random thoughts for monday june 30th, 2008

1.  WHERE THE HECK DID JUNE GO?  july starts tomorrow, and it’s a four day workweek this week, right before the fourth ofjuly weekend….this kind of week gets me going again about implementing a four day week every week…wouldn’t that be cool? 2.  yesterday we were doing some yard work, and it involved one of […]

random thoughts for friday june 27th, 2008

1.  yesterday i spend about an hour in the afternoon walking…then last night, instead of going to bed early, i went for another walk around 9:30….it’s amazing how good you feel when you get a little excersize…..hopefully this is the start of something beautiful.. ha ha 2.  i spent last night making a couple of […]

random thoughts for thursday june 26th, 2008

1.  my son tyler has a job this summer that takes him away overnight once in awhile….this gives me the chance to see what it’s going to be like after he graduates next year…..i don’t like it……. 2.  my kids have the same problem i’ve always had…..get a check in hand and you have to […]

random thoughts for wednesday june 25th, 2008

1.  MY TWO BOYS ARE ON MY LIST TODAY….we were at wylie park last night for a radio station picnic, and we had the priveledge of riding rides for free for a couple of hours…..we decided to get into the “wet boats” and the three of us planned on cornering tanea and completely soaking her […]

random thoughts for tuesday june 24th, 2008

1.  well, st. john’s lutheran church softball team is no longer undefeated…we choked last night and lost 13-12 in 8 innings…..we had a ton of errors….of course, that’s easy for me to say, i was on the bench…ha ha 2.  comedian george carlin died yesterday at the age of 71….carlin was a very funny man…some […]

random thoughts for monday june 23rd, 2008

1.  we had a beautiful weekend…..really got out to enjoy the beautiful forecast….we spent part of saturday at clear lake, between britton and sisseton enjoying an outdoor 40th anniversary party for some good friends of ours….then yesterday we spent the afternoon outdoors in roslyn for a family reuion.  i fell asleep in a lawn chair […]

the top 11 “cancelled summer concert tours”

THE FOLLOWING ARE THE TOP ELEVEN CANCELLED SUMMER MUSIC TOURS….. 11.  the kelly osbourne “krispy kreme doughnut biting tour.” 10.  the gretchen wilson “multi millionaire pretending to be a redneck” tour. 9.  the brian wilson “pretending to still be ble to sing in tune after multiple nervous breakdowns tour.” 8.  the stu cook and doug […]

random thoughts for friday june 20th, 2008

C’MON WEEKEND…GET HERE SOON…… 1.  i spent last night in the kitchen with jeannie baking cookies….what a pleasant time….we need to spend more time doing things like that…it was peaceful and relaxing…….and the cookies turned out good, too….. 2.  read in the paper today that maverick’s will be moving into the new hampton inn when […]

random thoughts for thursday june 19th, 2008

1.  my dad turned 64 yesterday…..we had a wonderful dinner at the millstone to celebrate….and for his birthday gift, HE bought dinner…happy birthday dad, love you much….. 2.  on my facebook site, i had a “family guy” trivia contest, with questions about the hit tv show….i’ve been having my boys, tyler and mitchell, helping me […]

random thoughts for wednesday june 18th, 2008

1.  you have to go to youtube.com and type in “new boston lead singer”, and watch the video of how this guy got to be the new lead singer of a legendary band….the guy worked at HOME DEPOT and was spotted on the internet by tom scholz the genius behind boston….it’s a crazy story and […]