1.  it’s so wonderful to have my wife and kids back in the house after they enjoyed three days in the twin cities…i FINALLY GOT A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP LAST NIGHT….today i feel rested for the first time since they left…it’s funny how you get used to having someone next to you and when they’re not there, it’s just not the same.

2.  i did find one good thing that was positive about my family being gone…..when i washed clothes yesterday, the only socks in the dryer were MINE…it’s the first time in my life that i put socks together and every single sock in the dryer matched up with another one……

3.  speaking of socks, THE MINNESOTA TWINS BEAT THE WHITE SOX AGAIN LAST NIGHT…the twins are now a half game out of first place, and can take over sole ownership of first place if they beat the white sox tonight….GO TWINS…by the way, espn and some other national media are crazy about the twins, because they win with no name players, and have the best farm teams in the world of baseball.

4.  IT’S HEAVEN AT SEVEN…sunday night at seven the washington redskins play the indianapolis colts in a preseason “hall of fame game.”  NFL IS COMIN’ BABY…hmmmm….i wonder what i’ll be doing sunday night….

5.  i noticed my son mitchell has a new t-shirt from their trip to the twin cities…it says “DUNDER MIFFLIN PAPER COMPANY.”  that’s the name of the company on “the office” starring steve carrell….”the office” is the very first show that all four of us have gone crazy over…we could watch episodes of that show every single day and not get tired of them….by far, the best cast on tv.

6.  i know i’ll probably pay for this with a speeding ticket someday, but i really have trouble keeping my speedometer at 45mph in the 45 zone on the old warner highway…..IT DOES NEED TO BE 45 because of the residential area, but man, do i have trouble doing it.  watch, now there will be 20 cop cars lined up waiting for me on that road.

7.  there was a strong earthquake in california yesterday….some people thought the ground shook because one of the producers of “the dark knight” movie dropped a money bag on the ground.

8.  rosie o’donnell is working on having a “variety show” on television soon….ummmmm….no thanks….

9.  there’s a new glen campbell “tribute” album coming out where other stars play glen campbell’s songs….i usually love tribute albums, but this one sounds strange…some of the artists that will be covering glen campbell classics include green day, the foo fighters, john lennon, and the velvet underground…

10.  tim mcgraw has launched a new cologne named ‘mcgraw.”  that’s what i want…to smell like a sweaty country music star….tim mcgraw had this to say about his cologne…”creating this fragrance was a means of expressing myself and reaching out to people in a different way….i am always looking for new ways to connect to my fans…”  (and new ways to take their money)  ha  ha ha ha

TH TH TH TH TH TH …THAT’S ALL FOLKS….happy wednesday…

1.  what a thriller in our church league softball game last night…my church, st. john’s of hecla, was down 10-3 to the hands of the bethlehem lutheran church youth, and we scored 7 runs in the bottom of the sixth inning to tie the game…then they scored one run in the 7th, and we didn’t score in the bottom, so we lost, but what a comeback…it was fun….

2.  my wife and kids along with the youth of warner st. john lutheran are in minneapolis for a couple of days, and they were at the twins shellacking of the white sox last night….a relative of mine said that he thought the announcer at the game talked to my son mitchell and his friends on television……DID ANYBODY OUT THERE TAPE THE GAME LAST NIGHT?  i would love to watch it and see if it was him…let me know at 725-hits, or jaydean@hubcityradio.com

3.  last night i had my second night of about 3-4 hours of sleep…..i won’t be able to do that very often….as i mentioned yesterday, i have a tough time sleeping without my wife by my wide…plus the storms kept me awake last night…i LOVE watching storms, so i had to get out of bed and watch for awhile……

4.  in denton, texas, a five year old boy slipped out of day care and crossed two busy streets to get to a HOOTERS….the dad didn’t know whether to be angry, or proud…..

5.   ryan seacrest says that he was bitten by a shark over the weekend…YUCK….i could really care less about what he and simon cowell are doing on their weekends……

6.  it was on this date in 1974 that mama cass elliott of the mama’s and papa’s died…..the official listing of her death is a heart attack, but rumors swirled that she choked on a potato chip…..her family said that the rumor is a bunch of crap……

7.  more best of’s for jay dean:

best singer/songwriter of all time:  hank williams, sr…..(not junior)

best actor of all time:  tommy lee jones  (gene hackman a close second)

favorite movie of all time:  the wizard of oz

favorite cartoon show of all time:  bugs bunny/road runner hour

favorite pop band ever:  chicago   (bee gee’s a close second)

favorite rock band ever:  ac/dc

favorite frozen pizza:  pizza corner from valley city, north dakota

favorite potato chips:  dakota style from clark, s.d.

8.   johnny depp is set to star in a new tim burton movie “alice in wonderland”.  tim burton always does “very weird” movies, but they are good movies….johnny depp always does “very weird roles”, but always comes out good…he’s a heck of an actor.

9.  this may be the last season of hannah montana…(THANK GOODNESS) 



1.  jeannie and tyler and mitchell left early yesterday morning with the youth of st. john in warner to head to minneapolis for a few days to help out at mary’s place…..i don’t like coming home to an empty house….i wouldn’t do well alone…..can’t sleep at night either…….

2.  a big thanks to mona and paula and everyone else who helped out at the car show in langford yesterday….i was pleased to hand out the “jay dean’s favorite” trophy yesterday….what an incredible day weatherwise, and you should have seen all the vehicles, tractors, motorcycles and more……they were up over 20 vehicles from last year……it’s an incredible event…we should have pictures on our sunny sight sometime today.

3.  WOW…. the new “batman” movie called “the dark knight” continues to shatter box office records….in just ten days the movie has grossed over 314 million dollars…THAT’S CERTAINLY A RECORD….it’s expected to shatter about every movie record out there..if you haven’t seen it yet, you must…it’s an incredible movie, and as i said before, if heath ledger doesn’t get an oscar nod for his role as the joker, something is very wrong.

4.  speaking of movies, my friend daryl and his wife were uptown warner saturday night, and his wife anita was talking about how good “mama mia” was….daryl is such a man, he wouldn’t admit that he went to the movie….ha ha…..he finally admitted that it was very good…..

5.  we were uptown warner saturday night at big d’s, for a going away party for my brother trevor and his wife kelley….they, along with the kids, are moving to miller this week….it’s going to be hard to say goodbye this friday……

6.  THE NFL IS COMING, BABY…. the washington redskins play the indianapolis colts this sunday in the hall of fame game in canton, ohio……i can’t beleive it’s finally here….i am a firm beleiver, however, that they need to shorten preseason to just two games, because it’s boring, and too many players are getting hurt…..they should cut it by two games and add two games to the season.

7.  the HAMBURGER was created on this date in 1900, and jay’s midsection has never ever been the same……i’m not one of these people who can give up hamburger in their lives….i crave and love burgers way way way too much….

8.  GAS PRICES ARE DOWN TO ABOUT 3.45 A GALLON….that’s wonderful, but they have a LONG LONG WAY TO GO to make me happy…….

9.  an airplane was forced to land after two drunken women attacked a flight attendant and tried to open the cabin door…..i knew it wasn’t a good idea to let amy winehouse and naomi campbell travel together…ha ha

10.  universal music has signed an exclusive ‘LONG TERM” contract with the rollings stones….at their age what’s long term?  SIX MONTHS?  


jay dean


1.  happy happy happy birthday wishes to MY SON TYLER…he turns 18 TODAY….my goodness, where did the time go?  it feels like yesterday that i was rocking him to sleep in a chair…oh wait, that was yesterday…ha ha…..also happy birthday to OUR BELOVED NEWS DIRECTOR JAY KLEINKNECHT…he’s well over 25……..and one of my biggest sweethearts in the world, pearl stolle is celebrating birthday number 96 today….she still lives alone and is sharper than me…..

2.  it’s amazing how fast the memories of your week long vacation can fade as soon as you get back to work…..it’s my first week back and i cannot wait for the weekend to get here…..

3.  all this brett favre crap is starting to bug the heck out of me….either retire, or let the packers trade you….it’s ridiculous….

4.  i really hope you come and see me in langford sunday afternoon at the car show…last year they had some BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC CARS…..this year promises to be bigger…..i’ll even hand out my “jay dean” trophy to my favorite car….this show is from 3-5 sunday in the park of the pines….lots of other actitivies too, in langford on sunday….

5.  a couple of motorcyle deaths, a beam falls and hits an employee, a couple of bike accidents, and numerous car accidents lately……you just hate it when a rash of accidents happen like this….BE CAREFUL OUT THERE MY FRIENDS….

6.  i was channel surfing last night, and it’s amazing how much nancy grace and keith olbermann make my blood boil…..i can watch their show for five seconds and i feel my blood pressure going up…..nancy grace is one mean woman….

7.  we had to sit down and pick out tyler’s senior pictures last night…..i’ve always dreaded this time of my life, but as jeannie and i talked about last night, he’s ready to move on…he’s a very mature young man…..i hope his senior year crawls by….

8.  we’re having a going away party for my brother trevor and his wife kelley and kids saturday night at big d’s in warner…they are moving to miller next week….i’m going to miss them, especially trevor coming over to watch football a lot of sundays……oh well, back to watching them myself.

9.  FANTASY FOOTBALL is a few weeks away….man oh man, i live for this time of year…..nfl, baby…it’s coming at ya soon…..my wife, jeannie, knows that she’ll be a football widow again every sunday when i watch football from noon until 10:00 at night…..i sure wish she would sit down and watch some games with me.

10.  los angeles is banning all plastic bags….does that mean cher has to move somewhere else?   OOHH, THAT WAS HARSH…


jay dean

1.  first and most importantly, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO MY LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL BRIDE JEANNIE TODAY….i’m not saying how old she is because she would be mad, but i will tell you that we celebrated her 40th birthday last year….jeannie is the most incredible, wonderful woman i have ever ever met, and i’m a lucky man to have her.  also, happy birthday to the very beautiful INGRID HAALAND…..she’s one of the prettiest relatives that i have.

2.  here’s another list of jay’s favorites:

best breakfast biscuit-hardees

best overall breakfast sandwich-enormous omelet sandwich

jay’s favorite pizza-supreme pan pizza at pizza hut or sausage/pepperoni thin crust at p.h.

jay’s overall best pizza-thatzza pizza (great great pizza)

jay’s favorite burgers:  cheeseburger at mcdonalds, whopper at burger king, and monster burger at hardees  (monster burger is number one, but i can’t eat them all the time or i’d be dead)

best fries-mcdonalds

best soft drink-diet pepsi

best ice cream-dairy queen

best steak-mavericks (their homemade french dressing is superb)

best dessert-banana creme pie at perkins, strawberry shortcake at mavericks

3.  the minnesota twins are thankful to be getting out of yankee stadium….the ONE team i wanted them to beat, and they didn’t win one game…..crap…..anyway, manager ron gardenhire was super angry yesterday at his team…hopefully they’ll turn things around quickly.

4.  “meet dave” leaves carmike cinema 9 tonight…is this the end of eddie murphy’s movie career?  he says it might be……

5.  watch out for kids on bikes…..i have seen two near misses in the last couple of days…and kids, please watch what the heck you’re doing…obey traffic lights and watch out for cars…..

6.  I HOPE TO SEE YOU IN LANGFORD THIS SUNDAY…langford’s having a fun day with activities like family baseball, childrens games, lawn mower races, bingo, a potluck supper and A SHOW AND SHINE CAR SHOW….my hometown is kind enough to me to actually have a “JAY DEAN PERSONAL PICK” trophy that i will hand out…the car show is FANTASTIC and it runs from 3-5 on sunday…hope to see you there.

7.  in minneapolis, a semi truck loaded with beer kegs tipped over on interstate….. a college students ultimate dream…..

8.  as i mentioned yesterday, estelle getty, who played sophia on golden girls died the other day…..did you know that the show “golden girls” is still on the air?  yepper…it’s now called “the view.”  ha ha

9.  comedian ‘gallagher” turns 62 today…he’s incredibly funny…..who ever thought that smashing a watermelon could be such fun…..

10.  new movies coming out friday at carmike….”step brothers” starring john c. reilly and will ferrell….i may be skipping this one….plus the new “x-files” movie is coming friday…i don’t think i’ll miss this one….


jay dean

1.  i went golfing with my brothers troy and trevor yesterday at lee park….I GOT A HOLE IN NINE….ha ha ha….i’m a horrible golfer and my brothers are trying to help me out a bit…..

2.  speaking of golfing, who is the genius that came up with the rule that when YOU get a hole in one, YOU have to buy a round of drinks for the house?  it seems to me that if you are LUCKY enough to get a hole in one, YOU should get all the gifts from everyone else…..i don’t understand that one….if i ever ever ever get a hole in one, (not likely), then i’ll have to dish out 100 dollars worth of booze for everyone?  not a chance……

3.  i talked on monday about pastor ryan mutzenburger of claremont telling me that they ran into bunches of buffalo in the custer state park while we were all there, when we only saw about 16 buffalo…..well, pastor ryan was KIND ENOUGH to mail my family pictures yesterday of the buffalo ALL OVER THE ROAD, AND ALL OVER THE DITCHES…boy, did we miss the boat on that one….thanks ryan for the pics.

4.  while at pierson ford broadcasting “live” yesterday, we had an indepth discussion in the waiting area about the future of brett favre…..my good friend, dennis thompson, who’s a died hard packer fan, said that he would cheer for the vikings if favre went there…..the lovely tanea of our station, whose also a died hard packer fan, said that she would burn her favre jersey and poster in our parking lot if favre becomes a viking….C’MON MINNESOTA, GET IT DONE….i want to see tanea do that……larry twiss of pierson ford said that viking fans don’t want the ‘circus’ and ‘distractions’ that come along with brett favre.

5.  actress estelle getty, who played the older lady “sophia” on the golden girls has died at the age of 84….just think, she was one of the youngest of the five actresses on the show, and she played the oldest lady…..what a funny lady….

6.  A WEEK FROM THIS SUNDAY, THE REDSKINS PLAY THE COLTS IN THE HALL OF FAME GAME….yeee haww….the nfl is coming….i just made my first payment the other day on the nfl package on my satellite….bring on the football, baby…..

7.  singer jessica simpson has launched her “country music career”….ummmm……no thanks……

8.  speaking of country artists, to me, kenny chesney is the most arrogant of the entire selection of singers…most artists are sincerely nice, but i found kenny extremely cocky and full of himself.

9.  a 23 year old father in utah, has been charged with second degree child abuse after he left his TWO YEAR OLD SON in the car all by himself while “daddy” went to see the new batman movie “the dark knight.”  a passerby found the boy as he was crying and sweating  heavily…the ‘dad of the year’ said he left the window up, so that no one would steal his child…..HANG HIM…. this dad shouldn’t see the light of day for a long long time……and i think he loses his PRIVELEDGE of being a dad…..

10.  i about drove my kids nuts in the black hills when i told them in every store we were in that i was looking for a “doo rag” or whatever you call them that bikers wear…….tyler would physically drag me away from them in the stores….i was totally joking, but it was fun….yeah, like i’m the biker type….i’m way too wimpy and nerdy to be one of the cool bikers in this area…



1.  it’s an expensive week in the dean home this week….ha ha….my beautiful wife jeannie has a birthday on thursday and son tyler turns 18 on friday…..18?  WHERE THE HECK DID TIME GO?

2.  jason taylor of the miami dolphins became a washington redskin player on sunday….that’s awesome news….even had a call at home from dallas cowboy superfan ken fouts from the boys and girls club….he’s shaking in his boots as to what the redskins are going to do this year……this is exciting news, and the best news is this….TRAINING CAMPS HAVE OPENED UP….THE NFL IS COMING BABY!!!!!!

3.  speaking of football, giants tight end jeremy shockey has joined the new orleans saints…..taylor mehlhoff and the gang in new orleans must be excited about this pickup…..

4.  i talked yesterday about “the dark knight”, the new batman movie where heath ledger stars at “the joker.”  do you know how i know i’ve seen a great performance?  it’s when you forget that an actor is playing the role…..when you think that character is real, and you forget that someone like heath ledger is in makeup acting….that’s the kind of performance heath ledger portrays….bring on the oscar nomination….

5.  i had a few nice comments on my morning party yesterday morning uptown aberdeen…you listeners have no idea how great you make me feel that you spend your mornings with me everday…it is sincerely my pleasure to be here with you daily……

6.  “THE SOUP” starring joel mchale on the E! network is one of the best shows on television…he makes fun of different shows and different stars….i laugh my head off every time i watch the show….my kids love the show too…..

7.  i was at dr. opp’s office yesterday talking with him and his staff….as you may know, dr. opp threw an incredible event at wylie park a couple of saturdays ago for all the kids and parents in this area….THE EVENT WENT WAY BEYOND WHAT ANYBODY THOUGHT IT WOULD…are you ready for this?  they figure that around THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE were at the event….dr. opp is going to do many more events for children….keep listening for more details…..

8.  senator bob dole is 85 YEARS OLD TODAY…  wow…..jeannie and the boys and i were cruising thru the halls of the capitol building in washington a couple of years back, when we ran into bob dole and stopped and talked with him….he was a very charming, very warm man….i think he would have been an incredible president…….

9.  speaking of politics, my family and i stopped in pierre for a day last week on our way to the black hills for vacation….we took a tour of the state capitol building in pierre, and the tour REALLY got my excitement level up for running for office…….i have always wanted to be a state senator and maybe governor….the problem is that politics have become so dirty, and i despise the crap that they put your family thru……..

10.  what a tragedy out at richmond lake yesterday…it breaks my heart that something so senseless happened like that…..some family is without their dad, brothers, sons, and friends……you really have your faith tested when senseless shocking stuff like this happens…our sympathies and thoughts and prayers go out to their families…..