1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment today we feature actor JOHN FORSYTHE who turns 92 years old today….JOHN is best known as BLAKE CARRINGTON on the hit tv show “DYNASTY”.  here’s a younger picture of JOHN FORSYTHE, plus one with LINDA EVANS on “DYNASTY” and one of the most recent pictures of him as well. (TRIVIA….HE’S ALSO THE “VOICE” OF CHARLIE ON “CHARLIE’S ANGELS”.)

2.  i saw something last night that really touched my heart, and kind of made me emotional. on sixth avenue in aberdeen last night, there were NINE electric company trucks from michigan heading out west to help put poles up and re-establish electricity.  it touches me, because we live in a wonderful region where people help people out.  and people have come as far away as mississippi from what i’ve heard anyway.  GOD BLESS YOU FOR HELPING OUT OUR LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN DURING THESE STRUGGLING TIMES…..

3.  here’s hoping the minnesota timberwolves can win a game tonight.  our sales team from the radio station will all be at the game tonight.  the t-wolves have really been struggling, but hopefully they’ll wake up and have a good game tonight being we’re there.

4.  it’s just us “girls” riding together to minneapolis.  we have seven people going in two vehicles, and i’m riding with lisa and tammie from the station.  i told them it’s “just us girls”.  we’ll gossip, paint each others nails, and talk about boys all the way down…NOT….

5.  i loaded up my I-POD with music for the trip so i can get some much needed sleep.  i was in HEAVEN loading up my machine with country classics like HANK WILLIAMS, THE WILBURN BROTHERS, TAMMY WYNETTE, JIM AND JESSE, GEORGE STRAIT, GENE WATSON AND MORE.  here’s hoping i don’t start singing out loud, forgetting that i have headphones on.  i’ve only done that 2.3 million times in my life.

6.  LES CUMMINGS will be on for me monday morning as we are heading back from minneapolis.  I’LL TRY to do a blog monday morning around 8:00 or so on the way home.  that is, if we can get internet access in the car.  i’m not completely up on “modern technology” so i will see then. if not, we’ll have a “freshie” tuesday morning…check back though, and thanks for visiting the blog every single day.  hundreds of you do it, and i appreciate it.

7.  a poll says that a majority of american people are fed up with our government.  the poll was taken in 1789…..

8.  NASA sais the mars rover is stuck in sand and is not making any forward progress, but it can still broadcast….sounds like NBC….

9.  THE BAD NEWS:  the poverty rate in nashville, tennessee is 17 percent….THE GOOD NEWS:  this should make for some really good country songs….

10.  the grammy awards are sunday on CBS…WHITNEY HOUSTON got snubbed for her comeback cd….even worse, she needs to be careful sunday, as ex-husband BOBBY BROWN will be the guy parking all the cars….ha ha

11.  nominated for a grammy award for rock vocals?  BOB DYLAN, JOHN FOGERTY, NEIL YOUNG, AND BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN….is this a grammy category or a FLO-MAX commercial?

12.  PRESIDENT OBAMA famously said in his state of the union adress…”I DON’T QUIT!!”….oh wait…that was BRETT FAVRE….


When the store manager returned from lunch, he noticed his clerk’s hand was bandaged, but before he could ask about the bandage, the clerk said he had some very good news for him.
     “Guess what, sir?” the clerk said. “I finally sold that terrible, ugly suit we’ve had so long!”
     “Do you mean that repulsive pink-and-blue double-breasted thing?” the manager asked.
     “That’s the one!”
     “That’s great!” the manager cried, “I thought we’d never get rid of that monstrosity! That had to be the ugliest suit we’ve ever had!  But tell me. Why is your hand bandaged?”
     “Oh,” the clerk replied, “after I sold the guy that suit, his guide dog bit me.”





1.  today in our “yesterday and today” segment, we feature ALAN ALDA from M*A*S*H….believe it or not, ALAN ALDA is 74 years old today….wow…where did the time go?  he of course played HAWKEYE PIERCE on the hit tv show….here’s ALAN ALDA as we remember him on the show…….

and here’s ALAN ALDA today on his 74th birthday….

2.  i didn’t get home last night from hecla until late, but as i was trying to get to sleep, i was watching a movie on tv that features the two ladies the used to star in “CAGNEY AND LACEY” on CBS.  the actresses names are TYNE DALY and SHARON GLESS…i used to love “CAGNEY AND LACEY”, but i haven’t seen the ladies on tv for quite some time.  here’s a picture of the girls on their hit show, and what they look like today….

3.  speaking of actress SHARON GLESS, my favorite role that she every played was alongside legends EDDIE ALBERT AND ROBERT WAGNER on a tv show back in the 70’s called “SWITCH”….i don’t know how many remember it, but it was a fantastic show.  here’s a cast photo from the show…check out ROBERT WAGNER’S cool scarf…ha ha

4.  THE MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES ARE SUCKING IT UP RIGHT NOW…man, they’re not playing good basketball, and wouldn’t you know?  WE’RE GOING TO SEE THEM FRIDAY NIGHT…ha ha….we have a radio sales seminar in minneapolis this weekend and we’re doing a couple of fun things, and i guess one of them is the timberwolves game friday night.  we have a “box” to party in.  if they play like they have been, we’ll probably do more “partying” than “watching”.  (remember, “partying” for me is three diet pepsi’s and popcorn and pizza…i’m quite the party monster.)

5.  the other “cool” thing we’re doing is we’re going to “TWINSFEST” saturday morning at the NEW TWINS STADIUM.  this is the event where all the twins players come out and sign autographs and all the legends are there as well.  my goal?  I WANT TO MEET MY ALL TIME FAVORITE TWIN, ROD CAREW!!   i would FREAK to get a picture with ROD CAREW and get something autographed by him.  that would make my weekend.

6.  last night during youth group at church in hecla, i had my students design “vanity license plates” if they were going to put some on their vehicles.  i made them design a plate about them and a “christian” plate.  they had some tremendous ideas for christian plates…a few of my favorites were  “PRAZGOD”….ILUVGOD”  “JOHN 3:16” and many others.  i would love to see more of these plates going around on vehicles.

7.  a newsmax/zogby poll found that if the election were held today, new massachusetts SENATOR SCOTT BROWN would “TIE” PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA for president….OBAMA can’t beleive that…..BROWN is just some inexperienced media star who came out of nowhere and has barely spent any time in the senate…..oh wait a minute….sorry…….

8.  an animal rights group wants organizers of pennsylvania’s GROUNDHOG DAY festivities to replace the live groundhog, PUNXUTAWNEY PHIL with a “robotic” stand-in.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….just play “I’M ALRIGHT” by KENNY LOGGINS and let that gopher from ‘CADDYSHACK’ come out dancing.

9.  i don’t know how they are getting away with this, but there is an “ALL WHITE” basketball league being formed…what is it?  just a bunch of guys sitting on a bench staring at an empty court.

10.  the indianapolis colts 42 year old kicker MATT STOVER will become the oldest person EVER to appear in a super bowl next week.  then at halftime, he’ll try explaining to the rest of the team who the heck “THE WHO” are…..

11.  JOKE OF THE DAY:  (used this one at the snow queen festivals)

Tragically, three friends die in a car crash, and they find themselves at the gates of heaven.  Before entering, they are each asked a question by St. Peter.
     “When you are in your casket and friends and family are mourning upon you, what would you like to hear them say about you?” asks St. Peter.
     The first guy says, “I would like to hear them say that I was a great doctor and a loving  family man.”
     The second guy says, “I would like to hear them say that I was a wonderful husband and school teacher who made a huge difference in the lives of children.”
     The last guy replies, “I would like to hear them say, ‘Look! He’s moving!'”

HAVE A WONDERFUL THURSDAY EVERYBODY….remember, you can always contact me at:   jaydean@hubcityradio.com


1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature actor PERNELL ROBERTS, who died yesterday at the age of 81…PERNELL ROBERTS is the last surviving member of the original “BONANZA” show…he played the son ADAM, who left after a few seasons because he said the show wasn’t real, with three grown men taking orders from their dad.  PERNELL went on to other fame as TRAPPER JOHN M.D…..a takeoff of the M*A*S*H character later in life….here’s some pictures of PERNELL ROBERTS, first from BONANZA and secondly from TRAPPER JOHN M.D.

2.  congratulations to the MINNESOTA TWINS for finally picking up a great stick for their batting lineup….yesterday the twins signed heavy hitter JIM THOME to their already salty lineup.  can’t wait to watch THOME hit a few out of the park this year.

3.  NO THANK YOU…..three holiday inn’s in great britian are offering a “BED WARMING” service, where employees of the hotel put on fleece clothing from head to toe, and hope into your beds before you do and get the beds to 68 degrees…YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME….it drives me crazy enough not knowing what the hell happened on top of the comforter, let alone knowing that someone has already been under the sheets…what a stupid service….

4.  well, super bowl sunday is a week from sunday….my wife will be in texas, mitchell will probably be working, and i’m sure tyler will be with friends…that leaves dear old dad alone watching the super bowl for the first time ever….and i’m very much okay with that….i’m going to get a papa murphy’s pizza, movie theater popcorn, and a six pack….of diet pepsi, and watch the game…sounds like a dream come true.

5.  we were talking the other day about stupid things we did as kids…here’s a couple…

***we used to put firecrackers in our back pockets and we would blow out pockets off our pants…and leave a little powder burn on the buttocks….mom probably wasn’t impressed.

***we used to go the the shed in the backyard, find dad’s cans of spray paint, and split them open with an ax.  then we would walk in the house covered with paint, for a quick bath and a pretty hard spanking….

***we used to spray boxelder bugs with a can of hair spray which we would spray and start the stream on fire…STUPID…only after i joined the warner fire department did i find out that we could have DECAPITATED or had one of our arms blown off….wow…

the moral of the story is….don’t do this crap…ha ha….we were very good kids, but like every kid, once in awhile we did dumb things.  but we lived thru them…luckily, i guess…..

6.  JAY LENO will speak at the white house correspondent’s dinner…wait a minute…wasn’t CONAN O’BRIEN booked first?  ha ha

7.  a man in joplin, missouri was being questioned by police in the theft of a 20,000 dollar diamond ring, when all of sudden he started coughing uncontrollably and coughed up the ring….i’m sure the police are happy he at first didn’t start farting…..

8.  avatar passed titanic as the highest grossing film of all time…so whether it’s science fiction characters or passengers freezing to death in the water, we’re seeing a bunch of blue people.

9.  reaction continues to president obama’s plans to call for a spending FREEZE in his state of the union address tonight.  senator john mccain supports the freeze, although at his age he’s always cold.


A middle-aged couple, with two beautiful daughters, decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted.
     Soon, the wife became pregnant, and, nine months later, delivered a baby boy.
     The joyful father rushed to the nursery to see his new son, but was horrified to find an incredibly ugly baby.
     He went to his wife and said, “I cannot possibly be the father of that hideous child. Look at the two beautiful daughters I fathered.”
     When his wife blushed, he became suspicious, and demanded, “Have you been fooling around on me?”
     His wife confessed, “Not this time.”


     An older couple had a son, who was still living with his parents. The parents were a little worried, as the son was still unable to decide about his career path, so they decided to do a small test.
     They took a ten-dollar bill, a Bible, and a bottle of whiskey, and put them on the front hall table. Then they hid, hoping he would think they weren’t at home.
     The father told the mother, “If he takes the money he will be a businessman, if he takes the Bible he will be a priest, but if he takes the bottle of whiskey, I’m afraid our son will be a drunkard.”
     So the parents took their place in the nearby closet and waited nervously. Peeping through the keyhole they saw their son arrive home.
     He saw the note they had left, saying they’d be home later. Then, he took the 10-dollar bill, looked at it against the light, and slid it in his pocket.
     After that, he took the Bible, flicked through it, and took it also.
     Finally, he grabbed the bottle, opened it, and took an appreciative whiff to be assured of the quality. Then he left for his room, carrying all the three items.
     The father slapped his forehead, and said: “Darn, it’s even worse than I ever imagined …”
     “What do you mean?” his wife inquired.
     “Our son is going to be a politician!”



1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature actor MICHAEL GROSS who played the dad on “FAMILY TIES”.  here’s the way we remember him from the show.

and here is MICHAEL GROSS today…


around 20,000 dollars in tools were stolen in sioux falls from power line workers from mississippi who were headed to north dakota to help with power outages….WHAT KIND OF IMAGE DOES THIS SHOW THESE PEOPLE FROM DOWN SOUTH?  c’mon south dakota, you’re much better than this.  image is everything…and this is not a good image….hopefully those who did this will be caught and taken to the full extent of the law.

3.  yesterday afternoon when i was home i watched a documentary on CHARLES MANSON AND THE MANSON FAMILY…this guy has always gave me the creeps….it’s like the reincarnation of the devil….even when he’s in prison, he still freaks me out….and what the hell was wrong with those girls who were his followers?  they still worship him, even though they are all in prison…..they are sick….

4.  do you know who is quickly becoming my wife JEANNIE and my favorite late night show?  CRAIG FERGUSON on CBS…he follows DAVID LETTERMAN and is simply hilarious…by the way, it will  be a cold day you know where, before i watch JAY LENO back on the tonight show….i think that CONAN O’BRIEN got hosed…..

5.  these reality shows need to stop….there’s a new one coming out where the boss of a company goes undercover to work in his plant alongside his workers…….i don’t watch reality shows, because reality is hard enough…..i watch tv to get away from reality.

6.  the director of national intelligence admitted that the government will probably “DROP THE BALL” again on national security. if they keep dropping the ball like this, they’ll be known as “THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS.”

7.  a group in south carolina is proposing a “male counterpart” for the statue of liberty…..and instead of holding a torch, the male will hold a remote control……

8.  a knoxville, tennessee woman was arrested after she allegedly used cocaine while driving…..she told police that the white stuff on her face was “donut sugar”….yeah, like cops don’t know what “donut sugar” looks like…c’mon girl……


A blonde was driving home after a game and got caught in a really bad hailstorm. Her car was covered with dents, so the next day she took it to a repair shop. The shop owner saw that she was a blonde, so he decided to have some fun. He told her to go home and blow into the tail pipe really hard, and all the dents would pop out.

So, the blonde went home, got down on her hands and knees and started blowing into her tailpipe. Nothing happened. So she blew a little harder, and still nothing happened.

Her blonde roommate saw her and asked, ‘What are you doing?’ The first blonde told her how the repairman had instructed her to blow into the tail pipe in order to get all the dents to pop out.
The roommate rolled her eyes and said, ‘Uh, like hello!
You need to roll up the windows first.’




1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature actor DEAN JONES who appeared in numerous WALT DISNEY movies including “THAT DARN CAT”, “HERBIE THE LOVE BUG”,  “THE UGLY DACHSHUND”, “THE SHAGGY D.A.” and many more.  DEAN JONES turns 79 years old today….here’s DEAN JONES as we remember him from his famous movie roles…

and here is DEAN JONES today on his 79th birthday!!!

2.  here’s more on the death of “CAPTAIN 11”  DAVE DEDRICK who died this past weekend at the age of 81…you can see some wonderful pictures on my previous post, or check out a few more right here…

remember ‘THE BIG NEWS’ on KELOLAND TV?  here’s picture of the original crew including DAVE DEDRICK doing the weather, JIM BURT doing the sports, and DOUG LUND AND STEVE HEMMINGSON doing the news…boy, this takes me back…

3.  here’s my memories of “CAPTAIN 11″…my brothers and i used to run from the bus to the house to watch his show at 4pm…always wanted to be on the show to flip one of the switches, but never made it…..my brother TROY and i did make the “toy chest” one time, but of course, the key didn’t open the toy chest for us.  watching ‘CAPTAIN 11’ is also where we found out that ELVIS PRESLEY died in 1977…my MOM was ironing in the living room, and we were laying on the floor watching CAPTAIN 11 when the news of ELVIS’S death scrolled across the bottom of the screen…REST IN PEACE, DAVE DEDRICK….YOU DID A GREAT JOB….

4.  one more time…..


5.  here’s DAVE DEDRICK’S obituary from the sioux falls argus leader…

David H. Dedrick of Sioux Falls, SD
Published: January 24, 2010

Sioux Falls – David Hugo Dedrick passed away on January 22, 2010 following a lengthy illness. He was surrounded by his loving family and his presence and spirit will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
Dave Dedrick was born to Sylvia (Marie) and Daniel Dedrick on March 29, 1928 in Marshalltown, Iowa. The family moved to Fort Dodge, Iowa and then to Sioux Falls, SD in 1935. He attended Longfellow School and Washington High School, working at KSOO/KELO radio during his junior and senior years, beginning his broadcasting career at the age of 15. Upon graduating in 1945, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps where he served 4 years and was honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant.
Returning to Sioux Falls, Dave enrolled at Augustana College and married the love of his life, MarJean Schuknecht, on December 2, 1949. After 18 months of college and during the Korean Conflict, Dave was recalled to active duty with the Marine Reserves, returning to Sioux Falls in Feb. of 1952.
When television first aired in South Dakota on May 19, 1953 he became the first announcer on KELO-TV, beginning of a 44-year career in the television industry. News, sports, weather, commercials and variety shows all filled his albums of memories.
On March 7, 1955, Dave launched a whole new facet of television that focused on the children of the 4-state coverage area. For the next 42 years, Captain 11, played by Dave Dedrick, was host to 3 generations of children and appeared in about 180 towns and cities across the region. Captain 11 became the longest running host of a children’s show in the history of television.
Other accomplishments include 17 years on morning radio, and 16 years of bowling shows that were televised for Sioux City, Iowa. He hosted more than 25 telethons, along with 44 years of weather shows. He became Huset’s Speedway first announcer and continued in that position for the track’s first 17 years through 1975. Many knew Dave Dedrick as the “Voice of Huset’s Speedway” and he was inducted into the Huset’s Hall of Fame in 2003.
In 1989 he wrote and published “It Ain’t All Cartoons”, an autobiographical chronicle of his life.
Dave retired from broadcasting on December 30, 1996. He was inducted into the South Dakota Broadcasters Hall of Fame on April 18, 1997, and inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame in 1999. The Captain 11 set and other memorabilia is displayed in the State Historical Museum in Pierre. The national Weather Service presented him with a Special Service Award for 44 years of service to the people of KELO-LAND. He was inducted into the “Silver circle” by the National Academy of Arts and Sciences for “Lifetime Achievement”. He was awarded the “Distinguished Service Award” by the Cosmopolitan Club. The Sioux Falls Catholic Diocese awarded Dave the “Bishop Dudley Excellence in Media” award on Sept. 17, 1998. His favorite award was the medallion he carried on his key chain citing 33 years of sobriety.
Grateful for having shared his life are his wife of 60 years, MarJean, son Dana (Sioux Falls), daughter Sunshine Dawn Cady (Terry) Sioux Falls, one granddaughter, Natasha (San Francisco), four grandsons, Ian (San Francisco), Eli (Sioux Falls), Travis Snyder (Sioux Falls), and Justin Snyder (Sioux Falls), sisters Jody Swenson of Sioux Falls, Dorothy Cady of Lennox, SD, one brother Dwain Dedrick, of Boulder, CO, numerous nephews, their wives and children. He was preceded in death by his parents, younger brother Bill, and son David Patrick Dedrick.
Funeral services will be 11:00 am Wednesday at St. Mary Catholic Church. Interment will be in St. Michael Cemetery. A Wake service will begin at 7:00 pm Tuesday at St. Mary Catholic Church.
In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorials are sent to the Foundation For AIDS Research, 120 Wall Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10005-3902.
Dave Dedrick symbolized talent, integrity, honesty and principle through his efforts to better the lives of those around him, and in so doing, bringing creativity, grace and character to the people. From the thunderous applause of thousands, to a quiet conversation with a child, Dave Dedrick proved that he indeed possessed the Wisdom of Solomon and the Strength of Atlas.
For obituary and online registry, please visit www.millerfh.com.

6.  “GUT WRENCHING”  “STOMACH TURNING”  “NAUSEATING”  “SUPER FRUSTRATING”….”SAME OLE VIKINGS…” these are just some of the words i have heard or seen in the last few hours concerning the minnesota vikings loss to the new orleans saints….c’mon vikings….SIX TURNOVERS?  HANG ON TO THE DAMN BALL….that was the most frustrating part of the game…oh well, as vikings fans say every year…”WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR.”

7.  new orleans opponent in the super bowl?  the indianapolis colts who came back from an eleven point deficit to defeat the new york jets in indy yesterday…..

8.  january was a big month for people ‘coming clean’….JOHN EDWARDS finally admitted he was the father of his mistress’ baby…MARK MCGWIRE finally admitted that he used steroids….the big question now is this…ANYTHING YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT O.J.?

9.  this week, OPRAH WINFREY will interview JAY LENO…then next week, JAY will probably take over OPRAH’S show….

10.  the top prospect for the oakland a’s baseball team, is leaving baseball to join the priesthood…so……he’s going from the a’s to the padres? 


A blonde and her husband are lying in bed listening to the next door neighbor’s dog. It has been in the backyard barking for hours and hours. The blonde jumps up out of bed and says, “I’ve had enough of this”. She goes downstairs.

The blonde finally comes back up to bed and her husband says “The dog is still barking, what have you been doing?”

The blonde says, “I put the dog in our backyard, let’s see how THEY like it!


Two Blondes With Hammers….

Lynn and Judy were doing some carpenter work on a Habitat for Humanity house.  Lynn was nailing down house siding, would reach into her nail pouch, pull out a nail and either toss it over her shoulder or nail it in.

Judy, figuring this was worth looking into, asked, ‘Why are you throwing those nails away?’ Lynn explained, ‘When I pull a nail out of my pouch, about half of them have the head on the wrong end and I throw them away.’ Judy got completely upset and yelled, ‘You moron! Those nails aren’t defective! They’re for the other side of the house!’




we are waking up saturday morning to the news that DAVE DEDRICK, who played CAPTAIN 11  has died at the age of 81 in sioux falls.  DAVE DEDRICK played our afternoon hero for over 41 years, and was also the weatherman at keloland for about the same time.  DAVE, YOU WILL BE MISSED……enjoy some pictures of CAPTAIN 11 and DAVE DEDRICK and friends…


1. beleive it or not, legendary actor ERNEST BORGNINE turns 93 years old this weekend…and he’s still working…if i’m still on this side of the grass at 93, you won’t see my butt at work, i guarantee you that!!!!  here’s an older picture of ERNEST BORGNINE when he was on “MCHALE’S NAVY.”

and here’s birthday boy ERNEST BORGNINE today at 93…he looks awfully good for 93…..

2.  gee whiz, i sure wanted to stay home this morning and watch a movie THAT I LOVE…i cooked up some scrambled eggs and sausage and sat down to watch a little bit of tv this morning about 4:15, when i noticed that ‘GREAT SCOUT AND CATHOUSE THURSDAY’ was on…I USED TO LOVE THIS MOVIE…LEE MARVIN, ROBERT CULP, KAY LENZ AND MORE….i was really getting into it when i had to go to work….nuts….anyway, in case you forgot this wonderful movie from 1976, here’s a picture of the poster….

HOWEVER…one of the best parts of the movie is KAY LENZ…for obvious reasons…

3.  i went home yesterday because i wasn’t feeling good, and in between naps, i turned on ‘THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL” because i love to watch the “BIOGRAPHY” series….yesterday, they had a fantastic show…it was called “THE MAKING OF CADDYSHACK.”  i love shows like that when they talk about the “inside” stuff that happened on the movie…lots of boozing…lots of drugs….a hurricane….CHEVY CHASE being crazy…RODNEY DANGERFIELD being insecure….TED KNIGHT angry at the partying going on….sounds like a great time…BUT IT WAS AND IS, A FANTASTIC MOVIE!!

4.  we look forward all week long to a new episode of “THE OFFICE”.  we even plan our thursday nights around watching this awesome show…so, last night, we hurried and ate supper, grabbed the blankets and hit the couch and we waited and then boom…A NEW EPISODE….WITH CLIPS FROM OLDER SHOW…crap…i hate shows like that….yes, we laughed at some of the older clips, but “clip shows” are just an easy way to throw a new show out there….maybe next week there will actually be a NEW SHOW….

5.  the movie that my loving family can’t wait to see comes out this weekend.  it’s called “LEGION”….looks super scary….it’s apparently about GOD wanting to end the world, so he sends a legion of angels to cause the apocalypse.  but, archangel, MICHAEL, decides to fight against them to save earth…..screwy kind of premise, but the previews look SUPER SCARY….and you know how much me and the boys love scary movies!!!!!

6.  button down the hatches…buy some groceries…rent some movies…and get ready for a WINTER STORM WARNING…the weather guru’s are saying freezing rain today, changing over to snow all weekend long, with winds up to FIFTY MILES PER HOUR…yuck….icy roads, then 5-10 inches of snow…be safe…be careful…be smart…use common sense…i want you back here monday….

7.  JOHN EDWARDS reportedly asked an aide to STEAL A USED DIAPER from his love child for a paternity test…..the diaper proved one things…..THEY’RE BOTH FULL OF CRAP….

8.  the cover of star magazine features “THE OCTOMOM” in a bikini….aaahhhh…just the cure for TIGER WOOD’S sex addition…..

9.  new research shows that sitting for long periods of time can lead to an early death……unless you’re in congress….


Three men were sitting in a bar talking about how whipped they had their wives.

The first two kept bragging about how they could get their wives to do anything.

They looked at the third man and he said, “I have my wife so whipped that the other day I had her crawling towards me on her hands and knees.”

Both of the other men were very impressed and asked him how he had managed that.

The man replied, “Well, I was lying under the bed and she crawled over and said, “Come out and fight like a man!”.