random thoughts for friday july 30th, 2010

today’s blog sponsored, as always, by the good folks at DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS, BOTH IN ABERDEEN…

1.  hey, we have a celebrity birthday today…singer PAUL ANKA is 69 years old today…that’s right, teetering on 70….PAUL ANKA has been singing and entertaining for over five decades, and still is performing today in LAS VEGAS….here’s PAUL ANKA back in his heyday in the 50’s….

here’s a PAUL ANKA album that my MOM had when i was growing up…used to love this album…

and here’s PAUL ANKA today on his 69th birthday…

here’s an older video of PAUL ANKA  singing a medley of his hits…



“how do they get the air into bubble wrap?…never thought of that, did you?”


here’s an album that a lot of people at good ole LANGFORD HIGH SCHOOL had when i was a junior in high school…it’s by the band called “THE KINGS”….

it featured the great songs “SWITCHIN’ TO GLIDE” and “THE BEAT GOES ON.”  good stuff….takes me right back to high school….

remember the song?  check it out right here…



this is super cool…it’s a montage of commercials from 1970’s saturday morning…check it out…


5.  it’s so sad…my children have my sense of humor…ha ha..last night MITCHELL and I were playing our WII game, a day after my major injury…(i’m fine)…..well, in the last few months, we have created new “MII characters”…(pronounced “ME”)…we have characters that look like us, which is amazing, and we have “celebrity” characters that we created.  the boys created a JESUS character to have on the game, because as they say, “EVERYBODY WANTS JESUS ON THIER SIDE.”  makes sense….well, last night, MITCHELL AND I were playing games, and he was using the JESUS mii character….i beat him one time, and MITCHELL said, “DON’T WORRY, HE’LL REDEEM HIMSELF.”  ha ha…but it didn’t stop there…i felt bad for winning, and MITCHELL said, “DON’T WORRY, HE FORGIVES YOU…THIS TIME.”  i love his sense of humor….TYLER has that sense of humor, too…poor kids….

6.  because of working at both churches in HECLA AND HOUGHTON, and at CARMIKE CINEMAS, i don’t have a lot of time to be home.  well, yesterday i had a rare day off, so i went home, and for the first time in months and months, i took a TWO AND A HALF HOUR NAP….it felt so so so good…and i’m kind of sad today…tonight is my last night working at CARMIKE THEATERS…i’m really really going to miss working with the kids…they are incredible, and have made my time there feel like not even working at all.

7.  speaking of movies, i’m planning on seeing a couple of movies this weekend while my family deserts me…i am definetly going to see “DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS” with PAUL RUDD AND STEVE CARRELL….i’m also planning on seeing “RAMONA AND BEEZUS”, which is based on my favorite book series as a child, “RAMONA QUIMBY”, by BEVERLY CLEARY…..should be a fun weekend…

8.  PRESIDENT OBAMA gave a speech on education reform.  he realized how important a good education would be after he talked with the women on “THE VIEW.”   OUCH!!!

9.   FLORIDA man, driving himself to the hospital after getting shot, made a pit stop at KFC to get some food…he’s a smart guy…that’s a great way to stop the bleeding….by stopping the heart….

10.  a would be robber in BRITISH COLUMBIA, was arrested after he cut in line at a STARBUCKS right in front of two cops…cutting in front of two cops to get coffee and doughnuts?  is this guy nuts?  he could have been killed!!!

11.  DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, opens up in theaters tonight…it’s based on a night when MEL GIBSON, TIGER WOODS, JESSE JAMES, and former BP chief TONY HAYWARD grabbed a bite to eat at DENNY’S….

12.  reaction continues to CHELSEA CLINTON’S wedding this weekend in upstate NEW YORK….her dad, BILL CLINTON was very emotional yesterday…he found out that his hotel pay-per-view didn’t have any porn channels….


A doctor vacationing on the Riviera met an old lawyer friend and asked him what he was doing there.
    The lawyer replied, “Remember that lousy real estate I bought? Well, it caught fire, so here I am with the fire insurance proceeds. What are you doing here?”
    The doctor replied, “Remember that lousy real estate I had in Mississippi? Well, the river overflowed, and here I am with the flood insurance proceeds.”
    The lawyer looked puzzled. “Gee,” he asked, “how do you start a flood?”




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