random thoughts for wednesday june 16th, 2010

AAAHHH..IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK….nice to have a couple of days off, although i worked a full day yesterday at the station….

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1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature JOAN VAN ARK, of  “KNOT’S LANDING.”  JOAN is turning 67 years old today….here are a couple of pictures of a younger, beautiful JOAN VAN ARK….


here’s JOAN VAN ARK today on her 67th birthday……

here’s a reunion photo of the cast of KNOT’S LANDING…


“the shortest sentence in english language is “I AM.” the longest sentence is “I DO.”  (get it?)


we brought along a board game of “OPERATION” to the kids at MARY’S PLACE in MINNEAPOLIS…which reminded me of a good ol’ tv commercial…



this is MARY JO COPELAND, the founder of “MARY’S PLACE” in MINNEAPOLIS…we spent the entire weekend, plus monday with church kids from HECLA AND WARNER, working at MARY’S PLACE helping feed the homeless and playing with homeless children….WHAT A MOVING EXPERIENCE….i think that this past weekend made a lifelong difference in our kids….it’s amazing to see how great our lives are here in the area.  folks, we have SO MUCH and always crave more, while there are people that have nothing and are content with that…..MARY’S PLACE showed us that people can make the difference in other people’s lives.

5.  so, the founder, MARY JO COPELAND, gets up every morning at 2:30am, unlocks her church, walks for over an hour, praying while she is walking.  she goes to MARY’S PLACE, gets things lined up, prays with the workers, prays with the kitchen staff, and then prays with the homeless who have come to eat…..she works six days a week, except fridays….MARY JO raised TWELVE KIDS of her own, while taking on this incredible project.

6.  “THE KIDS.”  we fell in love with the kids….we had the opportunity to play games with them, to hold them, to love them, and to make their days more enjoyable.  it was heartwarming to me to watch our church kids and the MARY’S PLACE kids all together…..hopefully i’ll have some pictures soon….

7.  what is MARY’S PLACE?  it is a place where the homeless can come to get their lives back on track….it consists of 93 apartments for people to live in, eating area, clothing pick up area, dental offices, doctor’s offices, daycares, and so much more….ALL FREE to those that need the services…incredible….

8.  i walked around most of the weekend with a lump in my throat, but i completely lost it and cried on monday while we were in the “clothing room.”  this is the room where table after table are set up with donated clothes and other items on them, including food….then, they open the doors and a flood of people charge in, pushing clothing and food into bags and boxes….it broke my heart to see these poor people stampede like animals into a room and grab what they can so they can try to live…..we brought an ENTIRE BUSLOAD of clothing and other things down….well over 100 bags of clothing and more, and it will all be gone within 48 hours….what a sad world we live in…..

9.  during a break in “MARY’S PLACE”, we had the opportunity to see the MINNESOTA TWINS play the WORST GAME OF THE SEASON SO FAR…..sunday’s game was a 7-3 loss to the ATLANTA BRAVES….and it wasn’t even this close…..the TWINS were behind 7-0 most of the game, and the only bright spot was  a three run home run by DELMON YOUNG….disappointing…plus RON GARDENHIRE had a horrible lineup in the game…..no DENARD SPAN, JOE MAUER wasn’t catching…JIM THOME didn’t even bat….it was crappy…..

10.  we took the kids to a “CRACKER BARREL” restraunt sunday night for supper….i had the opportunity to have my regular “CATFISH” dinner that i love so much….i’m not a fish fan by any means, but I LOVE ME SOME CATFISH….the kids seemed to really like the food, and they LOVED the general store that is a huge part of every CRACKER BARREL…..

11.  so let me get this straight…the BIG TEN conference now has 12 teams?  and the BIG TWELVE conference now has 10 teams?  OH, OKAY…THAT MAKES SENSE…

12.  a man who was stalking RYAN SEACREST was sentenced to the maximum penalty of two years in the state prison….although to me, the maximum penalty would be having to spend two years NEXT to RYAN SEACREST….hasn’t this stalker suffered enough?

13.  an american armed with a pistol and a 40-inch-sword, was arrested after authorities found out that he was on a “solo mission” to kill OSAMA BIN LADEN….he’s foolish, he’s incompetent, and has just been offered a job at BP…..

14.  an IDAHO woman who is 74 years old, was arrested for pouring MAYONAISE into a library book drop box….cops wanted to “KETCHUP’ with her, and they “RELISHED” the thought of putting her behind bars….(man, that was lame.)

15.  in a recent interview, the crazy MEGAN FOX declared that she “hates doing interviews.”  next, she will announce that she “hates doing photo shoots” by having photographers take dozens of pictures of her…

16.  a GEORGIA housekeeper is in trouble for allegedly stealing jewelry from CHEF PAULA DEEN…bad bad bad idea….never ever steal anything from someone who thinks that EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FRIED….


after the 83 year old lady had her physical check up with her doctor, the doctor said, ” mrs. mallory, you are in great shape for someone your age.  but please tell me, do you still have intercourse?”  the woman said, “just a minute, i’ll have to ask my husband.”  so the lady walked over to the door, and yelled at her husband loud enough so that everyone heard her…she yelled, “bob, do we still have intercourse?”  her husband shouted back “honey, i’ve told you a thousand times, what we have is BLUE CROSS…”

ha ha ha….

have a great day everybody….



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