1.  WHERE THE HECK DID JUNE GO?  july starts tomorrow, and it’s a four day workweek this week, right before the fourth ofjuly weekend….this kind of week gets me going again about implementing a four day week every week…wouldn’t that be cool?

2.  yesterday we were doing some yard work, and it involved one of us getting up on the high part of the roof of our house to saw down some branches….i’m scared to death of heights, but my oldest son, tyler, jumped right on the ladder and took off….he wasn’t scared at all, but there’s something scary about having your kids up on the roof….he just plopped down and hung his legs over the side and started cutting…he’s a whole lot braver than me.

3.  my nephew brandon, and his new wife stephanie were married in clark over the weekend, and i was honored and thrilled to be able to marry them……these two were friends for years, before they started dating…..in a perfect world, that’s probably the best way to go…….

4.  speaking of the wedding, we had a very original wedding rehearsal supper….we were just out in the backyard of the bride’s parents house in clark, and we enjoyed homemade salads, and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs….it’s one of the best rehearsal suppers i’ve ever had, and was simple and easy…..

5.  the bride’s parents own and run “the playhouse” in clark….i’ve actually eaten there before and they have really really good food…..extremely nice people, too….and beth, stephanie’s mom, actually listens to my morning show…that’s pretty cool……

6.  clark county must be the “RACCOON CAPITAL OF THE WORLD…”  while heading  into clark on saturday afternoon, there was one spot on the highway that had three gigantic dead raccoons lying straight across from each other…i’ve never seen anything like that before, plus there were two other big ones on other spots of the highways.

7.  ATTENTION COKE AND PEPSI VENDORS IN ABERDEEN…..either you head to the gas station in warner and fix your machines, or i’m taking a bat to them…….i’ve lost a bunch of money in one of them, and the other one won’t take any money….it sucks when you’re dying for a pop and can’t get one……

8.  mitchell and i saw the new steve carrell movie “get smart”, the remake of the don adam’s tv show…it was INCREDIBLY FUNNY….i don’t know if i’ve ever seen a bad steve carrell movie….the guy is great, and he’s king of the tv on his hit show “the office.”

9.  an iowa golfer got two holes in one in the same round…but don’t confuse that with golfer john daly, who had two rounds in the same hole….

10.  on this date in 1952 the soap opera “the guiding light” went from radio to tv….that brought back memories of watching soap opera’s with my grandma doris when i was about 4-6 years old….i’d go to veblen and stay with grandma and grandpa all the time, and grandma and i were SOAP OPERA JUNKIES….we started out the day by watching “the young and the restless”, then it was “days of our lives”  and then “the doctors”  then “another world”, and finally it was “somerset.”  REMEMBER THOSE SHOWS?  i used to LOVE “the doctors”.


1.  yesterday i spend about an hour in the afternoon walking…then last night, instead of going to bed early, i went for another walk around 9:30….it’s amazing how good you feel when you get a little excersize…..hopefully this is the start of something beautiful.. ha ha

2.  i spent last night making a couple of cd’s for the langford high school class of 1978 for their reunion…..i forgot how good the music was in 1977 and 1978….i would put those two years up against about any other two year period…..bee gee’s, andy gibb, kansas, styx, the baby’s, and a whole lot more…can’t beat it….

3.  i’m so proud that i get to perform the ceremony of marriage for my nephew brandon and his love stephanie…the wedding is tomorrow in clark, and i’m heading there this afternoon for rehearsal….isn’t young love grand?

4.  leave it to kevin mchale and the minnesota timberwolves to screw up something good….the t-wolves selected A.J. MAYO with the third pick, and recieved rave reviews from espn and other sporting entities….then in timberwolves fashion, after midnight,they  traded o.j. mayo and three other players to the memphis grizzlies for their number five pick kevin love, and mitchell native mike miller….don’t get me wrong, i’m THRILLED that mike miller will be in a timberwolves jersey, but i don’t understand the rest of it…..i think it’s a total suck up thing…kevin love told timberwolves officials that he would study tapes of kevin mchale to become the player he is….i pray this works out, because the t-wolves have screwed up many other draft picks and trades, too.

5.  HOW ABOUT THOSE TWINS?  the twins have now won NINE games in a row…and they’ve won the last three series that they’ve played….keep her rolling, guys…..twins baseball is fun again, and they’re doing it without a lot of big names….that’s why they are so respected among other teams.

6.  HOW IRONIC….a pittsburgh museum had to shut down an exhibit of THE TITANIC artifacts after a water pipe burst and flooded the building….it was the most realistic titanic exhibit ever, at no extra charge…..(man, you can’t make stuff like this up…..)

7.  i saw this on tv last night…there’s a sex tape circulating of “mini me” vern troyer….he’s the little actor who played on the austin powers movie……gross….enough with the sex tapes, please….by the way, the girl in the video is an aspiring actress…what a coincidence…..she even has an acting book lying on a table in full view of the camera.

8.  madylin sweeten, the young girl who played daughter “ally” on “everybody loves raymond” is 17 today….how can that be?  plus comedian and movie producer mel brooks turns 82 on saturday…NOW THERE’S AN INCREDIBLY FUNNY MAN…

9.  i noticed that “family guy” and ‘two and a half men” are finalists for emmy awards for best comedy….truthfully, there’s about five nominees i’ve never seen and a couple i’ve never heard of….i hope “the office” wins best comedy…..

10.  i haven’t had a paper cut in months, and i have recieved two in a fifteen minute period this morning….paper cuts hurt like heck…..


1.  my son tyler has a job this summer that takes him away overnight once in awhile….this gives me the chance to see what it’s going to be like after he graduates next year…..i don’t like it…….

2.  my kids have the same problem i’ve always had…..get a check in hand and you have to spend it….thank goodness my wife is the other way around….

3.  the other day while filling up a cup of diet pepsi at a local convenience store, a man walked in with his coffee cup, and stood there filling it up next to me…..the guy COUGHED AND COUGHED AND COUGHED all over the coffee machine and the counter without covering his mouth….GROSS…some people just don’t have the basic manners needed to survive in this world.  what’s the grossest thing you’ve ever seen?  e-mail me at jaydean@hubcityradio.com

4.  our fascination with death is kind of funny….many singers have become WAY MORE POPULAR in death than they were in life…..elvis presley is one of the biggest and best entertainers that ever lived, and he’s selling the same amount of music, if not more, than when he was at the peak of his career….artists like hank williams, sr. whose been dead since 1953 continue to sell MILLIONS of cd’s every year…..the same goes for patsy cline, keith whitley, dean martin and others…..that’s really wild.

5.  be careful and courteous out there…..driver’s education kids are out in full force……i have always wanted to do something crazy like drive in front of them with my left blinker on the whole time, but then i have flashbacks to what it was like when i was driving, and it doesn’t seem like such a brilliant idea.

6.  i was on my way to hecla last night and saw the CUTEST baby deer hanging out with it’s mama….they are so precious when they’re small, but they’re not so cute when they’re plastered onto the grill of your vehicle.

7.  the minnesota twins keep on winning….it’s now EIGHT GAMES IN A ROW….wouldn’t that be cool if they could keep it going to like 15 or more?  keep it tuned right here to find out…and remember, every twins game can be heard on our sister station ksdn am 930.

8.  the movie WALL-E opens up in theaters this weekend…it’s about a cute little robot…i like the movie better when it was called ‘SHORT CIRCUIT.’  that was a really cool movie back in the 80’s.

9.  the oreo cookie was invented on this day in 1912….and so began the tradition of licking and eating out the creamy middle and throwing both cookie parts away……


1.  MY TWO BOYS ARE ON MY LIST TODAY….we were at wylie park last night for a radio station picnic, and we had the priveledge of riding rides for free for a couple of hours…..we decided to get into the “wet boats” and the three of us planned on cornering tanea and completely soaking her down….well, we got in the boats, AND MY BOYS TURNED ON ME….they cornered me, and there wasn’t one single spot on my body that wasn’t soaked….my shirt dried out while we were golfing, but my shorts, shoes, and socks were drenched until we got home……PAYBACK IS GOING TO BE HELL FOR THESE TWO…ha ha

2.  i got my rear end handed to me in minature golf yesterday….jeannie and tyler and mitchell and myself played the 18 hole course, and we get a little competitive….i used the maximum six strokes on about four holes while the others were shooting 2’s and 3’s….then on the 15th hole where you hit “uphill”, my ball jumped the track and ended up in the water, where it was lost forever….i threw my hands up at that point and watched everyone finish.

3.  we are getting ready to go to rapid city the second week in july for our ‘big” summer vacation….tyler and mitchell have never been to rapid…..anyway, while talking to  good friend of mine yesterday who just got back from there, she said that the passion play was the best that she has seen….I CANNOT WAIT…we got tickets for that show, plus we are getting tickets for reptile gardens, and other hot spots…by the way, I LOVE COSMOS….

4.  when i went to bed last night around 8:30, i grabbed my “wkrp in cincinnati” box set and threw in a cd….that is one of my favorite shows of all time….and it’s incredible how perfectly they depicted a radio station…..(i’m the johnny fever of this station)  ha ha

5.  hardee’s founder wilbur hardee has died at the age of 89…until funeral plans are completed, the body will just lie under a warmer.

6.  actress june lockhart is 83 today…i had the distinct pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman backstage at the “grand ole opry” in nashville….she was an absolute joy to meet, and puts a lot of those pompous, arrogant jerks in hollywood today to shame…..

7.  when the bee gee’s brother maurice died five years ago, brothers barry and robin said that the bee gee’s are no more because of his death…this saddened me, because i’ve always wanted to see them in concert…WELL, now brother robin says that if barry wants to go back on tour, he’s ready to go……my gut feeling is that barry will pass on this deal.

8.  our moron of the morning today is a farm worker in california who used a blow torch to remove a lid from a 55 gallon petroleum drum….you guessed it, it exploded and blew our young man on his butt….i’m stupid, but even i know better than that….

9.  by now, you know of my love and affection for former tennessee volunteers women’s basketball star candace parker….i think she’s beautiful…..well, the other night, she had a massive dunk in the wnba, and i was SHOCKED to hear that her dunk was only the second dunk EVER in the wnba…..that’s incredible…..

10. the minnesota twins have now WON SEVEN GAMES IN A ROW…watch out for this young team…the twins won in san diego last night, and i was BLOWN AWAY by the number of fans in the crowd when the twins hit back to back homers in the top of the ninth….a lot of people like this team, because they’re a bunch of ‘blue collar’ workers…not a lot of huge named stars on the twins team….



1.  well, st. john’s lutheran church softball team is no longer undefeated…we choked last night and lost 13-12 in 8 innings…..we had a ton of errors….of course, that’s easy for me to say, i was on the bench…ha ha

2.  comedian george carlin died yesterday at the age of 71….carlin was a very funny man…some of my favorite lines by george carlin include:

“if someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill themselves, is it considered a “hostage situation?”

“don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things.”

“one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR”

“the main reason santa claus is so jolly is because he knows where the bad girls live”

GEORGE CARLIN had an interesting look at life and he will be missed.

3.  the new entertainment weekly has lists of the top 100 tv shows, albums, books, and other stuff…these are the “all time lists.”  on the television side, “the simpson’s” was listed as the number one tv show of all time…..i couldn’t agree more…..19 seasons later the show is still banging out good shows.

4.  i spent about an hour walking last night in warner…..it’s funny, when i worked on “pheasant country 103”, i couldn’t listen to country at home…all i listen to was chicago, billy joel, bee gee’s, olivia newton john and others….now that i’m playing that kind of music on “sunny 97-7” all i can listen to at home is country……must not want to take my work home with me.

5.  actor brian keith, was found dead on this date in 1997 at the age of 75….brian keith played the dad on “family affair” with buffy, jody, cissy, and mr. french….didn’t you just love that show?  if anyone gets the urge, you can buy me the box set for that show…ha ha

6.  circuit city is reportedly for sale…..the asking price is 200 million dollars…..or 300 million dollars if you choose the 15 month extended warranty….

7.  a virginia man lost 80 pounds in six months by just eating at “mcdonalds.” if that’s the case, i should be under 100 pounds….

8.  there’s a great big scuttlebutt over south dakota native becky hammon, who plays in the wnba….apparently our country’s olympic team failed to contact her and give her a spot on our country’s olympics team.  so, hammon was offered two million dollars to train and play for the russian olympics team……there’s a huge uproar in this country over this….my opinion is, whoopee…who cares?  if this was still the cold war i’d have a huge problem with this….but if she didn’t make the usa team, and someone contacts her, she should be able to make up her own mind.

9.  radio dork, don imus, is in hot water again for making yet another “racial remark.”  i think  this guy just needs to go away…..remember last year?  imus created a firestorm with remarks about rutger’s women’s basketball team…..i’ve listened to this guy, and i’ve always thought that he was a moron…….

10.  i just told mitchell and tyler this weekend that i wish they’d come out with a “guitar hero” version of all “beatles” songs….now, lo and behold, i found out that discussions are underway to try and get the licensing rights to have a beatles “guitar hero” game.  wow, i must be “psycho”….ummm…i mean “psychic.” 


1.  we had a beautiful weekend…..really got out to enjoy the beautiful forecast….we spent part of saturday at clear lake, between britton and sisseton enjoying an outdoor 40th anniversary party for some good friends of ours….then yesterday we spent the afternoon outdoors in roslyn for a family reuion.  i fell asleep in a lawn chair in the wind yesterday, got a little bit red, but nothing serious.

2.  tyler, mitchell, and myself played “croquet” yesterday with a bunch of younger kids at that family function in roslyn….these kids played “POISON” where the first one out gets to smash the ball around and if they hit your ball you’re out…..i’ve never heard of that stupid rule….what a bunch of crap….(that’s because i’m the first one he knocked out!!! ha ha)  has anyone else heard about that rule?  let me know at jaydean@hubcityradio.com

3.  tyler and mitchell went to see “the love guru” starring mike myers over the weekend…neither one of them were very impressed, although they said that there were some pretty funny lines…i told them my pledge that if anyone sees me walking into that movie they can punch me in the face, and they said that it was good that i felt that way because i would probably be very disappointed……coincidentally, the movie finished fourth in the top five movies of the weekend, raking in only 14 million dollars….that’s considered a bust…..

4. my son tyler has his SENIOR PICTURES today…here come the emotions….the first step of his senior year, and final year at home with us……i can’t stand this…….

5.  i never really got into the steve carrell tv show ‘the office’ until the boys bought the box set of season one and season two….i spent over two hours friday night watching episodes, and we watched them in the van on our way to roslyn and back yesterday…I LOVE THAT SHOW….it’s a very creative show and very very funny…..

6.  according to a new survey, 17 percent of american polled said that they feel the country is headed in the right direction….the other 83 percent can’t afford gas to go in any direction.

7.  winnebago reports a 73 percent drop in quarterly sales…the upside of this is that this decreases the cance that relatives are parking in front of your home…….

8.  a cook at a restraunt in wisconsin has been charged in court with food tampering after he put a bunch of hair in a steak that was returned to the kitchen……set a precedent here, put him in front of a firing squad….THIS MAKES ME SICK…IT’S THE REASON I NEVER EVER EVER SEND FOOD BACK BECAUSE SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH IT….i’m always so afraid that they will get mad and spit in my food or worse……

9.  today’s the anniversary of the day that still sends shivers down men’s back (and front)….it was 15 years ago today that lorena bobbitt, cut off her husband’s manhood and threw it out the window……i watched what i said around my house for about six months after this ordeal…..

10.  did you hear about the north carolina mom who gave birth to twins this past week?  the twins combined weight was 23 POUNDS…..ouch….by the way, the woman had a cesarean……it was a boy and a girl, and the girl weighted the most weight….12 pounds 5 ounces…..



11.  the kelly osbourne “krispy kreme doughnut biting tour.”

10.  the gretchen wilson “multi millionaire pretending to be a redneck” tour.

9.  the brian wilson “pretending to still be ble to sing in tune after multiple nervous breakdowns tour.”

8.  the stu cook and doug clifford “we’re not really creedence but close enough tour.”

7.  the liza minnelli “next time i’ll marry a hetrosexual tour.”

6.  the cher “neve ending continuous farewell tour.”  (insert kiss in this one too.)

5.  the courtney love “check out my track marks and bruises” tour.

4. the mike nesmith “i’m starting to regret not showing up for those last couple of lucrative monkees reunions” tour.

3.  the mindy mcready and roger clemens “drinkin’ and cheatin’ tour.”

2.  the amy whinehouse “i already have a prearranged funeral” tour.

and the number one cancelled summer music tour…

1.  the jackson’s “even we’re creeped out by michael” tour.

honrable mention:

the american idol runner ups “we’re selling more cd’s than the actual winners” tour.

the alanis morissette “now that i’ve started taking paxil, my lyrics are much tamer” tour.

the pips “gladys knight think’s she’s too good for us” tour.

the motley crue and kid rock “who hasn’t slept with pam anderson” tour.