random thoughts for wednesday august 25th, 2010

today’s blog brought to you, as always, by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS, BOTH IN ABERDEEN….

1.  whatever happened to announcer GARY OWENS?  remember him?  he was the announcer on LAUGH IN…he also has used his voice on many many commercials and other projects….did you know that he was born in MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA?  that’s right…he was also the voice of SPACE GHOST on the saturday morning cartoon show….here’s GARY OWENS on LAUGH-IN..

here’s GARY OWENS today at the age of 74……

2.  legendary game show host MONTY HALL, of “LET’S MAKE A DEAL” is 89 years old today…truthfully, i didn’t know he was even still around!!!  MONTY HALL is the consumate game show host…great voice, very likeable guy……here he is on “LET’S MAKE A DEAL.”

and here he is recently….we wish him a happy 89th birthday today!!!!

the first picture is with GARY OWENS, who we just featured…


this poor dog never dig catch the wagontrain…remember this commercial?



a:  naked person running around town

b:  body found near WILMOT exit…used poisonous product to end it all.

c:  18 year old arrested for having “explosive devices” in his possession.

d:  more anthrax cases found in NORTH DAKOTA.

i don’t know if it’s the stress of the economy, or if people are just getting crazier.  but we decided to live in this region because it’s quiet and peaceful.  maybe it’s just the fact that this stuff has always happened, but it’s just getting more press today…i don’t know….

5.  is school starting earlier nowdays?  i seem to remember that when i was in school, we didn’t start until after the state fair….i have family members in SOUTH CAROLINA who go to school all year, and seem to enjoy it.  they get like a month off over CHRISTMAS, and a week at EASTER, and a couple of months off during the summer…..that would be cool….i think in the future, we’ll see more schools going to a FOUR DAY school week to save on money….

6.  we had a good laugh last night at home…i answered the phone, and it was some adult for MITCHELL…they asked, “MAY I TALK TO MITCHELL?”  and i mean to say “YOU SURELY CAN.”, but it came out, “YES YOU CAN SURELY…”  i had this funny look on my face, and then everyone at the table starting laughing uncontrolably…..yet another goof my a major goofball.

7.  OUR FAMILY FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT IS SUNDAY AFTERNOON AT OUR HOUSE…i cannot wait…i live for fantasy football and the NFL….it’s so close that i can smell the sweaty players, and the hot dogs…..okay, maybe i can’t, but i still cannot wait….(why the heck would i want to smell sweaty guys?…i need help…)

8.  first a half million eggs were recalled for salmonella, and now WAL MART is recalling 380,000 pounds of deli meat for listeria….what’s the big deal?   for years we’ve been talking about eating GREEN EGGS AND HAM….

9.  a new study finds that astronauts become as weak as an 80 year old after months at the international space station…then they come home and play quarterback for the MINNESOTA VIKINGS…

10.  the city of CLEVELAND has new trash carts that can distinguish between garbage and recyclable material….it’s a lot like what AMERICANS do on election day…

11.  a traffic jam in CHINA had people stuck in traffic for days and days….it was the best CHINESE FIRE DRILL EVER!!!!

12.  a toilet from JOHN LENNON’S home is going to be auctioned off….i guess what he did on the toilet sounded a lot like YOKO ONO’S singing…

13.  GEORGE MICHAEL pleaded guilty to drug charges…do you see how easy that was, ROGER CLEMENS?


One morning a mother was trying to wake up her son. “Wake up now! It’s time to go to school.” “I don’t want to go to school,” the son replied. His mother said, “Give me two reasons why you don’t want to go to school.” “Okay. One, all the children hate me. Two, all the teachers hate me.” “Not good enough,” the mother replied. “Fine,” the son said. “Then you give me two good reasons why I SHOULD go to school.” “One, you’re 50 years old. Two, you’re the principal of the school.”




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