random thoughts for wednesday july 14th, 2010



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1.  today it’s a salute to ‘LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY’…..remember that hit tv show?  it starred PENNY MARSHALL AND CINDY WILLIAMS, and was a spinoff of “HAPPY DAYS.”  here are a couple of pictures of the gang, and the girls from the show…

and here’s PENNY MARSHALL today at the age of 67…she is the sister of movie producer GARRY MARSHALL, who also produced the show….here’s a picture of the brother and sister together.

and here’s PENNY MARSHALL, all by her lonesome…

here’s actress CINDY WILLIAMS today at the age of 62…she was always such a cute little rascal…..

and here are the girls together recently….

2.  remember the “LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY” theme song?  get ready to sing along!!!!



yes, it’s about that time that i salute another album by the first love of my life..ha ha….it’s OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN’S 1975 album “HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW.”  it featured such classics as the title song, “HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW”, (which i LOVE), plus  “PLEASE MR. PLEASE..(DON’T PLAY B-17)”…GREAT ALBUM!!!

here is the video of OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN singing “HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW”…she is so DARN HOT…..


and here’s “PLEASE MR. PLEASE”….


4.  i was talking yesterday about my brother TROY AND I and how we were “pinball wizards” back in the 70’s….well, it brought back memories yesterday of the events…TROY AND I used to rack up wins galore on the pinball machines, and turn the games over to the younger kids who were standing by watching.  kids would watch us in amazement as we won game after game.  and remember, back then it was the pinball machines that had the numbers that rolled over, not digital numbers…they were the GOOD OLE MACHINES…..

5.  remember JIFFY POP POPCORN? 

you would pop the popcorn on the stove, and the foil would fill up, you would tear the foil open and enjoy!!!  well, a few years back we were talking about it at home, so we bought a couple and took them home to try again….NOT AS GOOD AS I REMEMBER…i think the novely of JIFFY POP was that it was fun to make on the stove, and as kids was fun to watch “grow”……the popcorn, however, is average at best….in my opinion…..

6.  how many kid can you fit into a car for an outdoor movie?  if it’s 1981, and it’s my big 73 chevy impala, the answer is EIGHT….remember when the STARLITE OUTDOOR THEATER had movie night for FIVE BUCKS A CARLOAD?  we used to park in the STARLITE RESTRAUNT parking lot, and completely pack my car, including one person in THE TRUNK…..we were broke high school kids, so we were going to make every dollar count….you couldn’t get away with that today…..

7.  BP’S new containment cap is now in place, but they’re still not sure if it will be 100 percent effective….am i the only one wondering why they haven’t talked to our friends at the TROJAN company?

8.  a list of the lowest paying jobs in AMERICA has been released including food server, farm worker, and movie theater employees…(NO KIDDING)….and by the way, these are three jobs that MEL GIBSON applied for this week, being nobody in HOLLYWOOD will get within 30 feet of him right now….

9.  a group of young SAUDI men have launched a campaign to allow men to have MORE THAN FOUR WIVES because they think that FOUR isn’t enough…hmmm…wait until they’ve been married over 20 years…FOUR WILL SEEM LIKE MORE THAN ENOUGH…

10.  more rage filled obscenity laced phone rants from MEL GIBSON have been released online…these are supposedly calls MEL made to his ex-girlfriend…the calls are so vile that ALEC BALDWIN is studying them intently in case he ever has to yell at his fat little pig of a daughter again……


An aged farmer and his wife were leaning against the edge of their pig-pen when the old woman wistfully recalled that the next week would mark their golden wedding anniversary.

“Let’s have a party, Homer,” she suggested. “Let’s kill a pig.”

The farmer scratched his grizzled head. “Gee, Ethel,” he finally answered, “I don’t see why the pig should take the blame for something that happened fifty years ago.”




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