random thoughts for thursday may 15th, 2008

1.  it’s track and field regionals today, and i’m excited about a couple of things.  my nephew corey haaland is number one in the state in the triple jump and his picture is in the american news today.  plus both my sons are trying to qualify for state today at the regionals….should be a lot of fun.

2.  i was doing my pastoral work up in hecla last night.  i have a couple of ladies who are close to death.  i find death to be beautiful and peaceful.  if you have faith, it’s not so scary.  it’s when young people die suddenly that it’s hard to understand. 

3.  i was watching “glen beck” last night on tv, and his guest was former republican senator bob barr who is running for president as a libertarian.  there’s almost no chance for him to win presidency, but the guy had some incredible ideas that make sense.  hopefully our two top candidates will listen to him and adapt some ideas.

4.  both of my boys are out of school for the year now….it’s funny, because last night the running and having kids over till 11:00 started already…..man oh man, do i miss having summers of when i was a kid.  i would do ANYTHING to have summers off again.

5.  best afternoon snack….cherry pies at mcdonalds….i was so ticked when they stopped having them for awhile a few years back….DON’T DO IT TO ME AGAIN, RONALD MCDONALD…

6.  i had an awful dream last night…i dreamed that scarlett johansson was for sale at home depot, but she was on the top shelf…and by the time i got to her, she had aged and looked like bea arthur…..WHAT A NIGHTMARE…

7.  according to ‘acess hollywood’, tom cruise is in negotiations for star in ‘mission impossible 4’.  i can just hear the tape recorded message now…”GOOD MORNING MR. CRUISE….YOUR MISSION, TOM, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, IS TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC THAT YOU’RE NOT A TOTAL WACKO AND FRUITCAKE.”

8.  in 1987 on this day the movie “ishtar” opened in theaters….it’s highly regarded as one of the worst movies ever made….obviously those people have never seen “the adventures of remo williams.”  that was me and jeannie’s first date…it’s suprising we stayed together after that…ha ha

9.  alaska hit a milestone yesterday, becoming the first state to hit over FOUR DOLLARS A GALLON FOR GAS….this is getting pathetic…..gas goes up, food goes up, clothing goes up….EVERYTHING GOES UP BUT OUR PAYCHECKS…..this sucks……

10.  a new survey says that 45 percent of americans have gained weight because of eating on the job at the current job.  i gained my most weight working at the aberdeen chrysler center….we seemed to eat all day long there…speaking of the chrysler center, congratulations to my friends JEFF SCHICK for getting “national service manager of the year for dodge.” also congrats to CHAD NORBY for getting regional sales manager of the year for dodge.  “norbs” was one of my favorite people that i worked with at chrysler center.  he’s a big teddy bear, who was one of the nicest people there.


random thoughts for wednesday may 14th, 2008

1.  and the war of words with warner track and field coach mr. hermansen is won by…..JAY DEAN….he e-mailed yesterday and cried “uncle”….actually kids, there are no real winners in the war of words…..ha ha  anyway, i hope that everyone knows that we were just kidding and having fun with all this stuff…mr. hermansen is an incredibly nice and very likeable person.  and he’s one of my biggest listeners.  it’s just fun to shake things up once in awhile……

2.  hillary clinton is coming to aberdeen on thursday…how cool is that….like i said before, it doesn’t matter who you’re voting for, when a presidential candidate comes to aberdeen in an election year, it’s very special.  i’m going to wear a beautiful pants suit in honor of her being here.

3.  tanea and i were lucky enough to take the “snack sacks” out to area farmers yesterday.  we hit areas around warner, stratford, bath, columbia, and mina.  we had a great time meeting a lot of our area farmers, and to thank them for what they do.

4.  i still say that the mcdonald’s cheeseburger is one of the best sandwiches at any fast food restraunt.

5.  i need to take off about 20-25 pounds sometime soon….i just have trouble setting up a workout routine, and i certainly have trouble eating healthy….i sure wish i had my wife’s determination and willpower…she looks great!!!

6.  we should be getting our money for the economic stimulus package…too bad i’m not going to see one dollar of mine….

7.  today my boys are out of school for the summer in warner….they both have full time jobs for the summer….WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD BOYS….ha ha ha ha

8.  one critic said this about the new indiana jones movie…”it made my heart pound and left me gasping for breath.”  funny, that’s the same thing harrison ford said while making the movie.

9.  a woman attending a movie theater in dallas texas found A MOUSE in her popcorn bag….oh my goodness!!!  it was very buttery popcorn, so the mouse was found at the bottom of the bag suffering from a heart attack….popcorn is one of my favorite things in the world, but something like this would cure me from ever eating it again.

10.  kenny loggins is going out on tour this summer and he’s coming to the ampitheater in hinckley, minnesota…yes, the same place we’re going to see ‘boston’ and ‘styx’.  i would LOVE to see and meet kenny loggins…..



random thoughts for tuesday may 13th, 2008

1.  i heard thru the grapevine yesterday that mr. hermansen, the track and field coach at warner, whom i talked about yesterday, is interested in getting into a “war of words” with me.  let me assure you sir, that much like a marriage, this is a war you cannot win.  you may talk about me in front of 20-25 people, but i will talk about you in front of 20,000 people….mr. hermansen, it is time for you to lie down on the ground and say “uncle”. 

2.  pheasants have to be the dumbest creature out there except for sheep….why is it that when you’re driving, a pheasant will cross the road safely, get into the ditch and then come back out and dodge your car window…..i call these birds “kamikaze birds.”  i haven’t hit one yet, but i’ve had to slam the brakes on numerous times……pheasant hunters are going to be able to close their eyes and fire the gun and nail 2-3 birds at a time…man, are they abundant this year.

3.  “38 special” is coming to the dakota magic casino in hankinson, north dakota thursday and friday june 12th and 13th….get a hold of the casino for tickets, and i will see you there.

4.  rumors are swirling that barrack o’bama may be coming to aberdeen for a campaign stop.  it doesn’t matter if you’re voting for the man or not, this would be an incredible deal.  to have a possible president stop by is wonderful….and once again, whether you like the man or not, it was crazy cool having president bush here.

5.  yesterday i talked about our “award show” at the warner school this past sunday night….i forgot to mention one thing about it…..mr. chuck welke was honored for being named into the sports hall of fame in south dakota, and for his 25 plus years of service to the warner school…..it was a well deserved, and completely overdue award.  i have to be honest, when i was in langford we didn’t care for mr. welke, but since i moved to warner, i have found him to be one of the nicest people in warner….he is a neighbor of ours, and is a truly huge asset to the community of warner and to the school system in warner. 

6.  speaking of warner, i tell people all the time, that when i was in high school in langford, if someone would have said that when i get older i would be living in warner, i would have “busted them in the mouth.”  but now that we live in warner, i cannot imagine living anywhere else in the world.   it’s a truly great community that is growing by leaps and bounds.  and the people and the school sytem are second to none.

7.  in your celebrity birthdays today “bea arthur” of “golden girls” and “maude” is 86 years old today….WOW…..i saw her on tv recently and she’s not aging well, but i guess i probably won’t either if i even make it to 86. 

8.  a couple of sporting miracles….1.  a 78 year old BLIND man from iowa bowled a PERFECT GAME the other day….that is incredible….and an 18 year old girl from texas won the 1a state track tournament in texas for her school….why is this a miracle?  SHE WAS THE ONLY PERSON ON THE TEAM….she ran, she jumped, she threw, and at the end of the day, this one girl beat every other team for the state title….TRULY AMAZING…..

9.  lindsay lohan is doing a hip hop album, and ryan seacrest says from what he has heard “he really likes it.”  of course, you can’t blame him for liking it, because he heard william hung sing….

10.  british viewers were shocked this weekend when madonna threw a televised concert, and uttered the ‘f’ bomb three times and had her chest almost pop out of her clothing a couple of times…..WOW, three ‘f’ bombs and partial nudity, madonna really toned it down for mother’s day….



random thoughts for monday may 12th, 2008

1.  warner track and field coach mr. hermansen handed out a few awards last night at the warner school awards night.  and he was kind of enough to take a shot at me during his talk.  he said that he listens to jay dean every morning, and got to meet him and “thought he would be a lot better looking than he is.”  WOW…the crowd loved it…..well, mr. hermansen, i’m not saying you’re old, but i heard that you sat behind abe lincoln in 3rd grade….ha ha…no seriously, i can dish it out and i can take it…it was hilarious….and mr. hermansen is a tremendously nice guy….i wish we could make him a permanent fixture around the warner school.  also, my brother troy was honored for his years as assistant boys basketball coach…he resigned from basketball this year…i’m so proud of you troy……

2.  on saturday we celebrated my great niece brooke’s first birthday at richmond lake.  my little brooke is such a beautiful little girl.  it really makes me want another baby, but i’ve been told to”shut up about the subject.”  ha ha  that poor little girl is going to be so confused in the next couple of years….they set one of her cakes in front of her and she dug thru it and ate it, and people laughed and took pictures.  however, when she does it to someone else’s cake in the next year, she’ll probably get yelled at and spanked….that’s where the confusion sets in…ha ha  she’ll think “how come they laugh one time, and spank me the next?

3.  if you read my blog on friday, you knew that i was the “guest dj” at the langford high school band and choir concert this past friday night.  I HAD A BLAST…it was a wonderful concert, and mrs. wieser should be commended on putting together a great concert, and for giving me the honor of coming back to my hometown and helping them out….i’ve said it for a few years, warner and langford have two of the best bands in the state, and they both proved it thursday and friday  nights.

4.  speaking of the langford band, my name is on one plaque in the langford school…i was drummer of the year two years in a row back in 1981 and 1982….well, SOMEBODY put the plaque up on a wall behind the gym door, so when the gym door is open, which is most of the time, the plaque gets covered up….i put up a stink with mr. nipp (not really), and when the concert started, we noticed that they hung it in the gym for that night…..that was really cool……i was only playfully kidding about them moving it, but when jay speaks, things get done….YEAH RIGHT….

5.  it was an incredibly busy weekend for yours truly….i also had the honor of delivering the invocation at frederick’s high school graduation yesterday….one of the most special people in my church in hecla graduated yesterday…shari elsen sings a bunch in our church, and always brings her beautiful smile to church…shari, you are going to be missed….and yesterday we had confirmation at our church in hecla.  two wonderful boys were confirmed…..john edwards and kris freudenthal were confirmed, and i am so so so so proud of these wonderful boys.

6.  jenna bush was married on saturday…kind of an embarrassing moment at the wedding…when jenna tossed the bouquet in the air, dick cheney shot it….

7.  composer burt bacharach is 80 today….that’s hard to beleive…i love his song “this guy’s in love with you” by herb alpert……also, george carlin is 71 today, ……

8.  the movie “speed racer” came out this weekend, but was murdered at the box office by “iron man”….iron man brought in over 50 million dollars again, while speed racer was a very distant second at 20.2 million dollars….

9.  comedy central is planning on bringing “the gong show” back to television…i hope they don’t…i hate when people mess with a classic…the gong show with chuck barris was HILARIOUS…they had characters like “gene gene the dancing machine”, “the unknown comic” and many many more….

10.  finally, on a personal note, we had a caller give us a ring the other day and told us that he was shutting off sunny 97-7 because i played a song by george bush singing about jenna’s wedding….i have one word for you sir….RELAX…..it is my JOB to entertain people, and the song was neither offensive or political….it was just fun….anyway, we speak with “mr. bush” every tuesday morning and talk politics and stuff…..it’s all in good fun……


random thoughts for friday may 9th, 2008

1.  last night warner school had their final concert of the year.  it was incredible.  my boys are in a drum group that started out the concert by doing a drum solo in the dark with black lights and glow in the dark sticks….it was really cool….then the band and chorus hit the stage and i’m so proud to say that these kids are amongst the best in the state.  hats off to mrs. sharon schwan on the incredible job she does year after year with the warner band and chorus.

2.  SPEAKING OF CONCERTS…another band and chorus that are among the top in the state and have been for about 4 decades are from langford high school.  i have the priveledge of going back to the school where i was drummer of the year two years running.  tonight i’ll be playing a disc jockey….WHAT A STRETCH, HUH?….anyway, they are doing a salute to music from the past three decades, and it should be a blast…..in case you would like to attend, it starts at 8:00 tonight at the langford school gym…….

3.  speaking of concerts, we’ve started a tradition at the warner school, where after events in the gym parents and kids alike grab the chairs and tables and put them away….i’m pretty much okay with that….the only thing is, i thought that after 1982 i would never have teachers and administrators telling me what to do again…ha ha

4.  i’m a proud member of the warner man’s club, where we do all kinds of events for the kids.  we were supposed to have “kite day” tomorrow (saturday), but we have decided to postpone it because of the weather.  the new date will be saturday may 24th, same time, same place.

5.  wow…..MIKE WALLACE OF 60 MINUTES IS 90 TODAY…..the guy doesn’t look a day over 70 and is still working hard at 60 minutes….that’s cool….i’m shooting for just being able to breathe and get around at 65……

6.  it looks like neil diamond will have the number one album in the nation this week with his brand new album “home before dark.”  i still call them albums..ha ha……what i couldn’t beleive, is that in his 41 years of making music, neil diamond has NEVER HAD A NUMBER ONE ALBUM…..neil is gearing up for his world tour this summer, including two stops at the excel energy center in st. paul…if you have never seen neil diamond, he is so so so so so so so worth the money….

7.  it’s mothers day on sunday…i just want to say to my mom….I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART….i have always been such a mama’s boy….everyone knows that, and i am proud of the fact that i am……

8.  according to a new survey, the average child gets an allowance of 15-20 dollars a week….WOW…remember when we were kids, we got a dollar and we were super happy with that….

9.  a man from omaha, nebraska woke up the other day and couldn’t breathe, so he did what any rational man would do…he grabbed a steak knife and gave himself AN AT HOME TRACHEOTOMY……this guy has a lot of guts, and hopefully he didn’t stab them…..sorry, but i would end up dying before i would do that.

10.  paul mccartney’s ex heather mills wants to be on ‘celebrity apprentice’…..she figures she should be on the show, because she has a “leg up” on the competition…okay that was low….i’d better end it before i go any lower….



the dummy’s guide to staying alive!!!

if you follow these steps, you may stay alive a little longer…ha ha


don’t throw a brick straight up in the air.

don’t take long naps while driving.

walk AROUND a toxic waste dump, not thru it.

your body already has the correct number of holes in it, don’t make any more.

don’t microwave yourself too often.

don’t stick any body parts into electrical outlets.

when sticking thumb tacks into bulletin boards, press on the FLAT end.


don’t ever tie yourself to an airplane propeller…

there ya go……live long and prosper…..(from spock on star trek)

random thoughts for thursday may 8th, 2008

1.  first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO MY BUDDY SCOTT SOLBERG….scotty is 42 today, and here’s to hoping he never catches me in age…if he does, it’s BAD NEWS for me…ha ha  by the way, solberg shares his birthday with melissa gilbert who played laura on “little house on the prairie..”  hmmmm….two HALF PINTS celebrating birthdays today…WOW….

2.  here’s an end to the mystery….i’ve been asked about this about four dozen times since monday….on my birthday, a “mystery voice” appeared on the radio, and sang happy birthday to me in a “sexy marilyn monroe” style voice….it was none other than MY BROTHER, TREVOR.  it’s so so so so funny to me, because it’s not like trevor at all to do something like this.  when yours truly and my brothers trevor and troy sing, trevor is the one who’s sweating and very nervous….so for him to do this for me, is a great great honor for me…..people really got a kick out of it, and i just about wet my pants i was laughing so hard….thanks trevor, for making my birthday…..

3.  i had a big thrill yesterday when i was invited to talk to mrs. evans kindergarten class at warner elementary school.  i had the pleasure of telling the kids about the radio business, and they had a bunch of questions for me.  it was fun, because as we get older, we forget how innocent and inquisitive kindgergarten kids are.  and they’re a lot smarter today than we were back then. these kids know computers and all kinds of other stuff….all we did was play with building blocks, drink milk and eat cookies, and sleep on a mat.  THANK YOU KIDS, AND MRS. EVANS FOR LETTING ME VISIT YOU.  a picture of yours truly with the class should be up this morning on our sunny 97-7 site at hubcityradio.com

4.  please come and visit me at centsable fashions in aberdeen today.  i’ll be broadcasting “live” from 11-2, and it’s your next opportunity to become a finalist to win the p.t. cruiser in august.  plus they’re having 25 percent savings storewide today….they’re located just east of kesslers…hope to see you there….

5.  went to bed last night with the twins up 1-0 over the white sox….wake up this morning, and the twins CREAMED the white sox 13-1 as carlos gomez hit for the cycle last night.  that means he got a single, double, triple, and a home  run….he’s the first twin since kirby puckett to do that.

6.  the other day i mentioned on the radio that my neighbor linda johannsen had a birthday, and i said that her and her husband tom were the best neighbors a person could have….it’s true…and yesterday i came home to a package of homemade cookies from linda…man, i love these people…..SHE BAKES ME COOKIES FOR HER BIRTHDAY…HA HA  these are two of the nices, most loving people i’ve ever met.

7.  hillary clinton is staying in for the long haul, even though many democrats are calling her to quit and let barrack o’bama get the nomination….it was announced yesterday that hillary gave 6.5 million of HER OWN MONEY to her campaign to keep it going…JUST HOW MUCH MONEY DO HER AND BILL HAVE?  it sucks that most of us fight to make bills at the end of the month, and politicians, singers, actors, and sports stars are living on multi million dollar bank accounts….for us, there’s TOO MUCH MONTH AT THE END OF THE MONEY…..

8.  comedian don rickles is 82 today….i like his humor, but he’s so cynical and so mean to others in his show….by the way, it’s just an act…friends say he is one of the nicest men in hollywood when he’s not on stage…..  and as mentioned before, melissa gilbert, who played laura on “little house on the prairie” is 44 today….she’s one of the rare people, who got HOTTER in her looks at she got older, than she was as a kid.

9.  it was announced yesterday that will ferrell will reprise his roll as “ron burgandy” for a sequel to “anchorman.”  I LOVE THIS FILM…it’s probably my favorite will ferrell movie, and i’m dying to see the new movie.

10.  huey lewis and the news hit the road for many many summer dates…please please please let him come somewhere close to our area…..