random thoughts for monday march 31st, 2008

1.  STUPID SNOW……we go all winter with hardly anything, and now that we’re in SPRING, it snows every few days…..well, hopefully this is the last hurrah, because we’re looking at 50’s from thursday thru sunday…..bring on spring, baby….. 2.  my wife and kids and i sat down last night preparing our summer schedule to see […]

random thoughts for thursday 3-27-08

1.  i will be missing in action from the morning party friday morning….everybody’s favorite redhead, and mad magazine’s alfred e. newman lookalike, scotty solberg will be filling in for me tomorrow. 2.  i don’t know if you’ve been up to the odde holum expo building yet for liebelt’s incredibly big sales event yet, but if […]

random thoughts for wednesday 3-26-08

1.  shrine circus is this weekend in aberdeen…..used to LOVE the circus when i was younger and when the boys were younger.  HATED THE CLOWNS, THOUGH…i’ve always found clowns to be sinister.  when my brother troy and i were very young, we were sitting in the upper part of the civic arena, and they announced […]

random thoughts for tuesday 3-25-08

1.  well, i’m feeling a little better day by day…..by noon hour i’ll be completely dead…i’m probably at 50 percent right now….i know some people out there who have been sick for 2-3 weeks straight….i don’t know how you did it…… 2.  looks like my e-mail problems have been fixed, so now you can e-mail […]

top seven things i would like a refund on….

top seven things i would like a refund on: 7.  my tuition money from my “wasted” year at nsu. (my fault, not the schools)  6.  the rollerblades i used only once. 5.  that stupid “gigli” movie 4.  the pink sweater my grandma made me for christmas. 3.  that ginsu knives i bought at 2am on […]

random thoughts for monday 3-24-08

1.  WHAT A GREAT WAY TO SPEND A WEEKEND…i went to bed friday night, woke up with the flu on saturday morning, and spent the entire weekend in bed.  yuck……if you ever thought tv sucked, try watching it for a whole weekend……..somewhat better today, kinda queezy and weak, but better. 2.  felt so sorry for […]

top seven signs that the easter bunny doesn’t like you

top seven signs the easter bunny doesn’t like you….. 7.  instead of a chocolate bunny, he leaves a severed horse head in your bed. 6.  he leaves SPECIAL GRASS in your easter basket, and then calls the cops to report you. 5.  he paints obscenities on all of your easter eggs. 4.  he toilet paper’s […]

top seven signs that the easter bunny is nuts!!

top seven signs that the easter bunny is nuts…. 7.  neighbors describe him as a “quiet loner.” 6.  was removed from a department store in december after screaming at santa “you’re going to die, fat man!!!!” 5.  can’t stop washing his paws. 4.  colorful eggs now filled with prozak. 3.  the rotting corpse of the […]

random thoughts for friday 3-21-08

1.  CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP….more snow…and as you know i just put my snowblower away….that’s okay…that’s why we had kids……9.4 inches of snow officially at the weather service, with one more possibly to come today……ALL ON THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING. 2.  i have some words for whoever blazed a trail on the road west […]

random thoughts for thursday 3-20-08

1.  when did the first day of spring get moved to march 20th?  correct me if i’m wrong, but i always thought the first day of spring was march 21st?  am i crazy or what? DON’T ANSWER THAT…. 2.  CONCERT ALERT!!! i mentioned yesterday that my family wants to go see “boston” in concert…..well, apparently […]