random thoughts for monday september 22nd, 2008


1.  what a weekend in the nfl…here are some highlights

a:  vikings beat the panthers….gus frerrotte looked a lot better than tavaris jackson.

b:  redskins beat the cardinals….skins look a lot better than week one vs. the giants

c:  the miami dolphins ripped the patriots….oh, that’s too bad.  ronnie brown, 5 touchdowns.

d:  cowboys beat the packers last night in the battle of undefeated teams.

e:  indy colts screwed by late call, jacksonville marches down and hits a field goal.

2. speaking of the nfl, you already know that i hate the dallas cowboys…well, here’s another thing…i’m getting sick and tired of dallas qb tony romo’s backwards hat, and sickening “young boy” smile and demeanor.  he might be a really nice guy, but i’m tired of it.

3.  i took an antihistamine last night before i went to bed, because my allergies are kickin’ my butt right now….i don’t like antihistamine’s because they make you feel like you’re really dragging the next morning.

4.  jeannie found out yesterday just how much i love her.  i gave up watching my redskins so we could go to a movie together….i know that she was testing me, and i passed with flying colors…..we went to see “burn after reading”.  it was pretty good, had a stupid ending, as the coen brothers have done before. (no country for old men).  brad pitt is funnier than heck in this movie.

5.  my son tyler got to ride in the homecoming parade and got to ride at halftime of the football game friday night because he was homecoming king.  we were so proud of him.  one of my parishoners up in hecla asked me ‘so when does he go on to state competition?  oh wait, that’s snow queen.’  ha ha that was a good one.

6.  a restraunt in switzerland is in hot water for serving some food that was made with a woman’s breast milk…yuck….i can hear their new slogan…”DELICIOUS FOOD JUST LIKE MOM USED TO MAKE.” 

7.  yankee stadium is now closed….i really thought i would care more than i do…..it is, though, kind of sad to see the history of that ballpark go by the wayside.

8.  birthday’s today…get this…the singer of “mickey” toni basi is 65!!!!!!!  wow….plus debby boone is 52…she sang “you light up my life” and i used to be in love with her….i felt horrible for thinking the things about her when i found out the song was about “God.”  ha ha

9.  how’s this for ironic….a hog calling contest in idaho was won by a woman named jolee bacon….hog…bacon….wow, is that funny.

happy monday everybody…

jay dean

random thoughts for friday september 19th, 2008


1. yesterday i was at busy kids and the picket fence in downtown aberdeen, when a couple of young troublemakers asked me to take an area rug downstairs…so i did, and when i opened the door, a good sized bird buzzed my head and flew into the store….these funny girls knew the bird was there, but didn’t tell me it was there….it took us about a half hour to scoot the bird out of the store.  the girls and i laughed our heads off trying to catch the invader.

2.  i got a serious laugh watching tv last night…the breakfast cereal ‘grape nuts’ has a website called NO GRAPES NO NUTS.COM…..man oh man, so many things come to mind, and none of them i can write about on this blog…ha ha

3.  HOW ABOUT THOSE TWINS….the twins had a dramatic come from behind game last night to beat the first place tampa bay rays, and more importantly gain a game on the white sox, who lost to the yankees.  the twins are now one and a half games behind chicago.  GO TWINKIES….

4.  it’s homecoming day in warner today…my son, the king, gets to ride in the parade this afternoon at 1:30, and then it’s football time tonight when the monarchs play host to faulkton.  tyler getting king and this “senior thing” are just killing me this week…it’s happening way too fast….

5.  wow, what a busy weekend for yours truly…today…parade at 1:30, wedding rehearsal near britton at 4pm, back for supper and football game tonight in warner…then back to britton area for wedding tomorrow afternoon….church sunday morning, and then MY BIG LAZY BUTT WILL HIT THE COUCH FOR NFL FOOTBALL….

6.  speaking of the nfl, aberdeen’s own, taylor mehlhaff has a meeting with the new york giants on monday…i’m not thrilled about his…i really didn’t want someone as good as taylor kicking in the same division as my beloved redskins….i had hoped that the skins would pick him up, being that’s taylor’s favorite team.

7.  in political news, a phone number for the new jersey democratic campaign office is actually the number of a sex porn service.  well, either way, you get to talk to bill clinton.

8.  i’m getting so tired of reading about the government bailing out all of these banks and financial institutions…here’s a novel idea….HOW ABOUT USING ALL OF THOSE BILLIONS TO HELP BAIL OUT THE AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO ARE FINANCIALLY PARALYZED….ya see, that’s just too damn easy of an idea….and it’s an idea that nobody in washington would ever think of.

9.  as i reported yesterday, actor ryan o’neal was arrested along with his son for drug possesion….darn it anyway, my dad wouldn’t even share his beer.

10.  “inside the actor’s studio host ‘james lipton’ is 82 years old today…i had absolutely no idea he was that old….he’s a pompous, cocky old fart, but he’s still fun to watch…and i don’t know what half the words he says even means….


jay dean


random thoughts for thursday september 18th, 2008

1.  congratulations to TAYLOR ARMSTRONG OF WARNER for getting the american news ‘athlete of the week.’  taylor is like a third son to us, as he has spent a bunch of time at our home since the kids were small.  taylor scored five touchdowns last friday night against selby area.

2.  i don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but i cannot stay awake at home recently.  yesterday i slept from 3:30-5:30, then crawled into bed around 8:15…..it’s probably all this stupid caffeine i’m putting in my body.

3.  there’s a movie that i HATED the first time i saw it on the big screen, but now it’s become one of those ‘cult favorites’ of mine that i have to watch at least yearly….what is it?  “pee wee’s big adventure” starring pee wee herman.  i think that paul reubens, who plays pee wee herman was one of the most creative comedians out there.  he was brilliant as pee wee.  (except for that theater deal in florida where he was digging into more than the popcorn bag.)

4.  the minnesota vikings FINALLY got it thru their thick skulls to take tavaris jackson out as quarterback and replace him with gus frerrotte.  gus is three times the quarterback as jackson is, and can throw the ball deep, which minnesota needs to do.

5.  the twins suck……this team has been given EVERY OPPORTUNITY to walk away with the division, but they have failed at every corner.  i just don’t know if they are going to challenge the white sox down the stretch or not….i certainly hope they will.

6.  ac/dc is coming to the excel energy center in november.  i saw these guys a few years back in fargo, and THEY WILL ROCK YOUR FACE OFF….i don’t know if i can make this one, though, because i’m sure tickets will sell out when they go on sale friday.

7.  which one would you choose? 

from wkrp in cinncinnati:  loni anderson’s character or bailey quarters?  BAILEY

from gilligans island:  ginger or maryann?  hands down…MARYANNE

from the facts of life:  jo or blair?  JO, no doubt

8.  the fda has approved a new “nausea patch” which should cut down vomiting.  i will put one on every time “the view” is on, just in case my remote accidently stops at it.

9.  actor ryan o’neal and his son redmond were both arrested for drugs at their home in malibu.  hey, now, there’s a good fatherly role model for the kids.  i hope they both share the same jail cell too.  however in hollywood, they’ll probably get the book thrown at them and have to spend 18 minutes in jail.

10.  thought for the day?  on noah’s ark, where did noah put the termites?


jay dean

random thoughts for wednesday september 17th, 2008

1.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU….the new numbers say that well over 100 of you read this blog every single day….that’s wonderful…you guys and girls make it fun for me to write this every single day….and remember to e-mail and tell your friends to read it to.

2.  our first day of having a king in our home made him look more like a vice president than a king.  that’s because i didn’t even see my son tyler for one minute yesterday…he was running all day yesterday.  in case you didn’t read yesterday’s blog, tyler got homecoming king at warner monday night.  i might try to download a picture onto the site from the other night.  thank to all of you who e-mailed best wishes to tyler at our site.  i will pass them along to him tonight. (THAT IS, IF I SEE HIM..HA HA)

3.  the phrase “JIVE TURKEY” popped into my head this morning….where the heck did that come….OH NO, I’M HAVING FLASHBACKS TO THE 70’S…..

4.  speaking of the 70’s, i watched an episode of “mork and mindy” the other night featuring robin williams and pam dawber….it was very underwhelming….i remember it being a WHOLE LOT BETTER.

5.  pain and torture is coming next summer….i will be a chaperone taking 54 kids to new orleans for a christian youth conference.  54 kids on a bus, and we’ll be gone for like 9 days….it should be a blast, but i’m sure being overtired will cause a few problems on the way home.

6.  DEANNA from centsable fashions in aberdeen is 40 today!!!!!  stop by and wish the “old bat” a happy birthday today…ha ha….deanna’s been a good friend for a few years, and she deserves everything that comes her way today………

7.  this week, a new 3-ply toilet paper hits the stores…it’s expected to compete with another new toilet paper out this week……stock certificates from lehman brothers…..

8.  a zoo in england is in super hot water for having a talking parrot in full view that tells visitors to “F-OFF)…wow….i wish we had that parrot around the workplace.

9.  ellen degeneres has signed with “cover girl” to become the new face for their cosmetics line…because, really, which one of you ladies wouldn’t want to look just like ellen…..

10.  in the “OH MY GOODNESS” file for today…this is a true story….a lady named ruth foster was pulled over for speeding last week.  as the officer was talking to her about speeding, he noticed that the woman had a small portable vacuum on the dash of the car…when he asked her why she had it, she said that her son told her to buy a “dustbuster” for her car to warn her about speed traps…the cop found out that her son told her to buy a ‘fuzzbuster.”  wow…it takes all kinds, doesn’t it.


jay dean

random thoughts for tuesday september 16th, 2008

1.  OUR SON TYLER IS HOMECOMING KING AT WARNER HIGH SCHOOL.  what a great thrill for him.  kelsey rozell was named homecoming queen.  the kids had a very fun coronation last night, complete with us senior parents embarrassing the crap out of ourselves doing a skit.  ha ha…..when they introduced tyler they had me and jeannie stand up as his parents, and as i stood i thought,” oh my gosh, tyler’s a senior!!”  it really hit me hard last night.

2.  i’m going to be in the mall tonight dressed up completely in redskins stuff filming a commercial for sportszone.  i don’t know about this…i’ve always been told i had a face for radio……

3.  i had a fly completely swarming me in the studio this morning….i hate flies buzzing you, because of where they came from and only God knows where they’ve been….the good news is, it has now joined all the other pests in hell, as he is now on the bottom of my shoe.

4.  my road rage was tested over the weekend, when i followed a van on side streets in aberdeen for about 6 blocks…why was it tested?  THEY WERE DRIVING TEN MILES AN HOUR…and they were gazing out at stuff….i try to be very christian knowing that those people are someone’s grandpa and grandma, but sometimes the temper takes over, especially when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere…….if you want to drive ten miles per hour, get on the interstate….ha ha

5.  i saw a dead coyote on the road going to hecla this past saturday…you don’t see coyotes hit by cars very often.  maybe it was wile e. coyote chasing the road runner.

6.  did you see tina fey mimicking sarah palin on saturday night live this past weekend?  she WAS DEAD ON in appearance and in voice.  the funny thing is this…..sarah palin says she loved the skit, and then said that it’s fair play, because one year she dressed up as tina fey for halloween.

7.  john mccain was on “the view” last week….i think his torturing during the war should have been enough for one lifetime.

8.  in phoenix, a dog dialed 911 when his owner had a seizure….seriously, that’s awsome…but don’t get too excited, because the stupid dog screwed up the pizza order.

9.  geraldo rivera…is there a more annoying ‘news personality’ anywhere?  i still think one of the coolest television moments ever was when geraldo got hit in the face by a flying chair, and broke his nose on his show…..the guy that did it actually did what we all wanted to do.

10.  well, here we go….actors and singers are pushing their political views on all of us…here’s what i say…WHO GIVES A CRAP WHAT THEY THINK?  i don’t care if they are republican, democrat, independent, or any other party, just shut up and let us think for ourselves….who gives a rip what lindsay lohan thinks…what matt damon thinks….what john mellencamp thinks, or what any other ‘celebrity’ thinks……


jay dean


random thoughts for monday september 15th, 2008

1.  what a glorious week we are going to have weather wise.  sunny all week with highs are 75-80 each day…..hey, that’s a great fall week.

2.  it’s homecoming week at warner high school.  my son tyler is up for homecoming king tonight at the coronation.  that would be wonderful for him to win, he’s a great kid.  by the way, last year my nephew corey won homecoming king at warner, breaking the long string of king losers in my family, dating back to the early 60’s when my dad won homecoming king at AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL….yep, he was a wildcat, and also, the only male in his class!!!  true story…..

3.  apparently the minnesota twins don’t want to win the division.  they have had AMPLE chances to pull ahead of the chicago white sox and keep blowing it.  i don’t think the twins have held the lead in the division for over one day at a time in the past two months.

4.  speaking of minnesota losers, the minnesota vikings blew a 15-0 lead over the colts, to lose 18-15 in the final few seconds.  i’m going to say this again….tavaris jackson has to go from the vikings team.  trade him somewhere for even a third string wide receiver…gus frerotte needs to come in, because he’s a much better qb than jackson.  and then the vikings need to start grooming the future of their organization, john david booty.

5.  my redskins rebounded after that horrible horrible showing against the giants last week, to beat the new orleans saints yesterday.  santana moss caught a bomb with under four minutes left to secure the win.  i didn’t see the game, but i watched the highlights last night. when santana moss entered the end zone, antwaan randle-el, LEAPFROGGED over the top of moss.  that was cool.  my condolensces go out to saints diehards keith johnson, fred marnette, and randy bauer.  better luck next time, boys.

6.  after months of preparation, my church, st. john’s lutheran in hecla celebrated thier 100th anniversary yesterday.  what an incredible event.  SEVEN FORMER PASTORS SHOWED UP….it was a wonderful wonderful day with lots of great music, great memories and tremendous fellowship.  jeannie and i even sang during the service. plus frohling’s served a delicious meal for dinner.

7.  didn’t have time to get to a movie over the weekend, but heard that ‘burn before reading’ with george clooney and brad pitt was very very funny.  it’s also the number one movie of the weekend.

8.  here’s a new low….a 33 year old wisconsin mom, stole her daughter’s identity so she could go back to high school and make the cheerleading squad.  her daughter lived with her grandma elsewhere.  can you beleive someone would do that?  and get away with it?  she must some hot mom….good luck getting any male juror to find her guilty.

9.  forbes magazine has named nicole kidman as the most “overpaid actor in hollywood”.  i’m sorry, but i can think of hundreds of stars that are overpaid…oh, yeah, and hundreds of sports stars too…..it seems like when these so called “celebrities” get a big paycheck they start playing like crap in sports, or putting out crappy movies.  wouldn’t it be nice if the world’s wealth could be spread out amongst us all?  i don’t want to be rich, i just want to have all of our bills paid off…..(doesn’t everbody?)

10.  my best friend at the grand ole opry in nashville passed away last week.  country star charlie walker died in nashville at the age of 81.  charlie was a good friend of mine, who i had the priveledge of picking up at the airport and driving back to lisbon, n.d. for a concert. he shared to many memories on that trip that i will cherish forever.  plus, every time i went backstage at the grand ole opry, he would welcome me into his room, call me by name, and sit and visit again.  he was an incredible man, fantastic singer, and a tremendous role model for some of the arrogant buttheads that sing today. (kenny chesney)