“stupid” top ten list

here's my top ten list for thursday morning: top ten creative ways to call someone "stupid"..... 10.  a few clowns short of a circus 9.  a few fries short of a happy meal 8.  dumber than a box of hair 7.  doesn't have all his cornflakes in one box 6.  the wheel's spinning, but the … Continue reading “stupid” top ten list


random thoughts!!!!

1.  i'm so sick of this cold weather.....seems the older i get, the more i don't like it......however, i wouldn't move anywhere else in the world.  isn't it funny, that when it's 25 degrees in the winter, we're out parading around like it's summer...only in south dakota. 2.  great news for movie fans...."no country for … Continue reading random thoughts!!!!