random thoughts for monday november 30th, 2009

1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we salute DICK CLARK who turns 80 YEARS OLD TODAY…wow….mr. youth is now mr. old…here’s some pictures of dick clark from yesterday and today…. 2.  i was gone a few days last week so that my wife jeannie could have eye surgery to help her maybe get rid […]


BEING I’M GONE MOST OF THE REST OF THE WEEK, I’LL GIVE YOU MY LIST OF THINGS I’M THANKFUL FOR…….   *****i’m thankful, so very thankful for my beautiful wife jeannie, who keeps me grounded, keeps me stable, and is the absolute love of my life.  GOD blessed me so much by putting her in […]


GREAT THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “HONK if you love JESUS…..text while you’re driving if you’d like to meet him….”

random thoughts for monday november 23rd, 2009

THIS WILL BE THE ONLY BLOG FOR THE WEEK UNFORTUNATELY….I’M GONE STARTING TOMORROW, SO WE’LL MAKE THIS A BIG ONE…HA HA 1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature CHUCK BARRIS from “THE GONG SHOW”….what a weird, but fun game show back in the 70’s……remember “gene gene the dancing machine?”   remember “the unknown comic”?   […]


TODAY’S THE LAST DAY TO HELP OUT THE SHOEBOX MINISTRY AT DR. DAROLD OPP’S OFFICE… dr. opp’s office will be open until 4:00 this afternoon, so you can drop off your shoebox full of goodies for an underpriveledged kid around the world.  remember, dr. opp will pay SEVEN DOLLARS shipping per every box that comes […]

random thoughts for friday november 20th, 2009

1.  whatever happened to GRIZZLY ADAMS?  remember actor DAN HAGGERTY?  he played “GRIZZLY ADAMS” on tv along with his bear sidekick appropriately called “BEAR”, and a donkey named ‘NUMBER SEVEN.”  here’s DAN HAGGERTY from the show. and here’s dan today at the age of 68, which he turned yesterday….dan, is a biker, so you may […]


MAN OH MAN…if you haven’t clicked on the “listen live” button yet, do it today….we have REDONE our “live stream” and it’s now ‘CD QUALITY.’… also on our new “live stream” you can: ****rate the songs you are listening to…. ****find out who sings the song and what the title is…. ****look back a few […]

random thoughts for thursday november 19th, 2009

1.  well, while waiting for confirmation to start in hecla, i fired up the tv and dvd and watched ‘THE BEE GEE’S-ONE NIGHT ONLY.”  actually, i either listened to the BEE GEES or their brother ANDY GIBB all the way to hecla and back home yesterday….so, i thought we’d do the “yesterday and today” photos […]

random thoughts for wednesday november 18th, 2009

1. in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature actress LINDA EVANS  who turns 67 today….she of course, if from the show “dynasty”  “the big valley” and others.  here’s a couple of pictures of linda evans yesterday and today…. 2.  we had our “bible study” last night at bethesda for our ladies from our churches […]


SORRY..I HAVE ONE MORE THING TO SAY BECAUSE MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS WAY UP RIGHT NOW…. reality tv low life’s heidi and spencer pratt said yesterday that they want to “branch out from mtv’s “the hills’”, and star in their own reality show. they are now out promoting thier new book, “HOW TO BE FAMOUS:  […]