random thoughts for tuesday june 8th, 2010

today’s daily blog, once again sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS IN ABERDEEN…..remember, DAKOTA HOT TUBS is now in their temporary location, in front of kens in the former 6th avenue casino…they will be there thru thursday with INCREDIBLE deals…check them out….

1.  our favorite singers from the 60’s and 70’s keep having birthday milestones…a day after TOM JONES turned 70, now we get word that NANCY SINATRA turns 70 today…..NANCY SINATRA was definetly a pinup star back in the 60’s, and was widely known for the monster hit “THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING.”  here are a couple of older pictures of a sexy NANCY SINATRA….

and here is NANCY SINATRA today at the age of 70……

2.  speaking of the birthday girl, here’s a video from 1966 of NANCY SINATRA singing her signature song, “THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING.”


and here’s a song i used to CRANK when i played…it’s one of my favorite singers EVER, DEAN MARTIN singing ‘THINGS’, with NANCY SINATRA….



“blood is thicker than water, but maple syrup is thicker than blood…therefore, pancakes are more important than family.”

4.  here’s one more picture from the “relay for life”…it’s JUST US GIRLS HANGIN’ OUT…..

5.  last night at our first church league softball games, one of our players suggested that i come to a game dressed as “JAYDA”….you see, we have to always have three females on the field at the same time…that way i could play as a girl in softball….ummm..i’m pretty sure an umpire could tell the difference…of course, most umps ARE BLIND…..

6.  the girls at REVIVE DAY SPA, had a little too much fun putting my makeup on last friday afternoon…..we had a blast…..they were throwing things on me, arguing about what should be next, and second guessing each other…ha ha….it was great…..i think the girls at ADAM AND EVE STYLING SALON had just as much fun getting my wig ready…i told them to pick out “something hot,”  and they didn’t disappoint….

7.  i’m getting so damn old…..i was up until 3am saturday morning after being at the “relay for life”…i went home around 1:00, but couldn’t sleep, so i watched a movie. my butt has been dragging ever since…it’s like i can’t sleep enough right now…..my wife was up late too, and my son MITCHELL was out camping, and he was up late….we’re all suffering right now from lack of sleep….and of course, you can’t catch up…you just have to try and get ample sleep…..

8.  i’m really looking forward to this weekend…on saturday morning, my HECLA church kids will join the WARNER church kids, as we head to MINNEAPOLIS to work at “MARY’S PLACE,” which is a homeless shelter….it’s an eye opener for the kids to see that life elsewhere isn’t exactly like HECLA AND WARNER….plus we’re going to see the new TARGET FIELD, as we have tickets to see the TWINS take on the ATLANTA BRAVES……


in 1982, EVERYBODY had this album…it was “THE KNACK”, with their debut album, ‘GET THE KNACK’, which featured such classics as “MY SHARONA”, and “GOOD GIRLS DON’T.”….DOUG FIEGER, the lead singer of “THE KNACK,” died last year…..his brother is GEOFFREY FIEGER, the famous lawyer, who represented DR. JACK KERVORKIAN….here’s a picture of his famous brother…man, they look alike…

and here’s a picture of “THE KNACK”, lead singer DOUG FIEGER a couple of years before his death…

10.  WHITE HOUSE mainstay reporter HELEN THOMAS has retired abruptly after making anti-semitic remarks about sending the jews back to GERMANY AND POLAND….but she’s not totally retiring….every year around halloween, she’ll charge ten dollars an hour to haunt your house and scare the kids….

okay, that was low…i admit…

11.  OUCH!!!!  a SEATTLE man accidentally shot himself in the testicles at a department store…it was by far the WORST 2 for 1 deal that store has ever had….

12.  PRESIDENT OBAMA has a question and answer session with seniors on health care coming up today……OBAMA will talk about a website where you can compare health plans…..it’s going to be very hard talking to seniors about a “website.”  most seniors are still pointing their tv remotes at the microwave…..

13.  apple CEO STEVE JOBS on monday unveiled the new fourth generation I-PHONE…critics say that it’s a product that’s “brilliantly planned and engineered.”  which prompted BRITISH PETROLEUM to say, “WHATEVER…”….

14.  across the UNITED STATES, cemeteries are trying to “liven things up” by scheduling concerts and social events….hey, they’re THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX….


a doctor had been seeing his 80 year old patient for many many years, and the doctor finally retired….so, the 80 year old lady goes for the first time to meet the new doctor…..the new doctor told her to bring a list of all of the medications she was taking…..as the young doctor was looking over her prescriptions, his eyes went completely wide open, when he saw “BIRTH CONTROL PILLS” on the list…..the doctor said, “mrs. smith, do you realize that you have birth control pills on your list?”  and the 80 year old lady said, “yep…they help me sleep at night.”  the doctor said, “that’s impossible…how could birth control pills help you sleep at night?”  and the lady said, “because, every morning i grind one up and put it in the orange juice of my 16 year old granddaughter.  and beleive me, it helps me sleep at night!”





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