random thoughts for friday january 30th, 2009

1.  today i have “wii shoulder” because i bowled four hours of wii (pronounced wee)  bowling yesterday…..thank goodness it wasn’t my knee…(get it?  wii knee?)….my son tyler kicked my rear last night in establishing an all time record of 754 in a game where you knock down more pins each frame.  tyler likes the way […]

random thoughts for thursday january 29th, 2009

1.  i’m sick and tired of hearing about the “dog issue” at the white house…for goodness sakes, pick a dog and get over it…..this dumb story has been in the news since barrack got the nomination.  2.  i can’t beleive the connections to this area that the minnesota wins had when they visited aberdeen last […]

random thoughts for wednesday january 28th, 2009

1.  hey, the minnesota twins are coming to aberdeen tonight…don’t miss your chance to meet and get autographs from new stars denard span and jason kubel, legend tony oliva, and tv broadcaster dick bremer.  the event starts at 7pm tonight at the ramada inn on sixth avenue. 2.  is tv news guy brian williams the […]

random thoughts for tuesday january 27th, 2009

1.  the blood is boiling again….i had to make another call yesterday to a “major bank”, and i got the runaround again with those stupid automated phone systems…they ask all this information, and then when the person gets on the line they ask the same damn questions……man, this fires me up…. 2.  the super bowl […]

random thoughts for monday january 26th, 2009

1.  well, we made it back from omaha last night around 7:30….it’s a long way there, but it is always good to get home……we had a bunch of fun with our fellow employees from around the upper midwest. 2.  your friends at HUB CITY RADIO were named the radio group of the year for this […]

random thoughts for friday january 23rd, 2009

1.  MY PET PEEVE…oh my gosh…i am so damn sick of companies who have ‘automated’ voice services to take care of you, then they answer on the phone and ask you the same questions over…..i am so so so so sick of the horrible customer service by some of the bigger companies…..that’s why i use […]

random thoughts for thursday january 22nd, 2009

I WOULD LIKE TO SEND OUT A BIG “I LOVE YOU” TO TWO OF MY NIECES AMY AND ALYSSA WHO READ MY BLOG DAILY…. 1.  i keep hearing about a bunch of nationwide firings in the radio business…some big names are being cut to save money during this financial crisis….i thank God everyday that i […]

random thoughts for wednesday january 21st, 2009

1.  well, it’s now officially president barrack o’bama…i am embarrassed to say that i didn’t get to watch one minute of the festivities yesterday…but i did catch up with it on the news last night. 2.  angela and deanna at centsable fashions are so much fun…when i broadcast from there yesterday they even put me […]

random thoughts for tuesday january 20th, 2009

1.  we had a financial aid night at the warner school last night for seniors….tyler, jeannie, and i were at the meeting…man, it’s really hitting home that tyler is leaving next fall.  and i can’t believe how much college costs….i may need to get a fourth part time job….. 2.  we bought a new “vizio” […]