random thoughts for tuesday august 3rd, 2010

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1.  well, the excitement is building….legendary singer KENNY ROGERS is coming to this year’s BROWN COUNTY FAIR….kudos to the fair for getting this incredible talent…..i thought it would be fun to focus on KENNY ROGERS today…here he is back in the 70’s….

every time there is a show on tv talking about “botched plastic surgeries”, KENNY ROGERS comes up….here is KENNY ROGERS today at the age of 71…WOW…71….

here’s super duper star KENNY ROGERS singing, “THE GAMBLER.”



here’s “THE GAMBLER” album cover from 1979….EVERYBODY had this album…

in addition to “THE GAMBLER”, this album also featured the hit song “SHE BELIEVES IN ME”……

3.  i had no idea that bandleader and sing along specialist MITCH MILLER was still alive…KEY WORD “WAS”….MITCH MILLER died this past weekend at the age of 99….remember him?

here he is recently…

4.  THE TY-D-BOWL MAN IS DEAD…actor DAN RESIN, who portrayed the tiny TY-D-BOWL man in commercials in the 70’s died this past weekend at the age of 79…he also played DR. BEEPER, the pompous physician in the hit movie “CADDYSHACK.”

here is his TY-D-BOWL commercial…


5.  what a tragedy in MINNESOTA….a 12 year old boy died from a “slingshot” injury…..the boy was playing with another boy with homemade slingshots, and while playing, shot a six pound rock into the air.  the rock came down, hitting the boy in the chest, killing him….horrible….freak accident…how many times as kids did we do stupid things with slingshots?  our sympathies and prayers go out to the boy’s family in MINNESOTA……

6.  i had to eat my words last night….a few weeks back i said that i would NEVER EVER ump a softball game behind the plate again….well, last night, it was me, or no ump…so, instead of choosing the proper choice of “no ump”, i did it for a few innings…ha ha….it was a lot better last night than the previous time…

7.  i’ll have a review tomorrow of the movie “DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS.”  JEANNIE AND I are going out on a “date” tonight, so we’ll go see the movie tonight….i’ve heard a lot of good comments on the movie, so i can’t wait to see it tonight.

8.  photos from CHELSEA CLINTON’S wedding are making their way onto the internet….BILL CLINTON said that he can’t wait for the couple to have kids, so he can hand out cigars to his interns…

9.  in MISSISSIPPI, two men wrapped blocks of wood in duct tape and bubble wrap, attached TOSHIBA labels to them and tried to pass them off as laptop computers….pathetic…however, it probably could out perform my home computer right now…

10.  two MICHIGAN coffee houses report that their business has doubled since making their counter workers wear bikinis and lingerie…it’s going so well, that next week they plan on hiring WOMEN…

11.  HUGH HEFNER said that PLAYBOY will soon be opening casinos….hmm…PLAYBOY and CASINOS…either way someone is going to lose thier shirt….

12.  a man in ATLANTA robbed a WENDY’S, and then called the store to complain about how small the loot is…see? that’s what is different with today’s people compared to when i was young…when i robbed stores when i was younger, i appreciated EVERY CENT I GOT…


the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE was considering putting out “celebrity stamps.”  possible stamps included ROSIE O’DONNELL, MEL GIBSON, and TIGER WOODS…plans were cancelled after they realized that people would probably spit on the wrong side….





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