random thoughts for wednesday september 30th, 2009

1.  "TODAY AND YESTERDAY" today we will feature KULM, NORTH DAKOTA NATIVE ANGIE DICKINSON...this legendary actress was the star of "police woman" back in the 70's...a show that i LOVED... angie is 78 today..... here's angie dickinson yesterday: and here's angie dickinson today on her 78th birthday.... it also got me wondering what ever happened [...]


random thoughts for monday september 28th, 2009

1.  here's your "today and yesterday" photos...today we're going to feature the cast from the tv show "WEBSTER."  the show starred emmanuel lewis as "webster" and real life husband and wife alex karras and susan clark as his parents.  here's a couple of yesterday photos: and here's former nfl football star alex karras today...(can't find [...]

today and yesterday

alright, here we go...here's today's TODAY AND YESTERDAY..kicking it off with actress donna douglas...she's best known for playing 'elly may clampett' on "the beverly hillbillies."  she turns 77  this weekend...here's how we remember her. and here she is today at 77..... plus actor KENT MCCORD turns 67 this weekend...he's best known for playing officer jim [...]

random thoughts for friday september 25th, 2009

I'M HAVING TROUBLE UPLOADING THE PICTURES FOR 'TODAY AND YESTERDAY". I SHOULD HAVE THE PROBLEM FIXED SOON...IN THE MEANTIME, HERE'S TODAY'S BLOG... 1.  WHAT A GREAT NIGHT OF VOLLEYBALL LAST NIGHT...i heard many people say after the matches, that it was so incredible that it wouldn't have mattered which team won...number four ranked warner defeated [...]