1.  well, gang, this is the last time i’ll talk with you this week…i have to attend the south dakota synod convention in sioux falls on friday and saturday for my church in hecla, so i’ll be gone friday….i’ll leave control of the station in the very capable hands of a young, scott solberg.  i’ll be back monday.

2.  well, the south dakota primary is really going to mean something this year.  barrack o’bama is coming to aberdeen on saturday, and former president bill clinton is coming to aberdeen on monday.  both candidates will be making numerous stops in the state including president clinton stopping in webster, milbank and sisseton.  hillary clinton is also in the state stumping.  kind of exciting, isn’t it?

3.  it feels kinda weird having my son working full time and calling me for a dinner date….i’m very sad that we’re at this point in our family where they’re both becoming adults and are about ready to move out. 

4.  “sex and the city” opens up friday at carmike cinema 9 theaters…i’ve already informed my wife that this will be a “girls night out” at the movies….i’m definetly not going to that one.  but i do want to see the movie ‘the strangers’ starring liv tyler.  that also starts friday at carmike.  it’s about a bunch of masked intruders that enter liv’s home and terrifies them.

5.  at the international space station the “multi million dollar” toilet is broken….didn’t that happen on star trek when captain kirk told them to “boldly go where no man has gone before?”

6.  a cheval, florida man is upset that 40 thousand dollars of his wife’s jewelry was stolen by a NUDE MAID that he hired to clean the house while his wife was away….. A NUDE MAID to clean the house while your wife is out of town?  there’s one i’ve never heard before………

7.  TALK ABOUT STUPID….food maker rachael ray is in hot water over a commercial where she’s wearing a scarf that people say reminds them of a terrorists headress…..c’mon people…..they commercial was pulled after people complained that it was the same color and style of traditional headress worn by arab men including yasser arafat….some people need to find more things to do.

8.  ratings were down on “american idol” this year….i think it’s the fact that even though there’s a winner, about five or six artists get record contracts by the end of the show….it doesn’t mean much to win it anymore when everyone else eliminated gets record contracts, too.  by the way, my favorite american idol star to record an album?  KIMBERLEY LOCKE….

9.  a 61 year old tennessee woman who has spent her life in an “iron lung” has died after the power generator failed after the power went out in their home….what a horrible and weird way to go.

10.  it doesn’t matter to me what sexual preference she has, i still think that “KRISTY MCNICHOL” was one of the most beautiful and sexiest stars of the 70’s…..also, brooke shields used to make my head turn as well.


1.  okay…it’s official….i think that the “quaker oats guy” creeps me out MORE than the burger king guy…….he reminds me somewhat of the priest on “poltergiest.”  watching commercials on tv shouldn’t give you the willies, but quaker and burger king do.

2.  JELL-O was introduced on this day in 1897……when you were a kid, wasn’t cherry jell-o and whipped cream put together possibly the best treat ever?  although, when i had stomach surgery back in 1987, i had to live on chicken broth and jell-o for about six months, and i don’t think i’ve touched the stuff yet. 

3.  while we were cleaning up from supper last night, we were watching a rerun of “two and a half men” with charlie sheen and jon cryer……it’s quite possibly the best show on television, in my opinion….kinda dirty, but very funny….the other two shows i cannot miss on tv are “the simpsons”  and “family guy.”

4.  hard to beleive this, but it was TEN YEARS AGO TODAY that actor phil hartman was shot to death by his wife brynn, who then turned the gun on herself…..a couple of things…. most importantly, the kids were in the house when this happened, doesn’t your heart just break for them, and i wonder how they’re doing today. secondly, how big would have phil hartman have been had he lived.  he was BY FAR the most creative person on saturday night live, and he was great on “newsradio.”

5.  actress denise richards says that she is having problems living on the 52,000 DOLLARS A MONTH that actor charlie sheen is paying her from their marriage….YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME….she had trouble living on that every month?  it’s more than myself and most of us make in a year……

6.  “south dakota” is tied for sixth with alaska as the state with the “most knowledgeable drivers in the united states.”  that’s pretty cool….kansas is number one, minnesota is at number five.  the worst states include new jersey at number one, d.c. at number two.  i beleive that, i drove on the beltway in washington, d.c. and it was a nightmare.

7.  concert update….don’t forget to get your tickets to 38 special in hankinson, north dakota on june 12th and 13th, and for boston and styx in hinckley, minnesota on june 13th.  if you need ticket information contact me at jaydean@hubcityradio.com

8.  the man who “whistled” the “andy griffith theme” has died at the age of 88.  earle h. hagen also wrote the theme songs for “the dick van dyke show”, “that girl” “the danny thomas show” and “i spy.”  pretty talented guy……

9.  the “enormous omelet sandwich” at burger king is now officially my son mitchell and my favorite breakfast sandwich….i’m sure it’s a bunch of calories, but food that tastes good is always a bit fattening….ha ha

10.  thought for today….”the average wife talks 50 percent faster than her husband listens.”  truer words have probably never been spoken.


1.  WELCOME BACK EVERYONE…hope you had a glorious memorial day weekend….

2.  i would like to say a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to aberdeen mayor mike levsen for being the keynote speaker at the memorial day services in hecla yesterday….we had a huge turnout of around 140 people.  mr. levsen gave a wonderful speech about memorial day.

3.  IS IT POSSIBLE TO PUT TWO NICE DAYS TOGETHER WEATHERWISE?  IS IT POSSIBLE TO GO THREE DAYS WITHOUT WIND?  this weather has been incredible, to say the least….and then we wake up this morning with a ‘frost advisory.’  what’s next?  another snowstorm?  BITE YOUR TONGUE, JAY DEAN….

4.  for having five days off in a row, it was an incredibly busy weekend….emotional one, too.  i had funerals for a couple of my parishoners in hecla on thursday and saturday.  friday was the state track meet, sunday we had church and my son’s girlfriends graduation, and monday we had the memorial day services in hecla.  ran pretty hard this weekend…

5.  speaking of the state track meet..my son tyler did pretty well in the state discuss throw…i told him that it was an incredible honor just to be there, and be one of 16 in the entire state to make it..my nephew corey did incredible in the triple jump as well.

6.  my son tyler and i went to see “narnia 2, prince caspian” yesterday at carmike….it wasn’t nearly as good as the first narnia….it was okay, but i was kind of disappointed……jeannie and mitchell went to see “indiana jones” and both came out extremely pumped about the movie.

7.  speaking of the movies, i’m sorry, but i cannot do a movie without popcorn….as you probably know, they’re putting in a brand new concession stand at carmike, and it should be ready very very soon…..it looks incredible……but man, do i miss the buttered popcorn all over my fingers while i’m watching a movie.

8.  i’ve been humilated before, but not quite like john odom….the minor league baseball pitcher was traded to another team over the weekend for…..A DOZEN BATS….the bats were valued at 650 dollars…..WOW…what a grand slam against this man….(okay, that was weak.)

9.  “laugh in” host dick martin died over the weekend at age 86….he was part of the “rowan and martin” combo….i used to LOVE “laugh-in”, but i had a chance to watch an hour of it a couple of years ago, and it certainly didn’t withstand the test of time for me.

10.  charo the “koochie koochie kooche” girl is releasing a new cd….my question is WHY?

11.  actors will smith and jada pinkett smith are great actors and a good married couple…why?  because they both say that “divorce is not an option.”  there needs to be more hollywood couples that have that motto…..God bless those two for taking that stand…..



2.  we had our first softball practice for church league last night in hecla.  man oh man am i going to suck this year…it’s amazing that i’m 44 and still want to play…of course, i have to, because our pitcher, tuffy dinger of hecla, is in his 60’s and is probably in better shape than i am.

3.  this is an unbeleivable deal….there are three farms between hecla and ludden in a three mile radius…..in the last three days, one lady lost her dad, one lady lost her mom, and the other lady lost her mom.  i’ve heard of deaths happening in three’s but i’ve never heard of three that close and in that little of time.

4.  we’re heading down to sioux falls on friday for our son tyler to throw discus in the state track and field meet.  we’re so proud of him, and we’re so excited for him.  should be a great time.

5.  we’re having an “all retro weekend” this weekend starting at 5:00 on friday and ending at 7:00 on monday…you’re going to LOVE listening to sunny with all hits from the 70’s, 80’s and some 90’s all weekend long….should sound great….

6.  reviews are not very good so far for the new “indiana jones” movie coming out on thursday in theaters.  only time will tell.

7.  “you make me feel like dancing” singer leo sayer is 60 today…that’s hard to beleive..

8.  “sir duke” by stevie wonder went number one on this date in 1977..i don’t think there was a better song that year than this song….”sir duke” refers to duke ellington.

9.  tina turner is coming to minneapolis on october 9th…be watching for tickets on ticketmaster.com

10.  rocker “eddie money” has recorded a country cd….is that really necessary?

11.  jessica alba has finally admitted that she got married recently….darn it, there’s one more off my list of potentials…..(JUST KIDDING, JEANNIE)

12.  i personally invite you to hecla for memorial day services monday at 10am….i’ll be singing, plus aberdeen mayor mike levsen will deliver the address…dinner will follow….


1.  WHAT A CRAPPY DAY OF GOLFING YESTERDAY….does the wind have to blow every single day?  my one day of golfing per year and the wind was horrible…..of course, there were other factors in my horrible golfing, among them, i suck at golfing…….

2.  i have to get on my soapbox one more time….yesterday i told a ted kennedy joke, and got a couple of phone calls on it…the joke was “ted kennedy was in the hospital over the weekend, but his doctor said he should be back on the barstool in no time.”  a couple of points on this:

a.  ted kennedy’s drinking is WELL DOCUMENTED.

b.  i tell jokes about every candidate no matter what party they are……i’m paid to entertain on my morning party.

c.  my “POLITICAL PREFERENCE”, has nothing to do with my morning show…i vote for the best people in the election no matter what party they are.

d.  watch david letterman, jay leno and others and to see if they poke fun at candidates….it’s all in fun.

e.  some people need to relax…..

3.  wasn’t lucille ball one of the funniest women on tv ever?  i watched a couple of episodes of “i love lucy” the other night, and she was incredible…and didn’t have to talk filthy to be funny, either.  who’s your favorite comedian of all time?  let me know.

4.  HELLO…IS OUR GOVERNMENT HERE?  ARE YOU FOLKS IN WASHINGTON LISTENING?  this price of gas is getting crazier and crazier….it’s time for our governement to step in and do something…..this is getting absolutely ridiculous.

5.  we have church softball practice tonight in hecla for my church league softball team.  i’m pretty excited about playing church league this year, other than i’m completely out of shape, and will probably have a heart attack trying to get back in shape….oh wait, i am in shape…the shape of a pear….

6.  one of the tabloids has a story about suri cruise, the two year old daughter of tom cruise and katie holmes….the story is about the two year old switching from a bottle to a sippy cup….DO WE REALLY CARE?  every kid does that but because her parents are famous we’re supposed to care? 

7.  we’re having our memorial day program in hecla monday morning at 10:00 at the hecla community center.  speaking at our event is aberdeen mayor mike levsen….if you can come, we’d love to have you.

8.  cher is 52 today…her face is 7.

9.  the tv show “cheers” had their series finale on this day in 1993…more than 80 million people watched the show, including yours truly….i actually went to the studio where the show was filmed, and sat on “norm’s barstool.”  that was pretty cool.

10. sad day back in 1989 when saturday night live star “gilda radner” died of ovarian cancer at the age of 42…..i LOVED gilda on saturday night live…who didn’t love “roseanne rosanadanna”  and “emily littella”.  i told my boys that the original cast of snl was by far the best….chevy chase, lorraine newman (who is juice newton’s sister), garrett morris, dan ackroyd, john belushi and others…they were awesome…


1.  today’s the day i make a complete  a*# out of myself on the golf course.  yours truly along with gm brian lundquist, broadcasting legend doc sebastian, and my former counterpart tanea will be golfing in a tournament today….trust me when i say this, i’m only there for the fun…that’s obvious when you watch me golf…..

2.  spent the weekend going to graduations….we attended my nephew jordan holler’s graduation in groton, along with my mentor boy nick backman’s graduation in britton.  mitchell and i then drove to britton for one of my parishoners graduation.  kalli dinger graduated yesterday from britton hecla….also graduating yesterday were solberg’s daughter chandi and my cousin’s girl brittany lewno from aberdeen roncalli….sorry to say, we couldn’t make it to those being we were 60 miles away….congrats to all graduates and good luck in your endeavors.

3.  we had an accident in our home last friday…my son mitchell was running upstairs to grab some cleaner as he and tyler were cleaning the house for us.  the rug in the entry way went out from under his feet, and his head went thru one of the walls….thank goodness he was okay, but the wall didn’t fare very well.  we have about an 18 inch round hole in the wall by the door…..that’s minor…just glad my baby is okay.

4.  jeannie and i went to see “what happens in vegas” on friday night.  ashton kutcher and cameron diaz star in this movie about a couple who gets really drunk and ends up married in vegas.  they decide to get it annulled, but then ashton’s character hits three million dollars on a slot machine and being they are “married” she wants half….it’s a hilarious movie, and we really enjoyed the time we spent at the movie…i highly recommend this movie to everyone….

5.  i’ve never been a huge kenny chesney fan….i played pool with him and his band until 1:00 in the morning up in lisbon north dakota a few years back, and since that, i feel that he’s become a pompous arrogant person.  anyway, last night kenny chesney won entertainer of the year at the acm’s for the fourth year.  when he accepted his award he went off on a gripe session about how the fans shouldnt’ be involved in voting for the major awards….really smart…DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU, KENNY…sometimes the artists forget who got them where they are, and they forget who’s putting the bread on their table.

6.  the new indiana jones movie comes out this thursday…i never saw the two originals, so it’s hard for me to get excited about it…although, people i know are incredibly excited about it…i’m sure we’ll end up going to it.

7.  speaking of the movies, carmike is completely re-doing their concession stand, so for the next few days there is NO POPCORN…it’s kind of sacreligious to go to the movies without popcorn….ha ha

8.  barrack o’bama is being criticized for calling a female reporter “SWEETEY…”  we are getting so stupid about being politically correct…there are some people, myself included, who are passionate about people, and sometimes call people “sweetey,”  “honey”, “sunshine” and others…..and i believe there’s nothing wrong…the media and other people need to relax and enjoy life, instead of looking for crap to gripe about…by the way, i laughed when barrack o’bama was in sioux falls the other day and said “sioux city”….

9.  the principal of an elementary school in mineapolis has banned children from “touching each other.” and this includes the game of “tag.”  C’MON…read about story about politically correct……relax people, quit being stupid……what’s next? are they going to take away “recess” because it’s too grueling for kids?  this is assenine.


1.  I’M SO EXCITED….our son tyler, got second place in the discus event yesterday at the regionals and qualified for the state tourney next friday in sioux falls…the ironic thing is that we were already going to be in sioux falls for our nephew wade’s wedding….also, my nephew corey haaland also qualified for the state track meet….should be fun….

2.  you can tell you’re living in small town south dakota when you walk out of your house at 4:40am and hear a rooster crowing IN TOWN WARNER….i think it’s hilarious…don’t know quite what the neighbors think though….ha ha

3.  i saw something unusual this morning…while i was coming in from warner on highway 281, there was a dead deer on the side of the road, and three deer standing around it looking at the carcass.  they didn’t budge when i drove by….it was like they were having some kind of a “deer funeral” or something…..kind of cool…..

4.  speaking of track meets a bit ago, it was so nice to be out at a track meet yesterday and finally have a beautiful sunny warm day….some of the track meets this year were cold, rainy, or windy…yesterday was beautiful and the weekend is going to be the same.

5.  i don’t know why i did this, but i registered myself on “facebook.”  i’m under the name “jay dean”.  i’ve been on it less than 12 hours and already have four friends signed up….wow, maybe i do have friends…ha ha….  i’ve always stayed away from this deal, because of security and privacy paranoia.  but many of my friends are on their and seem to like it.

6.  speaking of privacy….i am NOT A FAN of the x-box 360 thing where you can not only play people across the country, but talk to them while you’re playing….i’m sorry, call me old fashioned or whatever, but this seems dangerous…….a person could slip and give out information about where you live and stuff, and people could show up at your house.  plus our kids are learning to NOT COMMUNICATE face to face because of this, facebook, msn, my space and other entities….it’s kind of sad…

7.  yesterday at the hillary clinton visit to bath, our news guy jay kleinknecht was in the press area mingling with people from fox news, cnn and other national news teams…it’s only a matter of time before this talented news guy is hosting his own news show after bill o’reilly on fox….i just hope that jay doesn’t forget the small people that he stepped on and squashed on his way to the top..ha ha

8.  IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY…man, this week has DRAGGED ON….i’ve been busier this week than a rubber glove salesman at a proctologists convention. 

9.  on this day in 1985 actress margaret hamilton died at the age of 82..she played the bad witch on the wizard of oz….what an incredible actress…i was scared to death of the witch and those DAMN FLYING MONKEYS  in the wizard of oz movie.  it is, by the way, my all time favorite movie.

10.  bea arthur who played “maude” turned 86 this week…and this sunday, her tv husband on maude, actor bill macy also turns 86…what’s the chance of that happening?