random thoughts for thursday august 19th, 2010

DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS both bring you the morning party daily blog…and we thank them very much!!!

1. in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature one of my favorite athletes of all time…DR. J…..JULIUS ERVING….DR. J. was a major star in the NEW JERSEY NETS, before becoming a member of the PHILADELPHIA 76’ERS….the 76’ERS were my favorite NBA team when i was growing up….DR. DUNK….that’s what they called him, for his fantastic dunks….here’s DR. J. in action back in the 70’s….

and here is “DR. J.”, JULIUS ERVING today at the age of 60…

2.  what would a DR. J. salute be without a video of his TOP TEN DUNKS….this is cool….


3.  ****DO NOT MISS WATCHING THIS TWO MINUTE VIDEO***  this video features a whole bunch of CLASSIC TOYS from the 60’s and 70’s…i had a whole bunch of these…see how many you recognize…


4.  TWO DAYS OF BAD LUCK…THAT’S ALL I CAN SAY….tuesday and wednesday were “bad luck” days for us….anything that could have gone wrong, did…here’s some of the things that happened….my brother TROY AND I were taking my DAD to SIOUX FALLS to replace a pacemaker….well, it all started on the way down…

****12 miles south of BROOKINGS, my van goes crazy….and quits.

****van must be towed back to BROOKINGS, which puts us an hour and a half late for surgery.

****we grab my brother TROY’S sister in laws vehicle and head to SIOUX FALLS.

****mechanic can’t find out what’s wrong with vehicle, so he can’t work on it until WEDNESDAY…so how the heck do we get home?

****meanwhile, while i’m talking to the mechanic, we find out that they need to keep DAD overnight…GREAT…

****my brother and i go to our favorite steak house, and they feed us very very stale, almost moist peanuts…

****our hotel room toilet didn’t work properly…had to call bellhop and maintenance…

****while trying to wash our “guest car”, we end up going back to the store THREE TIMES to fix the code for the wash…

****after putting in money to use vacuum cleaner, we discover that there is no “end” on the hose, so it won’t pick up anything….

this was a generalization of what happened…..there were a couple of other things, but i think you get the drift…..anyway, things turned out okay…we made it home, safe and sound yesterday late afternoon…my wonderful son MITCHELL had to come to BROOKINGS and pick us up…and guess what? MITCHELL AND I have to go back to BROOKINGS today to pick up our vehicle that has a MONSTER BILL ATTACHED TO IT….when it rains it pours…

5. HOW ABOUT THOSE MINNESOTA TWINS?  i love it when the TWINS beat the CHICAGO WHITE SOX….the TWINS are now five games in front of the WHITE SOX…keep pouring it on, boys…

6.  I CANNOT WAIT TO GET A “TUBBY BURGER” AT THE BROWN COUNTY FAIR…yes, i’m on a diet, but i’m going to blow it all to heck, because nobody is keeping me from a TUBBY BURGER…it’s an annual ritual, and if i have a heart attack, so be it…ha ha

7.  CLAY WALKER AND JOE DIFFIE tonight at the fair…it’s the only night i can go, so JEANNIE AND I will be there…plus, when i was on country radio, i played the heck out of these two…should be a good show…..no interest in JAKE OWEN, probably wouldn’t go even if i could go…KENNY ROGERS would have been incredible, but i can’t make it…but, i’ve seen him three times, so it’s okay…

8.  circumcisions are down in the UNITED STATES…the report came from an anonymous tip….

9.  a female sexologist claims that if husbands want to get thier wives in the mood for lovin’, they should hug their wives for 30 seconds without groping their breasts or butts….obviously this woman is single….

10.  a WAUKEGAN woman was arrested for robbing a credit union, after she left her debit card behind, along with a hold-up note written on a prescription with her name on it….whatever the prescription is for, they need to up the dosage…

11.  an AUKVILLE, WISCONSIN man was given a $429 citation for harrassment for berating a woman who got into an express lane with more than 10 items….SHAME ON HER…and by the way, i didn’t know that MEL GIBSON moved to WISCONSIN…

12.  HEIDI MONTAG’S plastic surgeon DR. FRANK RYAN was tragically killed in a car crash on monday…as a salute to him, HEIDI will have one of her boobs at half mast….

13.  a new study finds that one in five american teenagers suffer from some kind of hearing loss….hey, that explains the popularity of JUSTIN BIEBER….


through the pitch black night, the captain sees a light dead ahead on a collision course with his ship…the captain sends a signal..”change your course 10 degrees east.”  the light signals back, “change YOURS 10 degrees west.”  angrily, the captain sends another message. “i’m a navy captain…change your course, sir.”  the reply said, “i’m a seaman, second class…change YOUR course, sir.”  now the captain is super furious..he sends back a stern warning that said, “I’M A BATTLESHIP…I’M NOT CHANGING MY COURSE.”  and there is one last reply….”I’M A LIGHTHOUSE..IT’S YOUR CALL.”  ha ha




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