1.  it was a proud day in the dean household yesterday, as my son tyler WON the discus event at the lake region conference meet in ipswich…PLUS my son mitchell shot his PERSONAL BEST EVER in his event, too….and if that wasn’t enough, my nephew corey once again won the triple jump……my boys OBVIOUSLY got their sporting talents from my wife, jeannie.

1a.  my wife jeannie and i were outside last night enjoying the nice weather playing our board game called “beanbag toss”,  or “cornholing”.  i dont’ like the second name….anyway, you go to 21 points…i won the first two games and jeannie had me 19-0 in game two and i came back and won 21-19……but she won’t admit to me that i’m superior…ha ha

2.  i am a huge fan of the news shows on cnn, cnbc, fox news, and others, but to me the 9:00 hour nightly is by far THE WORST hour of news on television….i cannot stand one of the news people at that time….greta van susteren, keith olbermann, nancy grace, and donnie deutch  are horrible….of those four, NANCY GRACE AND KEITH OLBERMANN are the ones that i wish would go away….nancy grace is the rudest news person on television……

3.  have you ever watched the E! entertainment networks “KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS.?”  i don’t watch it, but happened to come across it last night….bruce jenner is on the show, and HE LOOKS PLASTIC….he has had about six too many plastic surgeries….he looks almost as bad as kenny rogers.

4.  some “end of the earth” weirdos are predicting that gasoline will rise up around 10 dollars a gallon before it subsides…..a couple of things….1. i don’t think our government will permit it to get that high….and 2.  if it gets that high, i’ll be walking in from warner every morning.

5.  on this date in 1997, ellen degeneres came out of the closet and announced that she was gay….I REALLY DON’T CARE…it doesn’t bother me that someone has this lifestyle, i just don’t want to hear about it..i have friends and family who are in this lifestyle….HOWEVER, i don’t walk around telling everyone that i’m straight, and i don’t use radio to profess this every day either…..be quiet and enjoy life….

6.  scientists and brazil report finding a new species…..a “legless lizard.”  wait a minute, wasn’t she married to paul mccartney?  (oooohhh that was low…..)

7.  singer willie nelson turns 75 today…..all that pot must be keeping him looking so good…..ugh…..also, singer bobby vee is 65 years old today….he got his big break playing in fargo the night that buddy holly, the big bopper and ritchie valens were killed.  by the way, bobby vee lives in st. cloud, minnesota….i was backstage at one of his shows, and he invited me to stop by his house in st. cloud sometime….how cool would that be….although, i will never stop by though…feels kinda weird….

8.  HOW ABOUT THIS FOR AN ENDING….a newspaper carrier in illinois noticed that an elderly couple had not taken their papers out of the box for a few days so he went inside the house to check on them….he found the 84 year old wife PINNED underneath her DEAD husband…the husband had evidently had a heart attack and fell on top of his wife…she laid there for FIVE DAYS with her dead husband on top of her……HOW HORRIBLE WOULD THAT BE? 

9.  my boys have never been to rapid city, so we spent last night planning out our week in july to have fun in rapid city..it’s amazing how much there is to do in rapid city and the black hills region……..

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10.  he appears to be real “touchy feely” in the huddles.

9.  counting past four gives him cold sweats.

8.  you keep catching him smelling dirty jock straps….(gross)

7.  instead of a cool name like “the fridge”  he’s known as “the toilet.”

6.  his best block is at the freebie food table.

5.  he limps over to you and ask you if the clubs insurance covers bad knees.

4.  he keeps trying to dribble the football.

3.  his probation officer is also his agent.

2.  he insists that “grow lights,”  “a gross of baggies”  and “scales” are part of his signing bonus.

and the number one sign that the football player you drafted won’t make the team….




11.  he invented the singing mammogram.

10.  he sends all of his faxes collect.

9.  he became a millionaire by copyrighting the phrase “refridgerate after opening.”

8.  every spring he plants bird seed.

7.  he bought a decaffeinated coffee table in barcelona.

6.  he’s working here as a condition of his “parole.”

5.  he used to wrestle under the name of “the loveable loser.”

4.  he’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman!!!

3.  his mom was right when she said that his face would stick like that.

2.  he once held the record for underwater yodeling.

and the number one thing you probably didn’t know about scott solberg….

1.  he hasn’t had a real job since 1988!!!!!!!!!

(retaliation is going to suck)

1.  STUPID WEATHER….we’re looking at another chance for snow this thursday night thru friday…..give it up mother nature….i’m sure i mentioned this before, but i was confirmed in campbell, minnesota on may 8th, 1979 and we had a BLIZZARD that day….some of my family was stranded in our home.

2.  i had an incredibly lazy night last night…the kids and wife were gone for a couple of hours, so i had supper about 6:00, fell asleep on the couch at 6:30 and got up and went to bed at 8;15 for the night…….i feel SUPERB today….

3.  one of the greatest high school basketball games ever was the harrold vs. warner state championship game in 1992 in aberdeen….now that game is available on dvd for the first time, and it’s a benefit for south dakota coaches against cancer.  the dvd is 20 dollars.  make checks payable to coaches against cancer.  remember, you can send more than 20 dollars to help the cause.  mail your check to:  george kiner, 119 marvin avenue, volga, s.d.  57071.  they also have an amateur baseball memory picture book for 15 dollars.

4.  i had a call yesterday on the boston/styx concer that my family is going to in june.  people have been wondering about tickets.  the concert is at the ampitheater at the grand casino in hinckley, minnesota.  tickets are available at ticketmaster.com   you can also go to their website at grandcasinosmn.com

5.  38 special is at the dakota magic casino in hankinson, n.d. on june 12th and 13th.  for more information contact the dakota magic casino.  we’re going to that one, too.

6.  my washington redskins recieved one of the best grades in the nfl for this past weekends draft.  we’re not used to that, because usually our owner trades away all of our picks and brings in older veterans who suck.

7.  the government stimulus checks started going out yesterday, which is a week earlier than expected.  isn’t it nice to RECIEVE something from our government instead of always giving?  hopefully everybody puts their checks back into the economy to help boost it……many people are planning on putting their money away, and sources say that won’t help at all. so, go out and buy that appliance or computer, or whatever else you need….you could also buy a nice gift for your favorite dj…..RIGHT…..

8.  university researchers in the united kingdom are looking for 150 middle aged women who would be willing to eat chocolate every day for a year…GOOD LUCK FINDING THOSE WOMEN!!!ha ha ha

9.  actress and total hottie carmen electra is getting married for the third time, this time to musician rob patterson….it’s expected that the wedding cake will last longer than the marriage.

10.  michelle pfeiffer turns 50 today….what an incredible looking 50 she is……i don’t mean this as a slam to the older generation, but when i was a kid, i don’t remember women turning 50-60 looking as incredible as some of the women today…..of course, when i was 15 i wasn’t looking at 50 year old women either….

11.  amy poehler of saturday night live stars in the new movie “BABY MAMA.”  its where she is a surrogate mother for tina fey’s character.  amy just announced yesterday that she is now pregnant for real…..wow….she should be glad she wasn’t in another “friday the 13th movie!!!


8.  not to cause panic or anthing…but WHY IS HE SITTING UP?

7.  you know they touched the body up, because the shark still has one of his legs.

6.  don’t look now, fred, but you and the deceased have the exact same suit on.

5.  hey, we’re with publishers clearing house prize patrol and we’re looking for…..ahhh…ahh…..oh, never mind.

4.  when did he die?  really?   HEY BOB, YOU WON THE POOL!!!!

3.  nice service….where’s the keg?

2.  he looks natural, but those shoes do not go with the dress.

and the number one thing you never want to hear at a funeral….



1.  first and foremost, congratulations to my brother troy haaland for winning region one assistant coach of the year in boy’s basketball.  troy is the assistant coach of the warner monarchs.  it’s kind of a bittersweet award because my little brother won’t be coaching the boys at warner anymore.  he resigned to spend some more time with his family and watching his daughter erin play sports.  troy has been coaching at warner since the mid 80’s.  it has been so wonderful watching him coach the teams and i will certainly miss seeing him on the sidelines.  now he’ll be sitting next to me bumbing popcorn off of me at every game.

1A.  congratulations to my nephew josh who was confirmed yesterday….we had a blast at the dinner and at his house yesterday…we’re proud of you, josh!!!1

2.  my great friend and fellow broadcaster denny pitman turns 60 years old TODAY.  denny is one of my inspirations in the radio business, as i used to listen to him daily when i was in high school.  denny is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life.  denny does mornings on our sister station ksdn-am 930. 

3.  TAYLOR MEHLHAFF OF ABERDEEN IS A NEW ORLEANS SAINT.  yesterday taylor was drafted in the sixth round of the nfl draft.  when my washington redskins were picking in the sixth round, i was praying that they would take taylor, but they took a punter instead.  then about 6 picks later new orleans coach sean payton called taylor personally and told him that they were picking him up…..i would have loved to have been in that house when the call came in. expect to see many many saints jerseys showing up in aberdeen.

4.  my wife jeannie and i celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary on friday night the only way we could possibly imagine spending it….with our sons tyler and mitchell.  we went out for a nice supper and then went to the movie “harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay”.  what a disappointing movie…….a week from today is my birthday, and tradition is that the birthday person picks where to have supper and what movie to go do…i’m DYING to see “ironman” when it comes out, so that will be my featured movie.  i had all the “ironman” comic books when i was a kid.

5.  i’ll be at pierson ford broadcasting live today from 11-2….stop by and say “hi”.

6.  had a good laugh yesterday at church in hecla.  during the children’s sermon, i gave each kid three pair of sunglasses with the words “wwjd” on them.  i told the kids they could have one pair and that they could spread the ministry of the church by giving the other two pair away to their friends.  then later on while giving my confirmation class a “test” for their final day, i asked the kids who can do the ministry of the church……one boy named john said “only people with sunglasses.”  i about split a gut laughing……..

7.  we also had ‘senior sunday’ yesterday saluting the high school seniors of our church.  our seniors are kalli dinger who graduates from britton hecla and shari elsen who graduates from frederick this year.

8.  jessica alba is 27 today…..all i can say is this….HOT HOT HOT…..

9.  a 72 year old golfer in muscatine, iowa did something last week  that is not done very often.  he got a hole in one on the 3rd hole and then turned around and got another hole in one on the 8th hole…….golf digest says that the chance of getting two holes in one in the same match are 67 million to one…..

10.  the high prices of gasoline are not curbing our vacation plans for the summer….we worked way too hard all year long to skip doing some fun stuff with our kids this summer.  although, we are praying for lower gas prices….these prices are going to paralyze some people.

11.  the great singer “phil collins” has announced that he is retiring from the business after over 30 years in the business. he is the former lead singer of genesis, and had a ton of great solo hits as well.


1.  first and foremost….happy 21st anniversary to beautiful wife, jeannie….she is the true love and true light of my life…..personally, i can’t beleive she’s put up with my antics for 21 years…..she’s a saint….i love you honey……

2.  “harold and kumar at guantanamo bay” comes out at carmike cinema 9 theaters….i didn’t like “harold and kumar go to white castle” when i saw it a few years ago…..but the more i watched it, the more i liked it….we’re looking very forward to seeing this movie.

3.  the other new movie is “baby mama” starring tina fey and amy poehler from saturday night live…..pretty sure i’m going to skip this one….

4.  my son mitchell is getting pretty good at the guitar….he sits in his room playing guitar and has really really improved…the other night he played the gin blossom’s hit “as long as it matters”, and i sang while he played….i’m going to love doing that for the next few years….

5.  i feel like a little girl when i’m wrestling with my son tyler….he’s over 6 foot 2, and is built like a brick house….when we wrestle, i get pinned automatically and he can pretty much do whatever he wants to me……it’s sad when a dad loses control of his kids…ha ha

6.  the owners of “arby’s”  have bought “wendys” for 2.34 BILLION DOLLARS….it would have been 3 billion dollars, but they had a coupon….

7.  the nfl draft is tomorrow and sunday…YEEHAW….every day we go by is closer and closer to the nfl season…..can’t wait to see when taylor mehlhaff of aberdeen gets chosen…i hope and pray it’s my redskins, but it will probably be the new orleans saints, or the denver broncos……we’ll be waiting with much anticipation….

8.  the guillotine was first used on this day in 1792….the creators were so excited to use it that they were jumping around screaming and hollering….another guy to them to “settle down, don’t lose your head over this thing.”  (sorry, couldn’t resist that one.)

9.  actor wesley snipes was sentenced to three years in prison yesterday for tax evasion, even though his “high powered” hollywood friends were lobbying for him to get probation…i, for one, am happy he’s going to jail.  if this were normal citizens like you and me, we’d be going to the clink…..i get so tired of the hollywood types thinking that they can beat the system because they’re rich and famous.

10.  you might want to think about getting a “locking gas cap” for your vehicles…authorities say that with gas prices going so high this summer, gasoline syphoning is going to be at an all time high….i would personally like to catch someone doing that to one of our vehicles…..