random thoughts for FRIDAY august 29th, 2008

1.  HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND…should be a great, but busy weekend…..i have a wedding rehearsal tonight, tyler’s first football game of the season tonight, i’m at pierson ford from 10-1 on saturday, i perform a wedding at 5pm, and then i preach on sunday morning in hecla at 9am.  my wife just informed me that she’s going to be gone sunday and monday, which means one thing…MY BUTT WILL BE ON THE COUCH THOSE TWO DAYS…YEAH!!!!

2.  i don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but i’m getting home about 3:30-4:00 in the afternoon and crashing for like two hours every day….i must be exhausted or something.

3.  i watched my beloved redskins last night on television for their final preseason game against the jacksonville jaguars…it was ugly….i bet we go 8-8 this year……one bright spot, hawaii quarterback colt brennan, who we picked up LATE in the draft, looked great again…jason campbell had better watch his step, because colt is ready to play.

4.  LEOLA FREDERICK AT WARNER TONIGHT AT 7:00 for the first game of the high school football season…as i mentioned before, i’m super excited but sad because it’s the beginning of the end of tyler in high school……..

5.  i’m planning on spending some time at the theater this weekend…i want to see the movie “disaster movie”.  i love parody movies, ones that don’t make me think, and have clever, funny little puns in them.

6.  it’s going to be hot hot hot this weekend with highs in the 90 degree range with lots of wind….another great reason to have my butt on the couch.

7.  barrack o’bama made his acceptance speech last night at the democratic convention in denver, and john mccain is expected to announce his running mate this morning….here’s something funny…minnesota governor tim pawlenty has cancelled all of his interviews and public appearances for today….DO YOU SUPPOSE IT’S HIM?

8.  jeannie and i watched the new “GONG SHOW” on comedy central last night…horrible…the only bright spot was “triumph the insult comic dog” as one of the judges….dave attell just is not the proper host for the show…..I MISS CHUCK BARRIS AND HIS ORIGINAL GONG SHOW…remember that?  gene gene the dancing machine, the unknown comic, and others…that show was cool.

9.  dolly parton’s public relations person was speaking up yesterday contradicting an internet report that said that dolly parton had died….the p.r. person said that dolly parton is alive and well and still singing….in other words, “her hills are alive with the sound of music.”

10.  michael jackson turns 50 today, his latest nose turns 7, and his emotional age turns 15….i don’t know whether to dislike this guy, or feel sorry for him….hopefully at 50 he grows up.



random thoughts for thursday august 28th, 2008

1.  well, we had our fantasy football draft last night at the radio station….i first of all want to thank MY COUSIN JESSIE AND THE GANG AT THATZZA PIZZA IN THE LAKEWOOD MALL for donating the pizza and italian fries for our party…as always, it’s the best pizza in town.  i recieved the second pick overall, and i took adrian peterson, the terrific running back from the minnesota vikings.  we had a BLAST last night, especially listening to news guy jay kleinknect whine about not knowing how to run a computer.

2.  i have a lot of great clients that i sell advertising to after the morning party is over.  one of my favorite to talk to is rich squire from squire-lussem insurance agency in aberdeen.  rich and i could talk music and bands and tours for hours and hours and hours….and it’s amazing how much we have the same tastes in music……

3.  i also had to make a sales trip to the american news yesterday and ran into my good ole buddy jeff bahr.  jeff has an incredible blog on aberdeennews.com   jeff’s another guy i could talk to for a long time.  very nice guy and super good at what he does.

4.  tonight’s the last night of preseason football in the nfl…and a week from tonight the regular season kicks off with THE WASHINGTON redskins against the new york giants….BRING IT ON BABY…the nfl is the most watched and most popular sport in america.

5.  also high school football gets underway tomorrow night, and it will be bittersweet for me, as my son tyler starts his last football season at warner.  and don’t forget, the nsu football team kicks off their season tonight at swisher field at 6pm.  you can hear the game on our sister station the rock 94.1  or listen on the internet on the TEL SERVE WOLVES LINE at hubcityradio.com

6.  my brother troy and i used to get up early early early saturday mornings to watch cartoons…(remember when saturday mornings were actually cartoons and not the crap they have today?)…anyway, it’s funny how we couldn’t get up for school, but saturday mornings, we had no trouble waking up at 6am….

here are some of our favorite cartoon shows that really didn’t withstand the test of time.  i have seem some of these in the last few years, and they didn’t transcend time.

some of our favorites were:

the banana splits

sabrina the teenage witch and the groovy ghoulies

archie, jughead, veronica, betty, reggie, moose, mr. weatherbee, miss grundy and the gang

land of the lost

h.r. puffinstuff  (what kind of drug induced person created that show?)

sigmund and the seamonsters

can you think of any else?  contact me at jaydean@hubcityradio.com

7.  actor david soul from starsky and hutch, and the guy who had the huge pop hit “don’t give up on us baby” turns 65 today…wow, 65……actually, now that i’m almost 45, 65 doesn’t seem so old.

8.  actress nicolette sheridan and singer michael bolton have called it quits in their relationship…why?  because nicolette finally realized that marrying michael bolton means listening to his music for the rest of her life…..

9.  this fall, the nba will have the golden state warriors and the milwaukee bucks going to china to play a game.  all children who make their own shoes and clothing will get in free.

10.  neil diamond is refunding concertgoers their money because his voice was raspy due to a throat problem…in a related story, singer rod stewart is returning everybody’s money because his voice cleared up….


jay dean


random thoughts for wednesday august 27th, 2008

1.  I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO WRITE ABOUT THIS MONDAY MORNING…I HAD NOTES AND EVERYTHING….while we were at the rick springfield concert last week  at the corn palace in mitchell, we were treated to an opening act by the name of “jukebox zeroes” out of sioux falls……THEY BLEW ME AWAY….this is by far, one of the best opening acts i have seen in recent years at concerts…..yesterday i recieved an e-mail from their lead singer, amy ellsworth thanking me for my good remarks on the rick springfield concert…that’s when i went back and looked and realized my mistake….these guys play at the “THIRSTY DUCK”, in sioux falls quite frequently, so if you’re down there look them up…you will be blown away as well.  amy can pull off singing a “journey” song, a “heart” song, a “led zeppelin” song and they have some very good originals as well……it is going to be my goal to work with amy and the band to try and get them an appearance in aberdeen…..you people would love these guys……..this is one extremely talented band, and they ‘rocked’ the corn palace last week…THE PERFECT COMPLIMENT TO RICK SPRINGFIELD…..

2.  well, it happened again yesterday….i was pinned on sixth avenue behind a car driving 20 miles per hour in the right lane, and a car driving 15-20 hours in the left lane…and we had about 10 cars behind me probably as torked off as i was.  this reminder to drivers…..i don’t give a crap if you want to drive 15-20 miles an hour…just DO IT IN THE RIGHT LANE, so everyone who has a place to go can get around you……this situation happened for about ten to twelve blocks……i was fit to be tied when i got to my destination…(yes, i have road rage….ha ha)  actually, it should be just common courtesy.

3.  pretty pumped up….it’s fantasy football draft tonight at the radio station…we fill up with pizza and then sit down at our computers and start drafting our teams…..fantasy football has taken watching football to a whole new level….(a level my wife’s not impressed with.)  because now, you don’t just watch your favorite team, you watch the other teams that your players play for……and you keep your computer hot so that you can check your updated scores…..IT IS SO DARN MUCH FUN….

4.  and speaking of nfl football, thursday night is the last night of “pre season football.”  the actual season kicks off a week from thursday night when my WASHINGTON REDSKINS play the world champion new york giants….by the way, i’m one of those people that think the preseason should be limited to two games……these players are ready to play, and shouldn’t have the opportunity to get hurt during practice games….the only good thing that preseason is for, is to test the newbies on the field.

5.  my church, st. john’s lutheran in hecla, is celebrating their 100th anniversary in a couple of weekends….what a great feat….to keep a church alive for one hundred years is a wonderful milestone in a small town….especially a small town that has had their school closed….it’s a true testament to the love and support of the hecla community and surrounding communities, and i tip my hat to the people who have made that church what it is today.

6.  the south dakota state fair is this weekend…and my friends, they did it right….”george jones” for the classic country legend’s crowd, “38 special” for the rockers, and “montgomery gentry” for the new country crowd….perfect mix…..hopefully we’ll see that mix  closer to home next year.

7.  JOKE OF THE DAY…..one bright beautiful sunday morning local church services were going on when satan appeared in the church….people scattered everywhere trying to get out….except for one man, who sat in the pew peacefully staring ahead…..the devil walked up to him and said “don’t you know who i am”?  the  man said “i sure do.”  and satan replied “then aren’t you scared of me?”  the old man said “heck no, buddy, i’ve been married to your sister for 53 years.”  I LOVE THAT JOKE

8.  rumors are swirling in hollywood that CHER might be playing ‘catwoman’ in the next “dark knight” batman movie….wait a minute…shouldn’t her suit be made of leather instead of her skin being leather?

9.  the co-author of the book “100 things to do before you die” has died at the tender age of 47 after a fall at his home….ironically, the last thing in his book was “call 911.”

10.  pee wee herman or “paul reubens” turns 56 today…..oh, so many jokes, so little time……


jay dean

random thoughts for tuesday august 26th, 2008

1.  rick springfield’s new single “what’s victoria’s secret” is now in the computer and ready to play…be listening for it…plus we have the rick springfield concert photos up on the internet…go to hubcityradio.com  click on sunny 97-7 icon, and page down until you find them.

2.  it’s amazing….i have satellite television in our basement….around 200 channels and i couldn’t find CRAP to watch sunday night….we’re funny people aren’t we?  we want more more more but still end up disappointed…kinda wish we could go back to some of the older day’s ways…

3.  politicians are such two faced individuals….it amazes me how much they bash each other, talk behind each other’s backs, and then when one of them has a health crisis, they’re right in their camp as if they were best friends all the time…..ted kennedy spoke last night at the democratic convention and he looked pretty good considering what he’s going thru.  but in recent months, everyone on both sides of the aisle were commenting on what a great influence he is and what a wonderful senator he is…..give me a break….politicians need to live by my motto….TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED…..

4.  how come barrels of oil prices keep dropping, but our gas prices haven’t gone down in a couple of weeks?

5.  general motors has announced that the public is now eligible for the GM EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT…i like that…i think i’ll go out today and purchase a couple of gm employees…..

6.  a man in lincoln, nebraska nearly drowned over the weekend while mowing his lawn…HOW?  his lawnmower tipped over and pinned him underneath in a small pond…here’s tip for you, buddy…..don’t mow your pond…..

7.  janet jackson is releasing her own line of lingerie…hopefully it includes the “faulty” outfit she wore on the super bowl a couple of years ago…..

8.  charlie sheen is going to be a daddy again…with the life this guy has had, he’s lucky he doesn’t have 84 kids running around…

9.  the twins blew another one last night to one of the worst teams in baseball, the seattle mariners….the good news is francisco liriano pitched a very good game, and EDDIE GUARDADO is back with the twins…he was always a fan favorite.


jay dean

random thoughts for monday august 25th, 2008

1.  RICK SPRINGFIELD WAS INCREDIBLE FRIDAY NIGHT IN MITCHELL…..man, is this guy an entertainer….he has the body of a 30 year old and HE TURNED 59 THIS PAST SATURDAY…he said that age was only a number….wow……by the way, rick springfield has a brand new cd out called “venus in overdrive.”  he did some songs friday night from it, my son mitchell bought it, and i’m here to tell you, it’s a great cd……i’m going to try and start playing the first single “victoria’s secret.”

2.  speaking of rick springfield, my cousin kim took some pictures of the concert…hopefully we’ll have them up on the sunny website sometime today…keep checking back.

3.  every sunday in church in hecla i do a children’s sermon.  yesterday was no different, and i had about 7 kids up front talking to them about how each of us is so much more than what people think we are….for example, i am much more than a disc jockey and a pastor to the church….we had the congregation rolling yesterday with some of the answers the kids were giving….when little kids are talking, you kind of hold your breath wondering what is coming out of their mouth next….but, i would have it no other way….i love the little kids……

4.  saturday night, my wife jeannie and i went out on the town with some friends of ours….we went to the movie “tropic thunder” starring ben stiller, robert downey, jr. and jack black…i had heard from some people that it was hilarious, and i heard from others that it was not very good….my view?  IT WAS HILARIOUS….all six of us laughed out loud at many different parts of the movie…..we all enjoyed it very much…lots of swearing and dirty ideas, but very very funny….

5.  i’m so so so pumped up for this week….first of all, it’s our radio station’s nfl fantasy football draft this wednesday night….I LOVE FANTASY FOOTBALL…my division is yours truly, my son’s mitchell and tyler, my brother trevor and my nephew josh….we’ll be trash talkin’ and kickin’ the crap out of each other…SECONDLY, tyler and the warner monarchs have thier first football game this friday night….i absolutely love high school football…..

6.  mitchell and i were leaving the rick springfield concert and decided to stop by a mitchell area gas station and grab some food for the way home….we each got a small pizza and pop, and the bill came to 19 DOLLARS…..my goodness….we could have eaten at a fast food restraunt twice.

7.  what a sad day in groton saturday with the huge fire that destroyed an elevator and a body shop…..our respect and thanks go out to the over 100 firefighters who fought the blaze and stayed overnight.  i was a firefighter for a few years, and for you folks who have never done it, this is a job where normal, hard working individuals put their lives on the line to help their communities….especially in small towns like groton, warner, and others….they are volunteers and give their time and devotion to keeping the communities safe…..the next time you see firefighters in your area, stop them and tell them thanks…..

8.  IT’S MILEY CYRUS OVERKILL….it seems like every year we take some celebrity and plaster them everywhere so you get sick and tired of seeing them….that’s where i’m at with miley cyrus…..she’s about as overexposed as her dad, billy ray cyrus was back in the 90’s.

9.  it’s vice presidental time…barrack o’bama picked senator joe biden….i don’t know, i think he could have done much better than that, and on the same token he could have done much worse….biden’s world policy knowledge is going to really help o’bama….and rumors are swirling that john mccain is going to pick mitt romney….that would be a wonderful pick, however, i’d rather see minnesota governor tim pawlenty as mccain’s sidekick.

10.  a north carolina man using a “barbie” fishing rod, caught a record 21 pound catfish….please please please tell me the guy’s name was “ken.”


jay dean

random thoughts for friday august 22nd, 2008


1.  RICK SPRINGFIELD TONIGHT IN MITCHELL AT THE CORN PALACE…my son mitchell and i will be leaving warner around 3:30 today, heading down to the concert….when jeannie is with, she doesn’t like to hear the artist’s music on the cd all the way to the concert…i can GUARANTEE you that mitch and i will listen to rick springfield all the way there, and probably all the way home.

2.  HOW ABOUT THOSE TWINS?  the twins are on the longest road trip since 1969…they will play 14 games in a row on the road, because of the republican convention in minneapolis.  how perfect that the twins got the winning run last night from former twin torii hunter, who had a ball go off the top of his glove in the top of the 12th inning for the twins to beat the angels…..the twins need to win a bunch of games on the road, so they can continue their trek to get to the playoffs.

3.  it’s moving day today…against my better judgement, i will be moving out of my office today and moving in with newsguy jay kleinknecht….he should be a good roomy, other than his bad habit of starting fires in the trashcans……

4.  my good friend and a sweet lady, irene call of aberdeen turns 80 today…irene makes the absolute best STRAWBERRY PIZZAS…she brings on in once in awhile to the studios and people go nuts over them….happy birthday my dear….ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL NIECE ERIN…LOVE YA BABE….

5.  high school football starts a week from tonight….next week is going to drag getting to the opening kickoff…i cannot wait…..by the way, check out the american news new football site, dakotapigskin.com    it’s a great high school football site.

6.  we take our family pictures on saturday for the church directory in warner….it breaks my heart thinking that this COULD be the last time we take a four person family picture……with tyler graduating next may and moving on, things could change in the future….

7.  massachusetts is considering an assisted suicide bill….i already know how that happens…it happens when you wear a new york yankees hat at fenway park in boston.

8.  a new poll says that most football fans think that the new england patriots will win the super bowl this season….the dallas cowboys are second…(BOOOOOOOO!!!!!)  peyton manning was chosen the best quarterback, and 54 percent of voters said that brett favre should have stayed retired……

9.  soccer star david beckman was voted the “best abs in hollywood.”  apparently they haven’t seen mine.  i guess they haven’t seen mine….i have great abs, they’re just protected by a crapload of fat.


jay dean

random thoughts for thursday august 21st, 2008

1.  THERE YOU GO BRAINIAC….way to pull up to the gas pumps with a cigarette in your mouth….ya know, maybe you don’t value your life at all, but i want to go home to my wife and kids at night…..GOOD GRAVY….use some common sense once in awhile….what you don’t realize is that in addition to killing me and you, you could wipe out a few blocks….

2.  last night we had church meetings in webster, and while in town my entourage toured the town looking at damage….i’ll tell you this….if you don’t drive thru webster, you won’t have a true image of what the storm did….if you drive out to the city dump, you’ll find a pile of trees that will blow your mind……and there’s a business east of town that suffered MAJOR damage…..but here’s a tribute to the people of webster and day county…small towns in the dakotas band together and help each other…kudos to you…that’s why we live here….

3.  kids are back in school….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drive safely when kids are around…it’s nice enough that they are riding their bikes to school and walking to school as well….be careful so no tragedies happen…..

4.  jay’s favorite nighttime sandwich: PEANUT BUTTER AND MIRACLE WHIP….mmmmmmm……if you’ve never tried it, give it a chance…it’s delicious…..

5.  i know that i need to cut out my pop consumption to start losing a little weight…but i don’t think i can give up my diet pepsi…….i know i drink WAY TOO MUCH during the day, but that’s the way i like it….i’m living without half of my stomach, which i lost in surgery back in 1987, so if i put my mind to it, i can lose weight pretty easily…it’s just tough putting my mind to it…..(and it’s tough when you only have half a mind)

6.  i’m not too impressed with madden 09 on xbox 360….the boys love it, but i like 08 madden better…..it’s probably because i haven’t won a game yet…ha ha

7.  a new study found out that the amish population has doubled in the past 16 years…that’s no suprise to me….with no television, what else are you supposed to do?

8.  the movie “house bunny” comes out in theaters this week…if you see me coming in or out of this movie, please punch me in the face….you have my permission…..this looks totally stupid…a former playboy bunny starts a school to train girls how to be a bunny…no thanks….

9.  kim catrell from sex and the city is 52 today….wow, 52…..remember when she was “the mannequin” on the movie “mannequin”?  man, she was in my dreams for nights……

10.  last night when we went to bed, jeannie was watching “beach volleyball” on the olympics…she invited me to watch it, but i declined because i was tired…then i rolled over and saw the uniforms of the girls playing volleyball….i watched most of it after that…i can sleep when i’m dead…..


jay dean