random thoughts for wednesday april 30th, 2008

1.  it was a proud day in the dean household yesterday, as my son tyler WON the discus event at the lake region conference meet in ipswich…PLUS my son mitchell shot his PERSONAL BEST EVER in his event, too….and if that wasn’t enough, my nephew corey once again won the triple jump……my boys OBVIOUSLY got […]

top ten signs that the football player you drafted won’t make the team

TOP TEN SIGNS THAT THE FOOTBALL PLAYER YOU DRAFTED WON’T MAKE THE TEAM…. 10.  he appears to be real “touchy feely” in the huddles. 9.  counting past four gives him cold sweats. 8.  you keep catching him smelling dirty jock straps….(gross) 7.  instead of a cool name like “the fridge”  he’s known as “the toilet.” […]

top eleven things you never knew about scott solberg!!!

TOP ELEVEN THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT MY RADIO BUDDY, SCOTT SOLBERG!!! 11.  he invented the singing mammogram. 10.  he sends all of his faxes collect. 9.  he became a millionaire by copyrighting the phrase “refridgerate after opening.” 8.  every spring he plants bird seed. 7.  he bought a decaffeinated coffee table in barcelona. 6.  […]

random thoughts for tuesday april 29th, 2008

1.  STUPID WEATHER….we’re looking at another chance for snow this thursday night thru friday…..give it up mother nature….i’m sure i mentioned this before, but i was confirmed in campbell, minnesota on may 8th, 1979 and we had a BLIZZARD that day….some of my family was stranded in our home. 2.  i had an incredibly lazy […]

top eight things you never want to hear at a funeral…..

8.  not to cause panic or anthing…but WHY IS HE SITTING UP? 7.  you know they touched the body up, because the shark still has one of his legs. 6.  don’t look now, fred, but you and the deceased have the exact same suit on. 5.  hey, we’re with publishers clearing house prize patrol and […]

random thoughts for monday april 28th, 2008

1.  first and foremost, congratulations to my brother troy haaland for winning region one assistant coach of the year in boy’s basketball.  troy is the assistant coach of the warner monarchs.  it’s kind of a bittersweet award because my little brother won’t be coaching the boys at warner anymore.  he resigned to spend some more […]

random thoughts for friday april 25th, 2008

1.  first and foremost….happy 21st anniversary to beautiful wife, jeannie….she is the true love and true light of my life…..personally, i can’t beleive she’s put up with my antics for 21 years…..she’s a saint….i love you honey…… 2.  “harold and kumar at guantanamo bay” comes out at carmike cinema 9 theaters….i didn’t like “harold and […]

the “secretary’s prayer”

grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the evidence that i have been using company property for personal purposes, including circulating my resume and searching for more rewarding and satisfying work.  also, help me to be careful […]

random thoughts for thursday april 24th, 2008

1.  i never dreamed that i would need DRAMAMINE to go driving with our sales manager, daline. 2.  this polygamist thing is absolutely crazy….why would a guy want ten wives?  ten wives causes a couple of problems….1.  10 mother in laws    2.  a chance for a ten person “headache epidemic.”  if you know what i […]

random thoughts for wednesday april 23rd, 2008

1.  my wife jeannie and i are celebrating our 21st anniversary this friday….there is NO ONE in this world i would rather be married to than jeannie…..it’s so hard to believe that 21 years have already passed in our relationship….time flies when you’re having fun…….. 2.  sometimes the best therapy is just getting in your […]