random thoughts for thursday may 29th, 2008

1.  well, gang, this is the last time i'll talk with you this week...i have to attend the south dakota synod convention in sioux falls on friday and saturday for my church in hecla, so i'll be gone friday....i'll leave control of the station in the very capable hands of a young, scott solberg.  i'll [...]


random thoughts for wednesday may 28th, 2008

1.  okay...it's official....i think that the "quaker oats guy" creeps me out MORE than the burger king guy.......he reminds me somewhat of the priest on "poltergiest."  watching commercials on tv shouldn't give you the willies, but quaker and burger king do. 2.  JELL-O was introduced on this day in 1897......when you were a kid, wasn't [...]

random thoughts for tuesday may 27th, 2008

1.  WELCOME BACK EVERYONE...hope you had a glorious memorial day weekend.... 2.  i would like to say a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to aberdeen mayor mike levsen for being the keynote speaker at the memorial day services in hecla yesterday....we had a huge turnout of around 140 people.  mr. levsen gave a wonderful speech [...]

random thoughts for tuesday may 20th, 2008

1.  WHAT A CRAPPY DAY OF GOLFING YESTERDAY....does the wind have to blow every single day?  my one day of golfing per year and the wind was horrible.....of course, there were other factors in my horrible golfing, among them, i suck at golfing....... 2.  i have to get on my soapbox one more time....yesterday i [...]

random thoughts for monday may 19th, 2008

1.  today's the day i make a complete  a*# out of myself on the golf course.  yours truly along with gm brian lundquist, broadcasting legend doc sebastian, and my former counterpart tanea will be golfing in a tournament today....trust me when i say this, i'm only there for the fun...that's obvious when you watch me [...]

random thoughts for FRIDAY (YEAH) may 16th, 2008

1.  I'M SO EXCITED....our son tyler, got second place in the discus event yesterday at the regionals and qualified for the state tourney next friday in sioux falls...the ironic thing is that we were already going to be in sioux falls for our nephew wade's wedding....also, my nephew corey haaland also qualified for the state [...]