random thoughts for thursday june 19th, 2008

1.  my dad turned 64 yesterday…..we had a wonderful dinner at the millstone to celebrate….and for his birthday gift, HE bought dinner…happy birthday dad, love you much…..

2.  on my facebook site, i had a “family guy” trivia contest, with questions about the hit tv show….i’ve been having my boys, tyler and mitchell, helping me with the trivia….i cannot beleive how much they know about that show….i thought i knew stuff about the show, but tyler and mitchell answered almost EVERY question correctly…looks like they have thier dad’s useless trivia minds…..

3.  have you ever seen jack mccafferty on cnn?  he hosts a segment called “the mccafferty files”, and is a frequent guest on different talk show….WHAT A GRUMPY OLD FART…..i’m getting almost to the point of not wanting to look at him when he’s on, because it’s never positive, only grumpy stuff…it’s nice to know that someone is going to take over the role as “tv’s mr. grumpy” once andy rooney is gone….

4.  this morning i played “that thing you do” by the wonders……it’s from the tom hanks movie “that thing you do” from a few years back….have you ever seen that movie?  it’s a wonderful piece of film that my family watches whenever we can….it’s the story of a band back in the 60’s who turn into a one hit wonder…and it shows the highlights and the pitfalls of being a one hit wonder…i highly recommend this movie….let me know if you’ve seen it, or if you’re planning on watching…..e-mail me at jaydean@hubcityradio.com

5.  well, i ESCAPED by the SKIN OF MY TEETH….my wife jeannie is going to see the “sex in the city” movie friday night with a couple of girlfriends…..YEAH, I DON’T HAVE TO GO…..you’d think with pretty girls, some partial nudity, and a sexual theme that i’d want to go….but you’d be wrong…..

6.  we’re less than a month away from our only one week vacation of the year, as we take our boys to rapid city for the very first time….we have to laugh, because the boys have been to hollywood and to washington d.c. for a redskins game, and to green bay to a redskins game, but they’ve never been across the state to rapid city…should be a blast…

7.  miley cyrus didn’t worry about her photos in vanity fair, because her dad, billy ray cyrus told her, “the more you stomp in poop, the more it stinks.”  boy, does that sound like a southern saying, huh?  ha ha

8.  the boston celtics won the nba championship by defeating the los angeles lakers by 39 POINTS….that massive defeat couldn’t have happened to a better team than the lakers….i’m definetly NOT  a lakers fan….however, i’m not a celtics fan either, but i was thrilled to see kevin garnett win a championship.

9.  movie actress kathleen turner turns 54 today…have you seen her lately?  she looks 74….

10.  my wife and i were having a conversation about living wills the other day.  i told her that i never wanted to live in a vegetative state depending on some machine and fluids from a bottle….i told her that if that ever happens, she has the right to pull the plug….so jeannie got up, unplugged the tv and three out all of my beer!!!!!!!


Author: jaydeanhcr

Jay Dean spent 30 years in the radio business working morning shows and having fun on the air. Jay is now the host/creator of a very popular radio show called “Country Legends Jukebox.” Jay also helps out ministering at two churches in the area. Jay is at St. John's Lutheran in Hecla, SD, and Trinity Lutheran in Houghton, SD. Jay is blessed to have his beautiful wife Jeannie by his side, and received the two greatest gifts he could ever receive in his sons Tyler and Mitchell. Jay's interests including listening to classic country music, including his favorite Hank Williams, SR., and watching his beloved Washington Redskins and Minnesota Wild.

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