random thoughts for wednesday may 27th, 2009

1. this will be the last blog until monday, as we are heading to rapid city tomorrow for the state track meet.  as i mentioned yesterday, our son tyler is throwing the discus in the state meet. i hope he does well.  and by the way, for those of you thinking i have six months […]

random thoughts for tuesday may 26th, 2009

1.  well, i trust you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend…it sure goes fast when you have a couple of days off.  2.  it’s a short week for yours truly this week…i work today and wednesday, then i’m off thursday and friday to go to the state track meet in rapid city.  my son […]

random thoughts for friday may 22nd, 2009

first of all, a funny story….while i was getting a haircut the other day by a wonderful person who will remain nameless because i adore her dearly, she was telling me that she was having trouble with a light in her salon….she said she had to get her ‘handy husband’ to look at it….a little […]

random thoughts for thursday may 21st, 2009

1.  one of the last things tyler will do in his high school career happens today in groton.  tyler is participating in the regional track meet in groton.  he throws the discus, and i was told last night he’s ranked number one in the region…..if that’s true, that’s very cool….if tyler gets first or second […]

random thoughts for wednesday may 20th, 2009

1.  well, the blockbuster movie’s are starting to come out at carmike cinema 9 theaters in the lakewood mall.  i worked at the theater last night and found out that the new “terminator” movie and “night at the museum 2” both open up this weekend…man oh man, are we going to be busy this weekend. […]

random thoughts for tuesday may 19th, 2009

1.  i’ll be broadcasting ‘live’ from centsable fashions on sixth avenue today from 11-2…please come out and say ‘hi’. 2.  jeannie and i watched one of our favorite shows last night called “two and a half men.”  it’s jon cryer and charlie sheen in this great comedy, but we cannot believe how dirty the show […]

random thoughts for monday may 18th, 2009

GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY..it’s good to be back to work…i never thought i’d say that…ha ha……lots of things happened while i was gone…let’s get right to it…. 1.  tyler’s graduation was a success…….lots of tears, lots of laughs….the chorus kids sang “you’re gonna miss me” by trace adkins, plus they showed pictures and videos of the […]

random thoughts for tuesday may 12th, 2009

1.  this will be the LAST BLOG OF THE WEEK…i’m leaving at 9am this morning to start getting ready for tyler’s graduation.  les cummings will be filling in on the air, and i’ll return monday morning at 6am….. 2.  man, are the deer out in full force or what!!!  i must have seen two dozen […]

random thoughts for monday may 11th, 2009

1.  here we are…the week i’ve been dreading for a few years.  tyler’s graduation from warner high school is this saturday.  don’t get me wrong, i’m just sad that our family of four sitting at the table won’t be four anymore after this fall.  we are so proud of tyler.  he is an incredibly nice […]

random thoughts for friday may 8th, 2009

1.  i can tell by watching me on the computer that i need to lose 15 pounds and get a FACE TRANSPLANT….you can now watch the morning party live on the internet from 6-9 monday thru friday mornings….just go to hubcityradio.com….click on the sunny label at the top of the page….and then click on “live”……isn’t […]