random thoughts for wednesday august 20th, 2008

1.  i don’t know what happened to me last night, but i fell asleep at 6:15 last night and slept until 3:50 this morning….WOW…i’ve never done that, but it sure felt good….i woke up briefly when my wife came home, but dozed off while she was talking to me, prompting her to ask the questions “are you drunk?”  ha ha……..no i wasn’t but it would have explained a lot.

2.  father mulcahey from m*a*s*h* is coming to aberdeen in the production of “church basement ladies.”  that’s a pretty cool deal to see a huge actor like that right in our little city….tickets are available at kathleen’s.

3.  a really good concert is coming to aberdeen very soon….the fraternal order of police’s annual concert this year is “GARY PUCKETT AND THE UNION GAP”, and “JUICE NEWTON.”  i’ve always wanted to see juice newton….sounds like i’ll be announcing the event, so i hope to see you there…..

4.  those two knuckleheads that found a “bigfoot” and froze him to preserve him have turned out to be frauds…NO KIDDING….it turns out that the “bigfoot” was a rubber gorilla suit.  these two ought to go to jail for awhile for being so stupid, and for wasting the public’s time.

5.  it’s vice president time…each candidate is expected to announce their running mates soon….sources in the news said that john mccain is expected to pick someone younger than him….SERIOUSLY?  boy, there was a huge step for the news departments……i personally hope he chooses minnesota governor tim pawlenty….barrack o’bama is also going to name his running mate, and sources say it could be “joe biden.”  “COULD BE”?  it also could be krusty the clown from the simpson’s…..let the guessing games begin….

6.  a fort lauderdale florida kite surfer is in critical condition after trying to kite surf in tropical storm faye…idiot….doctors don’t know if the brain damage he has was before or after the accident…i say before….

7.  singer phil collins has paid his third wife what may be a record divorce settlement….46 MILLION DOLLARS….WOW…it looks like she “SUE SUE SUDIOED” his pants off….man, that was bad…

8.  an 85 year old granny in pennsylvania caught a 17 year old breaking into her home, so she ran to her bedroom grabbed her .22 caliber and help the boy at gunpoint…she also MADE HIM CALL 911 AND ADMIT TO POLICE THAT HE BROKE INTO HER HOUSE…that’s one granny you don’t want to tork off…..but good for her for standing up to a young punk…..

9.  saturday night live alum chris kattan has split from his new wife after EIGHT WEEKS OF MARRIAGE…congratulations chris, you just completed one of the longest marriages in hollywood history…..these morons in hollywood need to come out here and see what it’s like to be married for 40, 50, and 60 years….

10.  this friday night will mark the third time i have seen “rick springfield” in concert…one of my biggest suprises seeing rick springfield was at the south dakota state fair back in 1981 or 1982….we had tickets to see rick springfield, but it didn’t say he had an opening act….then the announcer walked out and said “rick springfield will be out shortly, but to open the show, please welcome from berkley, california, THE GREG KIHN BAND.”  that was cool…their hit “the break up song” was in the top ten at that time.


jay dean

random thoughts for tuesday august 19th, 2008

1.  well, here we go……school is back in session this week, and it’s time for me to get sad because tyler is a senior at warner this year…..i’ve been dreading this year since the kids were small…it’s so darn tough to say goodbye, but all parents have to go thru it…on a happy note, HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL is coming up quickly…i love h.s. football action….and by the way, another thing that makes me sad if that my youngest, mitchell, is already a sophmore…i wish time could stand still……

2.  our radio station “fantasy football league” will have it’s draft next week, and I CANNOT WAIT….the division i’m in should be a blast….it will be me taking on my son tyler, my son mitchell, my brother trevor, and my nephew joshua….it’s going to be fun kicking the crap out of my family members….

3.  saw our phone bill the other day and COULD NOT BELEIVE the number of text messages our kids made and recieved…it blew our minds….plus there’s a story on the front page of the american news today about how coaches are using text messages to keep up…the only concern i have with this procedure is that kids will start losing their “social skills” of talking to each other.

4.  i saw something unusual this morning….there were THREE TRAINS lined up from warner to aberdeen all heading north…but none of them were moving…you don’t see that very often….

5.  we had corn on the cob for the second night in a row last night….we have had two friends give us bags of corn to eat and they have been DELICIOUS….it’s amazing with two growing boys that we can finish off over a dozen ears of corn in one sitting…..i look so forward to this time of year….there’s nothing better than grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob….(IF ONLY OUR STUPID GRILL WORKED…..)

6.  the national enquirer says that they have more dirt on john edwards that catches him in “many different lies.”  or as they call that person in washington, a congressman……

7.  one of my family members asked me recently “when are you going to grow up?”  i said that hopefully the day i die is the day i grow up….i’m having way too much fun acting like a kid…plus it fits perfectly with this little dog and pony show that i call “the morning party.”

8.  thought for the day….”men do know how to change the toilet paper, but to do so, would ruin the game.”

9.  i still haven’t watched even three minutes of the olympics….

10.  LET’S GET NEKKED…the first annual “jay dean streakathon” will be coming up soon, and i need some of my listeners to get naked and run with me….SCARY HUH?  HA HA…the reason i bring this up is that some kids at a college in pennsylvania got naked and ran down the road as a “college fun day” type event…a judge in pennsylvania has ruled that this event is not ‘lewd or crude” and that it’s only part of college fun……where was this judge when i was in college?


jay dean


random thoughts for monday august 18th, 2008


1.  here’s my favorite artists at the brown county fair….

number one:  RONNIE MILSAP …..no one else came close….some of the other entertainment at the brown county fair need to videotape ronnie milsap and find out how to put on a show.

number two:  MARK CHESNUTT….mark’s not much of a glitzy performer, but the crowd could sing along with almost every song he played friday night….HOW THE HECK HE WAS THE OPENING ACT IS STILL BAFFLING TO ME….i heard that comment numerous times friday night and saturday…

number three:  HAILEY STEELE…south dakota’s own musical princess is trying to make a big splash nationally…i sincerely hope she makes it…she is a super good singer with great stage presence. 

number four on down:  the other artists…..

2.  jeannie DRAGGED me to the demolition derby yesterday…i haven’t been to a demo derby since my childhood in britton, but i REALLY REALLY had a great time at the derby….it’s amazing watching these folks just total out their cars….i have never been to the demo derby in the fourteen years we’ve been back in the area…..now, i doubt i’ll miss it each year.

3.  goodbye tubby burgers…..goodbye elephant ears…..goodbye mini doughnuts….goodbye other greasy, heart clogging fair food….it’s so darn fun eating at the fair every year, but i sure couldn’t do it every week….if you listened saturday night very carefully, you could actually hear one of my arteries clogging as i ate.

4.  the exhibit booths in the odde ice arena were incredibly good……hats off to whoever put that together…..and yes, in case you’re wondering, i did buy a WASHINGTON REDSKINS t-shirt at that sports booth.

5.  speaking of my redskins…they are 3-0 in preseason action after beating brett favre and the new york jets…..brett favre looked pretty sharp in the short time he was in, but it is SO VERY WEIRD to see him in another uniform other than a packer’s jersey and helmet…..

6.  jeannie and i went to see the keifer sutherland horror movie “MIRRORS”  last night at carmike cinema 9 theaters……it was very very good…not your typical slasher-killer-dumb girl who walks thru a dark house horror movie…this one had a good plot and great effects and good storyline…..keifer sutherland is such a good actor….and AMY SMART was in the movie, too…i love her…..

7.  it’s amazing how much the brown county fair can drain you….yesterday afternoon after the demo derby was SLEEP DAY at the dean household…..jeannie hit the bed, tyler and mitchell headed downstairs for naps, and i hit the upstairs couch….i had one of those sleeps where you completely go under, and when woken up, you don’t know where you are, who you are, or why you’re there…..

8.  last night on comedy central was the “roast of bob saget.”  you might remember him as danny tanner on “full house.”  well, last night he was a LONG LONG way from that character….the show was funny at times, but very very filthy….and there were tons of sexual jokes about the olson twins, which made me and jeannie very uncomfortable…..i think the “roasts” are hilarious, though….especially GILBERT GOTTFRIED….i would love to meet him and see him in concert….

9.  this friday night is the night mitchell and i go to mitchell to see rick springfield in concert at the corn palace festival….it’s so wonderful that my boys love the music jeannie and i love…..rick springfield is a super good concert…he’s very energetic on stage as well.

10.  one more note on the brown county fair…NOW’S THE TIME TO START LOBBYING FOR A POP-ROCK ACT FOR THE FAIR AGAIN…as i mentioned before, in recent years,  the “little river band”, “38 special”  “pat benetar” and “joan jett” graced our stage…..now’s the time to tell the fairboard we want one night of classic pop or rock….how about one of these acts for next years fair?

peter frampton


night ranger


rick springfield….

there’s tons of artists out there, we just need to be looking…..


jay dean

random thoughts for friday august 15th, 2008

1.  jeannie and i went walking around the brown county fair last night, trying out the food on the midway….we tried a bunch of delicious greasy food….it’s amazing how many times last night that we heard “THIS IS WHAT THE COUNTY FAIR IS ALL ABOUT.”  people were saying that while indulging in their greasy favorites.

2. i had my tubby burger yesterday at noon….i just LOVE the tubby burger……they are a bit filling however.

3.  it’s amazing how out of touch i am with today’s new country music….jeannie and i went to the show last night for about a half hour, didn’t know one song, then went walking around to check out the exhibits…can’t wait for tonight, though…MARK CHESNUTT is one of our favorites, and RONNIE MILSAP will blow everyone away….milsap has had FOURTY NUMBER ONE HITS…..and that doesn’t include the songs that went top 20 without making it to number one.

4.  what a muddy mess at the fair last night…there was mud and water everywhere…looks like the weather is going to shape up for the rest of the weekend, so hopefully everything will dry out soon.

5.  speaking of mud, a couple of my church people from hecla were having fun yesterday.  it sounds like shari and tracy elsen and another friend were having fun doing head first dives and other things in the mud…..man, i miss the days when a person was carefree and did crazy things like that.  (i’d probably break a hip or something…ha ha)

6.  i have some good friends running food booths at the fair….the rozell family from warner runs the ice cream stand right in front of the odde ice arena…the rozell family are some of the nicest people i know…and the award winning frohling’s sandwich stand is right by the ice cream stand….frohling’s has some of the best sandwiches and meat i’ve ever tasted, and of course, they’re based in beautiful downtown hecla.

7.  jay’s favorite ride at the fair?  THE KAMIKAZE…i haven’t been on it for a couple years now, and i cannot convince my boys to ride it….it’s super fun and goes like a bat out of heck….

8.  my beloved washington redskins will play BRETT FAVRE and the new york jets saturday night at 6:00 on the nfl network…..it’s going to be fun to see if favre has any fire left…and hopefully my defense will chase him all over the field.

9.  tomorrow (saturday august 16th) marks the 31ST ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEATH OF ELVIS PRESLEY…elvis right now would be 73 YEARS OLD…that’s crazy…i remember where i was when elvis died…we were living outside of langford, mom was ironing in the living room and us kids were watching “CAPTAIN 11”.  it scrolled across the bottom of the screen and we couldn’t beleive our eyes….

10.  by the way, if you want to drive your kids crazy do what jeannie and i did on vacation…we recited the words to the opening of the “CAPTAIN 11” show, and we sang the theme to ‘LAND OF THE LOST’.  plus we sang “WHERE OH WHERE ARE YOU TONIGHT?” from the hee haw show…the kids were yelling at us by the end of vacation.

here are the words to the captain 11 show….

One man in each century is given the power to control time. The man chosen to receive this power is carefully selected. He must be kind. He must be fair. He must be brave. You have fulfilled these requirements; and, we of the Outer Galaxies designate to you the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of Atlas. YOU are CAPTAIN 11!”

*****don’t forget that the pictures from the “chicago” concert are on our sunny 97-7 site…just go to hubcityradio.com,  click on the sunny 97-7 icon, then scroll down and click under the “chicago logo.”  thanks again to cindy tople for the wonderful pictures…..


jay dean


random thoughts for thursday august 14th, 2008

1.  for like the third time in a week, i mowed our lawn last night…it’s funny, we went without mowing our lawn for almost three weeks in july, now we’re mowing all the time.  last night i used my brother’s mower to MULCH the yard instead of bagging it like we normally do…I LOVED IT…i got to mow and not stop and bag every three rounds…..honey, we need a mulching mower!!!!!

2.  tonight’s the night we give away the p.t. cruiser…if you’re one of the finalist, GOOD LUCK…if you didn’t get drawn for a finalist, keep listening because some more big big prizes are coming up soon.

3.  while broadcasting outside yesterday at centsable fashions in aberdeen, a big semi came by who apparently knew me and blared his horn while i was getting ready to go on the air…i almost had to run to kmart and buy some new undies.  by the way, thanks to deanna, angela and kara at centsable fashions…those three girls are amazing and they make my day there so much fun…thanks girls……

4.  i bought the new madden 09 game yesterday for our x-box 360…..ehhhh….kinda normal….i almost think i like madden 08 better.  graphics are better, but the game seems slower.

5.  can’t wait to see ronnie milsap at the brown county fair…I LOVE THIS GUY…40 number one hits….that’s incredible…i am also a huge mark chesnutt fan…the rest of the artists i don’t know so i’m not too excited about them.

6.  IT’S TUBBY BURGER DAY….denny pitman from our station and yours truly go up every year to enjoy a tubby burger together….i’ll probably see you at noon at the fair today….i’ll be the one with a smile on my face, and grease running down my chin.

7.  another one of jay’s pet peeves….SHUT YOUR STUPID CELL PHONES OFF IN THE MOVIE THEATERS….i’m so tired of the theater lighting up with people trying to text message others during a movie….i’m pretty sure your life isn’t that important that you can’t wait 90 minutes until a movie is over……oh yes, and be quiet during the movie….that’s another pet peeve….

8.  RICK SPRINGFIELD is at the corn palace in mitchell next friday august 22nd…i beleive tickets are still available….for more info call 605-995-8427.

9.  a texas school is drawing controversy over plans to make students who don’t abide by a strict dress code to wear prison style jumpsuits instead.  or as the dallas cowboys call them, OFF SEASON UNIFORMS….

10.  alcohol consumption in the united states is on the downswing…..i’ll drink to that….


random thoughts for wednesday august 13th, 2008

1.  OUR HERO OF THE DAY:  my son tyler works for dial-a-move in aberdeen, and he and dan wood were coming back to aberdeen from minot, n.d. yesterday, when dan noticed a fire in the ditch….he quickly stopped, grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the fire.  by the time he got the fire out, it had burned about a 25 foot circle…..lucky for whomever, tyler and dan were driving by and had a fire extinguisher….see folks, there are still great people out there.

2. THE ‘CHICAGO’  CONCERT PICTURES ARE ON OUR WEBSITE…just go to hubcityradio.com  then click on the sunny 97-7 site, then page halfway down and find out where to click to see the pictures……..once again, a HUGE thank you to CINDY TOPLE of aberdeen for taking the beautiful pictures.

3.  i went to bed last night with the yankees up by three over the minnesota twins…i woke up a little bit later, walked to my tv and the twins had tied the game up with a home run by delmon young….so, i sat up until the game was done, to watch my twins pitching go to crap and let two home runs win the game…..oh well, there’s always another game today…..

4.  we had our “high school sports meetings” last night at the warner school…i’m pumped up and sad at the same time…i’m pumped up because i LOVE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL…i’m sad because it’s my son tyler’s last year to play football.

5.  pancake lovers get ready…sounds like “IHOP” is coming to aberdeen shortly…..my son mitchell will be happy to go have chocolate chip pancakes…..

6.  YOUR LAST TWO CHANCES TO REGISTER FOR THE P.T. CRUISER ARE TODAY…i will be at centsable fashions just east of kesslers from 11-2 today….and you can register at conlin’s from 3-6 today….the excitement is building…someone will drive home in a p.t. cruiser thursday night at the brown county fair.

7.  MADDEN NFL 2009 IS OUT IN STORES…and i don’t have a copy yet…i called my wife jeannie yesterday and told her to run to the store and buy it for our xbox 360…she just laughed and said “yeah right.”  i have a feeling tyler and mitchell might pool their money together and buy it today….(much to my wife’s disappointment)

8.  FANTASY FOOTBALL is just a couple of weeks away….i cannot wait…i LOVE fantasy football….we have a station league, and i might start one for my family members, as well. i suck at it, because i always pick too many redskins players.

9.  check out this story….SIX YEARS AGO, joe braun bought what he thought was a packer’s brett favre jersey as a christmas gift for his wife…however, it wasn’t a packer’s jersey, it was another green jersey…. A NEW YORK JETS JERSEY…someone had made a mistake and put favre’s name and number on a jet’s uniform SIX YEARS AGO…braun said he kept it because of the novelty of it, and then a couple of weeks ago, favre was traded to….THE NEW YORK JETS….that’s an incredible story….

10.  i love horror movies…and so do tyler and mitchell….so, we are dying (no pun intended) to see the new movie “MIRRORS”, coming out friday at carmike cinema 9 theaters…evil spirits live inside the mirrors and mess with people..it looks downright scary…..can’t wait…


jay dean