random thoughts for tuesday june 30th, 2009

1.  where in the heck did june go?  it's july first tomorrow, and i haven't done squat for the summer..... 2.  i hate feet...it's summer so people are barefoot, wearing sandals with toes showing...i have never ever thought that feet were sexy or whatever....so, it's safe to say that i definetly don't have one of [...]


random thoughts for monday june 29th, 2009

1.  wow...celebrities dropping like flies last week...ed mcmahon, farrah fawcett, and michael jackson.  now we learned yesterday that product pitchman, BILLY MAYS died at the age of 50.  he was the loudmouth that promoted "oxi clean" products on tv, among other things.  2.  billy mays annoyed me on his tv ads, but nobody annoys me [...]

random thoughts for friday june 26th, 2009

1.  last night at church softball, we set the softball world back twenty years when our game announced the umpires for last night...and they were?  JAY DEAN AND STEVE BIEGLER FROM BIEGLER MOTORS...ha ha ......actually, steve did a heck of a job umping home plate.......i kept forgetting that i was umping.  i would start talking [...]

random thoughts for thursday june 25th, 2009

1.  i found out yesterday that faith hill is releasing her own perfume.......tim mcgraw already has his own cologne, which i own....hmmm...our dreams have come true...jeannie and i woke up one morning and said, "gee, wouldn't it be nice if we could smell like faith hill and tim mcgraw today?"  SEE KIDS, DREAMS CAN COME [...]

random thoughts for wednesday june 24th, 2009

1.  jeannie and i had a wonderful evening last night.  her workplace had a picnic out at wylie, and then after supper jeannie and i had tons of fun......here's what we did: we walked around storybookland for the first time in years. we rode the storybookland train together. we rode the "balloon ride" together. we [...]