random thoughts for tuesday july 27th, 2010

today’s daily blog sponsored by DAKOTA HOT TUBS AND DISCOUNT VAC, BOTH IN ABERDEEN.

1.  hey, how about today we salute the cast of “ALL IN THE FAMILY.”….lately i have watched a few episodes of the show, and i CANNOT BELIEVE that they got away with all that stuff back then.  it’s crazy how “politically correct” we have become today, when “ALL IN THE FAMILY” looks offensive…we laughed our heads off back then…..by the way, I HATE BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT…..

here’s a cast photo of a fantastic show, “ALL IN THE FAMILY.”  wouldn’t you love to have this autographed photo in your collection?

actor “CARROLL O’CONNOR” who played ARCHIE BUNKER passed away back in 2001 at the age of 76…..here’s CARROLL O’CONNOR in his later years….

funny lady JEAN STAPLETON played “dingbat” or “EDITH BUNKER” on the show….she’s still kicking at the age of 87…

actress SALLY STRUTHERS played “GLORIA” the daughter of ARCHIE AND EDITH…. since the show ended, she has been a part of many worldwide causes…SALLY STRUTHERS, today is 62, and here she is today….

ROB REINER played “MEATHEAD”, or “MICHAEL STIVICK” on the show…since the show, ROB REINER has become one of the top producers in hollywood…here he is today….


sing along…it’s a classic COKE commercial from the 70’s…you’ll love this…



back in 1972, the group “BREAD” was the….ummm…TOAST OF THE TOWN…(oooh, that was bad…)  this album, “BABY I’M A WANT YOU” was the part of millions of people’s record collection.  it featured the title song “BABY I’M A WANT YOU,” “EVERYTHING I OWN”, “DIARY” and more…EXELLENT ALBUM…

here’s the song “EVERYTHING I OWN”….i love this song…


4.  well, this friday night is my last night at CARMIKE CINEMAS….i’ve decided to take  a little break and do something different…..so, if anyone wants to hire me part time, call me…ha ha….the hardest part of not working there is the kids…the high school kids make me feel young again, and they treat me like one of their own…..i love you kids, and i’ll miss you…

5.  speaking of movies, i will DEFINETLY be going this weekend to see “DINNER FOR  SCHMUCKS…”

PAUL RUDD AND STEVE CARRELL star in this comedy, about a group that needs to bring the nerds to a dinner to make fun of them.  but maybe the tables turn on them…..i absolutely love everything that STEVE CARRELL has done, especially ‘THE OFFICE.”  PAUL RUDD is also one hilarious guy…..

6.  my son MITCHELL’S dream is coming true this weekend when he gets to go with his friend TERRY to “THE WARP TOUR” in MINNEAPOLIS….i think MITCHELL said that there are seven stages and dozens and dozens of bands….one of MITCHELL’S favorite bands will have a tent where the band will hang out playing “ROCK BAND” with their fans…now that’s cool….

7.  i hear news that BRITISH PETROLEUM, or “BP” CEO TONY HAYWARD is afraid to go to the bathroom.  he now freaks out everything he hears “TAKING A LEAK”, or anything with the word “LEAK” in it….

8.  a woman gave birth at a COLORADO SPRINGS starbucks….and it ALMOST caused her to lose her spot in line….

9.  a woman suspected of robbing two CALIFORNIA banks, was arrested when she locked herself out of her getaway car….wow…this will make the absolute best ON-STAR commercial EVER….

10.  a new gallup poll found that the people of TOGO are the unhappiest people in the world…which is weird, because TOGO sounds like a really fun MILTON BRADLEY board game….

11.  KATE GOSSELIN is going camping with SARAH PALIN…seriously….but this sounds really wierd…sounds like a sequel to a really really bad summer movie…

12.  americans have picked TIGER WOODS AND KOBE BRYANT as their favorite athletes….they’re legends, and have proved once again that they want to “WIN ONE FOR THE ZIPPER.”

13.  LINDSAY LOHAN apparently has made a couple of good friends in prison…isn’t that sad?  LINDSAY can make friends with convicts, but can’t keep a lawyer for over a few days….


A man walks into a hamburger shop and orders a regular meal. Later, the waitress brings his meal to him. He takes a bite out of it, and notices there’s a small hair in the hamburger. He begins yelling frantically at the waitress, “Waitress, there’s a hair in my hamburger! I demand to see what is going on!”

So, the waitress takes him back where the cook is and to his demise, he sees the cook take the meat patty and flatten it under his arm pit. He says, “That’s disgusting!”

Then the waitress says, “You think that’s disgusting you should see him make donuts.”




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