random thoughts for wednesday july 30th, 2008

1.  it's so wonderful to have my wife and kids back in the house after they enjoyed three days in the twin cities...i FINALLY GOT A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP LAST NIGHT....today i feel rested for the first time since they left...it's funny how you get used to having someone next to you and when they're [...]


random thoughts for monday july 28th, 2008

1.  jeannie and tyler and mitchell left early yesterday morning with the youth of st. john in warner to head to minneapolis for a few days to help out at mary's place.....i don't like coming home to an empty house....i wouldn't do well alone.....can't sleep at night either....... 2.  a big thanks to mona and [...]

random thoughts for friday july 25th, 2008

1.  happy happy happy birthday wishes to MY SON TYLER...he turns 18 TODAY....my goodness, where did the time go?  it feels like yesterday that i was rocking him to sleep in a chair...oh wait, that was yesterday...ha ha.....also happy birthday to OUR BELOVED NEWS DIRECTOR JAY KLEINKNECHT...he's well over 25........and one of my biggest sweethearts [...]

random thoughts for thursday july 24th, 2008

1.  first and most importantly, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO MY LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL BRIDE JEANNIE TODAY....i'm not saying how old she is because she would be mad, but i will tell you that we celebrated her 40th birthday last year....jeannie is the most incredible, wonderful woman i have ever ever met, and i'm a [...]

random thoughts for tuesday july 22nd, 2008

1.  it's an expensive week in the dean home this week....ha ha....my beautiful wife jeannie has a birthday on thursday and son tyler turns 18 on friday.....18?  WHERE THE HECK DID TIME GO? 2.  jason taylor of the miami dolphins became a washington redskin player on sunday....that's awesome news....even had a call at home from [...]