random thoughts for monday august 16th, 2010

today’s daily blog sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS IN ABERDEEN….and we thank them….and you should, too….

1.  how cool is this?  a husband and wife are BOTH celebrating birthdays today…..former sports star FRANK GIFFORD and his wife, the chatty KATHY LEE GIFFORD, are both celebrating birthdays on this special day…so, let’s salute both of them in our “today and yesterday” photos.

by the way, KATHY LEE GIFFORD is 57 today, and her hubby FRANK GIFFORD has a milestone…he’s 80 years old today…

here’s KATHY LEE in her younger years….

and here she is today at the age of 57……

FRANK GIFFORD was a football star for the NEW YORK GIANTS…here’s an earlier picture of him…

and here’s FRANK GIFFORD today on his 80th birthday….

2.  this is hard to beleive, but “THE KING” ELVIS PRESLEY has been dead now for 33 years…..ELVIS died on this day in 1977…here’s a little tribute to the greatest singer in the history of music….

here’s one from ELVIS PRESLEY’S last concert in MEMPHIS in 1976….

here’s a photo of ELVIS in his casket…..

3.  c’mon, we have to have a couple of ELVIS videos, right?  here’s THE KING performing “JAIL HOUSE ROCK.”


and here is ELVIS performing one of my favorite songs of his “THE WONDER OF YOU.”


4.  well, we didn’t catch a movie at the theater this weekend, but we did watch a good one last night.  one of my favorite movies of the past decade is “ROLE MODELS”….

there’s some “juicy language” in this movie, but it’s absolutely hilarious….it stars PAUL RUDD and SEAN WILLIAM SCOTT, but the breakout character in this movie is BOBBE J. THOMPSON, who plays a foul mouth little kid….

5.  well, this morning was another “get out of bed at 3am”, and head off to ANYTIME FITNESS to walk on the treadmill.  i walked THREE MILES this morning…that’s the most i’ve done since i started…the bad thing is this….it’s going to be hard losing weight if i continue to eat like i did this weekend….my biggest downfall is when i sit and watch tv…i can’t even imagine what the NFL SEASON is going to be like….

6.  i am enjoying trying to lose weight, but here’s one thing i don’t like…YOGURT SUCKS….

7.  the FDA has approved a five day emergency contraceptive pill….it’s expected to prevent any more unwanted BRISTOL PALIN-LEVI JOHNSTON engagments….

8.  SYLVESTER STALLONE’S movie “THE EXPENDABLES” easily beat out JULIA ROBERTS movie “EAT PRAY LOVE” for the number one movie of the weekend….proving that a lot of men would rather be shot with 347 bullets than be dragged to a JULIA ROBERTS movie…here’s an idea…maybe JULIA ROBERTS should have named her movie “SHOOT, STAB, DIE.”

9.  in a recent issue of VOGUE, HALLE BERRY admits that she’s still looking for MR. RIGHT…and by MR. RIGHT, she means not me….

10.  JERSEY SHORE”S so called actress “SNOOKI”, is claiming that PRESIDENT OBAMA is lying when he says he doesn’t know who she is….that’s unfair…after a typical night of partying, even SNOOKI doesn’t know who she is….


a husband and wife were sitting in a bar talking and having a beer, when the wife announced that she wanted to have breast enlargement surgery to make them look bigger.  her husband told her that she didn’t have to waste all that money on surgery.  the wife said, “then what should i do?”  the husband said, “just rub toilet paper between them.”  the wife said, “how will that make them bigger?”  and the husband said, “i don’t know, but look what it did for your butt!!!”





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