random thoughts for thursday august 12th, 2010

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1.  can you believe that actor ROBERT CONRAD is 81 years old?  ROBERT CONRAD starred in one of my favorite tv shows back in the 60’s and 70’s called “THE WILD WILD WEST.”  it co-starred actor ROSS MARTIN…remember this show?

they had a TOTALLY COOL tv theme song and opening credits…check it out…


here’s another younger picture of ROBERT CONRAD…

remember ROBERT CONRAD’S hit tv show “BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP”?  used to love that show, too….here’s the opening credits….see if you remember this show….


here’s  ROBERT CONRAD today at the age of 81….this is him probably with a fan….


“I DARE YOU TO KNOCK THIS OFF.”  speaking of ROBERT CONRAD, he appeared in a very popular 1970’s tv commercial about EVERREADY BATTERIES….



WHAT THE HECK?  here are some very WEIRD album covers…

4.  it was a nice trip down memory lane last night as my brother TROY AND I made a trip to BRITTON for a family service at the funeral home for our cousin’s dad…..my church secretary PAM gave us a tour of the STRAND THEATER, which brought back many many memories.  TROY AND I used to go to the movies all the time when were were young and lived in BRITTON….

5.  plus, we went to the KREE MEE stand on the east side of BRITTON…our GRANDMA AND GRANDPA RAMSEY used to pick us up at our home, and take us to the KREE MEE for an ice cream cone, and then we’d drive around BRITTON until our ice cream was gone, then they would take us back to our home….wonderful memories….last night i had to have my usual…footlong with ketchup, a bbq, and a large pop…and of course, i had to have a small vanilla cone for desert….i blew my diet all to hell last night…oh well, back on the horse today…..mmm….horse…..

6.  it’s awesome to get together with family that you haven’t seen in awhile….memories flooded back to my brain last night, as we spent time with the LIKNESS family….we used to be out to their farm all the time when we were kids….one of my brother TROY AND MY favorite memories was our cousin DARREN.  he used to chase us around with a stuffed alligator…scared the crap out of us….

7.  STEPHEN HAWKING said that the human race must vacate planet EARTH and move to space or face extinction…wow…that’s the most threatening foreclosure notice yet!!!

8.  WRESTLING boss VINCE MCMAHON’S wife LINDA, won the republican nomination for senate in CONNECTICUT…instead of the general election, they’ll hold a cage match….

9.  remember the other day when we told you that BRITISH engineers have developed a vehicle that runs on methane from human waste?  we found out the name of the vehicle…LITTLE DEUCE POOP….

10.  LATINO cartoon character DORA THE EXPLORER turned 10 this week….as a gift she got a new map that doesn’t include ARIZONA….

11.  “SPIDERMAN THE MUSICAL” is set to open on BROADWAY in december….i saw that one on the web…..BA-DUMP BUMP….

12.  in CHICAGO, four sisters have delivered four babies within four days of each other….that’s what they get when they drink to much at the family CHRISTMAS…okay, that was sick….


during a visit to the doctor, a man asked the doctor “how do you determine when an older person should go into a nursing home?”  the said, “well, we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup, and a bucket to the person to empty the bathtub.”  the guy said, “oh, i understand….a normal person would use a bucket, because it’s bigger than the other two.”  the doctor said,”no…a normal person would pull the plug in the tub….so, would you like a bed near a window?”




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