“BONUS” BLOG MATERIAL!!!you lucky people!

here’s an update to my “CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG” blog from friday….how ironic, that on the day i talk about the movie, one of it’s main stars passes away.  actor LIONEL JEFFRIES, who played the loveable GRANDPA POTTS  in the movie, died friday at the age of 83…….the crazy thing about LIONEL JEFFRIES playing DICK […]

random thoughts for friday february 19th, 2010

******THIS IS THE LAST DAILY BLOG UNTIL MONDAY MARCH 1ST, AS I AM RETIRING TO MY COUCH FOR A WEEK.******** 1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature comedian MARTY ALLEN, who used to be on the “HOLLYWOOD SQUARES”, among other shows.  MARTY ALLEN is still out there touring and making people laugh, even […]

random thoughts for thursday february 18th, 2010

1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature actor GEORGE KENNEDY who turns 85 years old today….he had been in a ton of great movies over the years like “”COOL HAND LUKE”, “AIRPORT 1975”, “EARTHQUAKE”, AND THE “NAKED GUN” series with LESLIE NEILSEN.  here’s a photo of GEORGE KENNEDY as we remember him from […]

random thoughts for wednesday february 17th, 2010

1.  legendary actor HAL HOLBROOK is 85 years old today.  yep, and still acting.  here’s a picture of HAL HOLBROOK back in the day, plus one of him portraying MARK TWAIN, which he did quite often. and here is HAL HOLBROOK today at the age of 85…… so, do you know who HAL HOLBROOK is […]

random thoughts for tuesday february 16th, 2010

1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we salute a couple of birthday’s in the celebrity world.  first of all, it’s LISA LORING who played “WEDNESDAY” on “THE ADDAMS FAMILY” back in the 60’s….she is 52 years old today…here she is back on the show and how she looks today. plus, actor WILLIAM KATT is […]

random thoughts for monday february 15th, 2010

HOPE  YOU ALL HAD A GREAT VALENTINES DAY….I DID…I’LL TELL YOU ABOUT IT SHORTLY…… 1.  but speaking of “valentine’s day”, let’s do our “today and yesterday” segment featuring actress KAREN VALENTINE…remember her?  she was the cute, perky, young lady that appeared in shows like “ROOM 222”, and she starred as “GIDGET” in the movie “GIDGET […]