random thoughts for thursday june 10th, 2010

it’s daily blog time, sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS BOTH OF ABERDEEN…today’s the final day of DAKOTA HOT TUBS being in their temporary location in front of ken’s in the former 6th avenue casino…stop on by…..

1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature one of the top “pop” bands of the 70’s….BREAD….i love the group “BREAD”, and it’s time that we “TOAST” them….okay, that was lame….anyway, BREAD had a ton of pop hits back in the 70’s and were led by their lead singer DAVID GATES….believe it or not, DAVID GATES is still out there performing BREAD songs today as a solo artist.  another member of BREAD, JIMMY GRIFFIN, died in 2005…did you know this?  EVERY HIT SONG BY BREAD WAS WRITTEN BY DAVID GATES….hmm..pretty impressive….here’s a couple of shots of BREAD back in their heyday….

BREAD’S lead singer and founder, DAVID GATES, will turn 70 this december…how about that?  here’s some photos of DAVID GATES today, still on tour….

2.  want a couple of video’s of older BREAD stuff?  would it be called “moldy bread?”  okay, that’s enough…here’s DAVID GATES singing one of my favorite BREAD tunes, “EVERYTHING I OWN.”


and here’s “BABY I’M A WANT YOU”….



back in the early 80’s, EVERYBODY went out and bought the debut album by “MEN AT WORK”, called “BUSINESS AS USUAL.”

this album was awesome….it featured the hits “DOWN UNDER”, “WHO CAN IT BE NOW”, and “BE GOOD JOHNNY”…..good stuff..

4.  “NAME THAT TUNE” last aired on tv on this date in 1977….even though i was like ten to twelve years old, i used to LOVE watching that show and guessing the song titles…it’s amazing how someone like me can’t remember the important things in life, but i can remember crap like who wrote what song, what year the song came out, what the song is about, who sings it, and what album it came from….USELESS INFORMATION….ha ha

5.  THINGS WE DO NOT NEED….believe it or not, there’s now an ELVIS PRESLEY MR. POTATO HEAD out there….i cannot believe that PRISCILLA AND LISA MARIE okayed this one…here’s what it looks like….

i think one of the biggest waste of money EVER, was the “PET ROCK” craze that came out back in the 80’s….my GRANDPA, who was a fantastic man, and not one to jump on crazy crap like this, actually had a pet rock sitting on his dresser….remember this craze?

6.  THIS IS PRETTY CRAZY NEWS…it just came out this morning that the world now has found the “OLDEST LEATHER SHOE” in the world….they say that it’s 5500 years old, so it apparently was bought new by JOAN RIVERS….here’s a picture….

7.  BP, (or british petroleum), now says that the oil gusher will soon be just a trickle…..THIS MESSAGE BROUGHT TO YOU BY FLOMAX…..

8.  a study at HARTFORD HOSPITAL found that marijuana has little impact on driving…but one hell of an impact on crashing….

9.  WEIRD….an OREGON company called “THAT’S MY FACE”, is charging up to $150 dollars for custom made likenesses of customers as toy action figures….their slogan says that “it gives you a chance to play with yourself.”  ummm…we don’t need to spend money for that……

10.  the remake of the 1984 movie ‘THE KARATE KID’, comes out in theaters this friday night…the original star of the movie, RALPH MACCHIO says that he would LOVE to see the new movie, only if his local theater offers a senior citizen discount…..

11.  LARRY KING’S wife was rushed to the hospital after she allegedly took too much depression medicine….but then again, when you’re having sex with LARRY KING, is there really too much depression medicine?

12.  LINDSAY LOHAN’S alcohol monitoring bracelet has gotten her in trouble with a judge setting her bail at $200,000 dollars…it was originally only $100,000 dollars, but out of habit, LINDSAY yelled out, “MAKE IT A DOUBLE.”


An out-of-towner drove his car into a ditch in a desolated area. Luckily, a local farmer came to help with his big strong horse named Buddy.
He hitched Buddy up to the car and yelled, “Pull, Nellie, pull!”
Buddy didn’t move.
Then the farmer hollered, “Pull, Buster, pull!” Buddy didn’t respond.
Once more the farmer commanded, “Pull, Coco, pull!” Nothing.
Then the farmer nonchalantly said, “Pull, Buddy, pull!”
And the horse easily dragged the car out of the ditch.
The motorist was most appreciative and very curious. He asked the farmer why he called his horse by the wrong name three times.
The farmer said, “Oh, Buddy is blind, and if he thought he was the only one pulling, he wouldn’t even try!”





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