random thoughts for thursday july 29th, 2010

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1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature early 70’s music star MELANIE….poor girl was born with only one name….sad……MELANIE is mostly known for the 1971 quirky hit “BRAND NEW KEY”…remember that one? “I’VE GOT A BRAND NEW PAIR OF ROLLERSKATES, YOU’VE GOT A BRAND NEW KEY.”  you either loved that song or hated it…there was no middle ground…..here’s what the lovely MELANIE looked like back in her heyday….

and here is singer MELANIE today at the age of 63….

here it is!!!!!!  MELANIE singing “BRAND NEW KEY” ‘live’ back in the early 70’s…..



PASS THE SUGAR HONEY….it’s a classic 1970’s commercial for “SUPER SUGAR CRISP.”  you’ll remember this one….



man, this was one great album, and it was the album that was on the charts the night he was shot and killed…it’s JOHN LENNON’S classic album “DOUBLE FANTASY”, which featured the great songs, “JUST LIKE STARTING OVER,” AND “WOMAN.” 

this is, of course, JOHN LENNON with his wife YOKO ONO….YOKO did something a few years after JOHN’S death that suprised a lot of people…she released an album with JOHN LENNON’S glasses from the shooting on the cover, WITH THE BLOOD STILL ON THEM…yuck….

4.  SCARY MOMENT YESTERDAY….you probably know that i do about three “live” broadcasts a month from DAKOTA HOT TUBS, with DALEN….have you ever seen this hot man before?  here he is….

well, yesterday DALEN was out at the radio station cutting an ad for the radio…..as we were walking out of the building, he stopped in the lobby while i ran out to my van to get something for him.  when i walked back in MR. SUPER DORK, DALEN, was holding a snake in his hand, waving it at me….well, everyone knows that i’m TERRIFIED OF SNAKES, so in about a three second span, i was clear across the parking lot…DOOFUS…..he thought he was so incredibly funny, and even the ones who are deathly afraid of snakes like i am, were laughing at me….he should have waved it towards them…ha ha

5.  IT’S OFFICIAL…I HAVE MY FIRST “WII” INJURY….last night, JEANNIE AND I were playing our “wii” games, and we happened to be playing baseball.  JEANNIE was pitching, and I was batting.  she made a big windup, threw the ball, and CRACKED ME IN THE BACK WITH THE CONTROLLER AND HER HAND…there was this loud, “SMACK”, and i was laying on the couch….we laughed ourselves silly over that last night….AAAHHHHH…THE MEMORIES….

6.  i think the good LORD lets our boys work and run around the last couple of years of high school, so that we can slowly get used to not having them around.  don’t get me wrong, i would just as soon have them home with us, but i know that they are growing up and ready to move on…..here’s the good news…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING HOME ALONE WITH JEANNIE….it’s going to be sad having a home that is quiet, but i cannot wait for the years to come of being home with her…….except for her trying to kill me with a wii controller……

7.  a new report says that NORTH DAKOTA and ALASKA lead the nation in getting the economy going…that’s not really fair, though….because in ALASKA building an igloo counts has a housing boom…..

8.  MEL GIBSON talked with police this week to discuss a claim that he was extorted by his ex-girlfriend…the police insisted on talking to MEL in person, because they really didn’t dare talk to him on the phone….

9.  MEL GIBSON claims to be alcohol free since his 2006 DUI arrest….if that’s true, then MEL, can i remind you that there are many many decaffeinated brand of coffee on the market that taste just as good….

10.  the much hated DALLAS COWBOYS new rookie DEZ BRYANT, ignored a rookie tradition and refused to carry the shoulder pads of wide reciever ROY WILLIAMS….WILLIAMS would have carried them himself, but he kept dropping them….HA HA…

11.  it’s wedding weekend for CHELSEA CLINTON and her future husband….it must be really tough to be the son in law, when your father in law insists on having weekly bachelor parties even after the wedding….

12.  with about a week to go in jail, LINDSAY LOHAN says that she wants to spend time with her family before going to rehab…GREAT IDEA LINDSAY….spend time with the people that put you in those places in the first place…great influences, huh?


this man is walking down the beach one day and sees a bottle.  he picks it up, and POOF, a genie pops out.  the genie tells the man that he can ask for whatever he wants, but his ex-wife will get double of everything he gets….the man agrees and asks for five million dollars, and POOF, the money shows up, and the genie says that now his ex-wife has 10 million dollars.  the man next asks for a really nice brand new house, the genie agrees, and gives his ex-wife TWO beautiful houses…the genie says to the man, “you have one more wish, what do you want?”  the man says, “pick up that brick over there and beat me half to death.”





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