random thoughts for friday june 20th, 2008


1.  i spent last night in the kitchen with jeannie baking cookies….what a pleasant time….we need to spend more time doing things like that…it was peaceful and relaxing…….and the cookies turned out good, too…..

2.  read in the paper today that maverick’s will be moving into the new hampton inn when it gets built….it’s about time…mavericks is my favorite place to eat but is way too cramped…the new move should be good.

3.  new at carmike this weekend….steve carrell in “get smart”, the remake of the don adams tv show, plus “son of rambow”, and mike meyers in “the love guru”.  somebody PUNCH me in the face if you see me going into “the love guru.” i liked this character before when his name was “AUSTIN POWERS.”

4.  my mom and dad, plus my sister and her fiance will be joining our little church in hecla this sunday morning at 9:00…..as their son and brother, and as the leader of the congregation at our church, i could not be happier about this….sunday will be a great day for them and for me….

5.  golf soon to be legend tiger woods, is done for the year because he has to have another knee surgery…..closed circuit tv video from his last event showed tanya harding walking around the golf course with a lead pipe.

6.  this week cindy mccain was in vietnam where years ago john mccain was tortured by the north vietnamese…in other news, michelle obama was on “the view” where years ago barbara walters was tortured by rosie o’donnell.

7.  this sunday actor ralph waite, who played papa john walton on “the walton’s” turns 80…wow…and singer and actor kris kristofferson turns 72….here’s what my dad always said about kris kristofferson….”WHO THE HELL EVER TOLD HIM HE COULD SING?”  ha ha

8.  singing legend paul anka, who is 66, is marrying his 37 year old personal assistant….first of all, i’m happily married and wouldn’t trade jeannie for anyone, HOWEVER…wouldn’t it be nice to have millions of dollars and a voice, so you could be old and marry a hot 30 something…….and i’m sure these girls all marry for love…RIGHT, HEATHER MILLS MCCARTNEY?

9.  our “moron of the morning’ this morning is a guy who broke into someone’s house overnight, and all he stole was a battery out of their smoke detector…..what a nut job….too bad he didn’t take a salt shaker too, they he could have been charged with “a salt and battery.”  oooh, that was bad….


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