random thoughts for thursday august 5th, 2010

the wonderful folks at DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS IN ABERDEEN, are proud to bring you today’s daily blog!!!

1.  this is kind of hard to believe…LONI ANDERSON who played the beautiful secretary JENNIFER MARLOWE on “WKRP IN CINCINNATI” is 65 years old today….wow…and still looking beautiful by the way….here she is back in the 80’s.

and here is LONI ANDERSON today on  her 65th birthday….(what the heck was BURT REYNOLDS thinking when he let this sexy siren get away?)

2.  a few years back, the CARTOON NETWORK brought back “SPACEGHOST” from the 70’s….only this time he was a talk show host…funny funny stuff….the best part of the show was “BRAK”….he used to come out and talk about his days in grade school…it was hilarous…this is my favorite…..



many many many people had this album in their collection…

this is JOHN DENVER’S greatest hits album, featuring all the hits like “SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDERS” “ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH”, “GOODBYE AGAIN” and others….years ago, i saw JOHN DENVER at WE-FEST in DETROIT LAKES, MINNESOTA…it was an awesome concert, but he got booed at the end, because he left the stage with no encore, and he didn’t sing “THANK GOD I’M A COUNTRY BOY”….at WE-FEST, and he didn’t sing that song…oh well, the show was great anyway….

here’s a couple of “live in concert” videos of JOHN DENVER…the first one is “ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH.”


man, i miss this guy….here’s “ANNIE’S SONG.”

4.  had a great night at home last night with the entire family at the supper table for once….and guess what we had?  CORN ON THE COB….i know it’s not really in season up here, but wherever the store got it, it was incredible…but i cannot wait until a few weeks from now, when everyone gives us a bag of corn on the cob….

5.  “SHARK WEEK” is on tv this week…..last night i watched late night host CRAIG FERGUSON putting on the equipment and heading underwater where he fed and held sharks…NO THANK YOU….things worked out okay, but i think you have to be CRAZY to hold them and caress them like they were doing…..at any given time, they had 5-10 sharks circling them….the funniest line of the night? as CRAIG FERGUSON was getting in the water, he asked the trained pro, “CAN THE SHARKS SMELL PEE PEE?”  ha ha

6.  a few days ago, TYLER AND I played a nine hole golf game on our WII machine….TWO TIMES i chipped the ball in from just outside the greens….we jumped around and celebrated, as i wondered “WHY CAN’T THIS HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE WHEN I AM GOLFING?”  i really struggle on the greens at the golf courses…and by the way, my schedule has been hectic…i haven’t golfed ONCE this year, yet….

7.  LiveScience.com just ran a story about eleven items that are in danger of going extinct…they include fax machines, DVD players, landline telephones, and KATHIE LEE GIFFORD…..

8.  a woman in FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA who stiffed her plastic surgeon after recieving thousands of dollars of BOTOX treatments, was arrested last week.  police described her as “armed and expressionless.”

9.  there are rumors that PAULA ABDUL could return to be a judge on AMERICAN IDOL…she’s just waiting for the call so she can catch the first spaceship back to EARTH…

10.  CHARLIE SHEEN is going to rehab….LINDSAY LOHAN is already there, and MEL GIBSON might be going soon…hmmm..this must be the reason PRESIDENT OBAMA is calling this the “SUMMER OF RECOVERY.”

11.  BRISTOL PALIN AND LEVI JOHNSTON have called off their engagement AGAIN…why?  because they added it up and realized that thier combined IQ’S still weren’t high enough to be a functioning adult. by the way, they must have attended the “BRETT FAVRE SCHOOL FOR COMMITMENT.”

12.  LOUISVILLE basketball coach RICK PITINO said that his sexual encounter with a mistress lasted less than 15 seconds…it had to…he had to beat the shot clock….

13.  two CALIFORNIA women were arrested and charged after a brawl erupted at a kindergarten graduation….a kindergarten arrest is a little bit different…the women immediately went home and put their arrest warrants on the refridgerator with a magnet.


One night,this guy came into a bar and asked the bartender for a drink ,Then he asked for another.After a couple more drinks ,the bartender got worried.
“What’s the matter?” the bartender asked.
“My wife and T got into a fight ,”explained the guy ,”And now she isn’t talking to me for the whole 31 days.”
The bartender thought about this for a while,”But ,isn’t it a good thing that she isn’t talking to you?” asked the bartender.
“Yeah,except today is the last night.”





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