random thoughts for friday february 27th, 2009

1.  well, the storm is over for now….quite a few more inches of white crap was dumped on our area….i would like to say a big word of thanks to our neighbor, ANDY BERTSCH for pushing the snow out of our yard.  andy has one of those fourwheelers with a plow on the front…i REALLY […]

random thoughts for thursday february 26th, 2009

1.  this morning was the WORST traveling conditions of the year as i tried to make it to the radio station.  i actually drove 20-30 miles per hour and couldn’t see one marking on the road….it was very scary driving down a road that you couldn’t see, expecting to hit the ditch at any time. […]

random thoughts for wednesday february 25th, 2009

1.  well, it finally happened…..i talked to the VERY FIRST PERSON that didn’t like “gran torino.”  they said they were bored in the movie…WOW…ya know, to go this long and only find the first person is amazing.  chris, one of the managers at carmike told me last night that he hasn’t seen a movie like […]

random thoughts for tuesday february 24th, 2009

1.  i’m so jealous….i have some friends who are having fun away from the cold…a few of them just got back from a cruise, and a couple more are headed to hawaii this week….i’m so burned out right now, i could use a vacation like that…….but, all we can afford is a trip to pukwana […]

random thoughts for monday february 23rd, 2009

1.  last night i FINALLY got a night out with my beautiful wife, jeannie….we went to shenigans for supper, and then we went to carmike to see the liam neeson movie “TAKEN.” if you haven’t seen that movie, you should go…it’s a great thriller, and kind of keeps you on the edge of your seat. […]

random thoughts for friday february 20th, 2009

1.  well, mitchell and i made a trip to the capitol theater last night to see the new movie “milk” starring sean penn.  it was a very very good movie.  this was the story of harvey milk, an openly gay san francisco city alderman who was gunned down along with the mayor of the city.  […]

random thoughts for thursday february 19th, 2009

1.  if i could work at any radio station in the united states, where would it be?  easy…..wsm  650 am in nashville, tennessee….this is the “heritage” station in nashville, and is the home of the “grand ole opry.”  the announcers on the station also double as announcers at the grand ole opry, which is the […]

random thoughts for wednesday february 18th, 2009

1.  my apologies to anyone at the 7:00 showing of “confessions of a shopaholic” last night.  i was walking around checking the theaters during the movies, and i stood in the back and watched a couple of minutes of the movie.  unfortunately, i had a little popcorn with me, and one of them kind of […]

random thoughts for tuesday february 17th, 2009

1.  i’ve fallen in love AGAIN with “the history channel.”  the last couple of days they’ve had programs on the life and times of abraham lincoln.  i didn’t know that there was actually a plan to steal his body from his grave.  i learned a bunch last night…apparently old dogs can learn new tricks…ha ha […]

random thoughts for monday february 16th, 2009

1.  why doesn’t anybody want to hear my recession proof stimulus package?  take the billions that they are going to hand out, and offer american citizens low low interest loans to pay off their debt.  maybe three percent interest.  the government gets the money back with interest, people help out the banks by paying off […]