakes in one box

6.  the wheel’s spinning, but the hamsters dead

5.  a few feathers short of a whole duck

4.  all foam, no beer

3.  the chimney’s clogged

2.  his antenna doesn’t pick up all the channels

and the number one way to call someone stupid…

1.  too much yardage between the goal posts.

****do you have some new and inventive ways to call someone stupid?  use the comment page to let everyone know.

1.  i’m so sick of this cold weather…..seems the older i get, the more i don’t like it……however, i wouldn’t move anywhere else in the world.  isn’t it funny, that when it’s 25 degrees in the winter, we’re out parading around like it’s summer…only in south dakota.

2.  great news for movie fans….”no country for old men” starts friday night at carmike cinema 9 theaters.  this is one of my favorite movies of the year, and it’s already won three “best movie” awards and is the favorite to win the oscar.  lots of killing in it, but a fantastic movie.

3.  if you haven’t registered and joined our list on high school towns and teams, hurry and do it.  we’re getting some wonderful answers back, and i know theres a ton more that could be mentioned.  you’re already on the sight, so register and join in on the fun.  i want to hear comments back from you on my thoughts.

4.  i cannot stand this time of the year when the nfl ends and doesn’t kick off again till august…..i feel like i’m in football withdrawal……lucky for me, my “TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS” mens and womens programs are doing awesome!!!  hopefully they’ll tie me over until the nfl draft and minicamps start!!

for valentine’s night, i took my wife, two boys, and my sons girlfriend to see the new ryan reynolds movie called “definetly, maybe.”  one of my favorite young stars, abagail breslin also stars in this movie.   hmmmm…i give it kind of a luke warm rating….it wasn’t over the top, and it wasn’t at the bottom.  just an enjoyable movie to watch…got kinda long in the middle, but not a bad movie.

but here’s my weekend recommendation for a movie…..

at the capitol theater is the critically acclaimed movie “no country for old men”.  this movie has already won two or three “best movie of the year” awards and is favorited to win the oscar for best movie.  it’s a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire movie.  i highly recommend this, and i thank the capitol theater for having the courage to bring it here.  we usually don’t get to see the oscar nominated films too many times in aberdeen.  if you get time, go see it.

and please register and come on line and tell me what you thought of the movie, or any other movie you might see this weekend.

today is valentines day when lovers young and old tell each other how much they love and appreciate each other…….

here’s my question for today…..what is your favorite valentines memory?  what is your worst valentines memory? 

for me, every valentines day gets better and better because i get another year with my beautiful wife, Jeannie……

so, c’mon…..sign up, sign in, and join in the fun of the daily blog.

about four years ago, i woke up one morning and daniel snyder, the owner of the redskins, blew me away and blew the whole world away by announcing that the legend “joe gibbs”, was coming out of retirement to coach the redskins again… was about 6:20 in the morning when i read it, and i SCREAMED OUT LOUD.  my wife thought i was out of my head, and maybe she’s right….ha ha

so, now redskins fans have waited about a month for daniel snyder to name a new coach.  he hires jim zorn as offensive coordinator, and greg blache as defensive coordinator.  on now to the head coach…the names start flying….the interviews start happening…..”JIM FASSELL”,  “STEVE SPAGULOLO”, “STEVE MARRIUCCI”, “PETE CARROLL”, “BILL COWHER”, all these names are tantalizing…..then we hear nothing for about a week and all of a sudden……


i was stunned to say the least when i heard the news on espn while we were in omaha for a sales class.  scott solberg, being a diehard seattle seahawks fan was equally as shocked.  for those that don’t know, jim zorn was a legendary quarterback for the seahawks, and has been the quarterbacks coach in recent years.

well, i think i have the scoop….remember a year from now that jay dean said this would happen…..

i think that behind closed doors, daniel snyder and jim zorn have a pact made that jim zorn will coach the skins for one year and then go back to being the offensive coordinator.  he is guaranteed a five year deal worth fifteen million dollars, that’s three million a year…..he would be amongst the highest paid coordinators in the league……and then…..


meanwhile, jim zorn has probably had a very successful year, and many other teams are looking at him. he can move on and collect big money, or stay with the skins and get paid incredible amounts of moola……..

sound crazy? well, i think it sounds like the redskins crazy rich owner……….

don’t get me wrong, i would LOVE to have jim zorn coach the team for a few years…he’s a heck of a motivator and a player favorite….i think he’ll have instant success as the skins coach…..i just think that ole danny boy snyder has something cooking in that maniacal brain of his……..remember this if i’m right, forget this if i’m wrong….ha ha

okay, just when i can finally start sleeping at night and not be “freaked out” by that ultra psycho looking burger king dude, now along comes “the quaker oats guy.”  HAVE YOU SEEN THIS AD?  all of a sudden this large image of the quaker oats guy shows up with a bowl of oatmeal, or some breakfast snacks, and he’s just a freaky as the burger king guy.

damn, i may never sleep again………..

i absolutely love going to concerts, and about two to three years ago, my wife helped me live out my concert dream, by finally going to see olivia newton john live in concert.

i actually shed tears when she walked out on stage, and we were in like row “3”, so we had excellent seats.  i have been in love with olivia and her music since 1974, and i always wanted to see her.

my other “ultimate concerts” were seeing chicago not once but twice,  they are incredible.  and my ultimate country concert was george jones, merle haggard, and conway twitty all together in one show….wow…

what was the ultimate concert experience you’ve had, or what would be your ultimate concert?