random thoughts for tuesday august 31st, 2010

DAKOTA HOT TUBS, AND DISCOUNT VAC bring you today’s daily blog!!!

1.  in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature actor DONNIE MOST, who played “RALPH MALPH” on “HAPPY DAYS.”  he was one of RICHIE CUNNINGHAM’S friends…here he is from the show…

and here’s DONNIE MOST today at the tender age of 57…


“if you spend a  day doing nothing, how do you know when you are done?”


here are four commercials from the late 60’s and early 70’s on saturday morning cartoons….how cool….the cheerios commercial brought back memories…..plus a classic “tootsie pop commercial.


4.  HOLY GRASSHOPPERS BATMAN….there  must be a grasshopper infestation out west…..on our way to RAPID CITY this past saturday, JEANNIE AND I stopped at a rest area a few miles from WALL…..and we couldn’t believe the grasshoppers in the grass….they were EVERYWHERE…..  i hadn’t heard on the news about a grasshopper problem, but i guarantee they have one.

5.  well, church softball is done for another year….and as i mentioned before, my team from ST. JOHN’S IN HECLA, won the tournament after having a very mediocre season.  before we completely wrap up the season, i want to salute a man who is so important to the church softball league.  his name is TOM MEYER…..TOM works so hard, with really no recognition, to get the church league lined up, and he works hard up until the season is over…and even after that…..church league softball wouldn’t go as smoothly, or be as fun without TOM MEYER…TOM, i salute you, and i thank you for another awesome year…your talents don’t go unnoticed by yours truly, and our team.

6.  i did my first weigh-in yesterday for our “weight loss challenge” at the station, and i lost FOUR POUNDS….i’m not really happy with that, but i should be, because i didn’t work out once last week, and i’ve eaten like KIRSTIE ALLEY AND ROSIE O’DONNELL this past week…..i have absolutely ZERO self control, and i’m scared of what the NFL season is going to bring, because i usually hit the couch with a pizza and popcorn and a couple of bottles of diet pepsi…..this could be bad….

7.  a VENEZUELAN poltician is funding his campaign for the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, by raffling off a breast implant operation…wow….although it does make sense….consider most politicians are big boobs….

8.  OPRAH may tape her very last show this fall in CHICAGO’S SOLDIER FIELD….however, she should also consider WRIGLEY FIELD, being the CHICAGO CUBS never use it in OCTOBER…

9.  lingerie makers say that thanks to the “MAD MEN” fashion craze, women are wearing granny panties again….that’s why the men are mad….

10.  baseball star ROGER CLEMENS has pleaded not guilty to charges of lying to CONGRESS about alleged use of performance enhancing drugs….CLEMENS then pleaded guilty to lying about lying, and then pleaded not guilty about lying about lying about lying….

11.  a new report shows that the UNITED STATES wasted billions rebuilding IRAQ…and HEIDI MONTAG….


One afternoon, a wealthy lawyer was riding in the back of his limousine when he saw two men eating grass by the roadside. He ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate.
    “Why are you eating grass?” he asked one man.
    “We don’t have any money for food,” the poor man replied.
    “Oh, come along with me then.”
    “But sir, I have a wife with two children!”
    “Bring them along! And you, come with us too!”, he said to the other man.
    “But sir, I have a wife with six children!” the second man answered.
    “Bring them as well!”
    They all climbed into the car, which was no easy task, even for a car as large as the limo. Once underway, one of the poor fellows says, “Sir, you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you.”
    The lawyer replied, “No problem, the grass at my home is about two feet tall.”



Author: jaydeanhcr

Jay Dean spent 30 years in the radio business working morning shows and having fun on the air. Jay is now the host/creator of a very popular radio show called “Country Legends Jukebox.” Jay also helps out ministering at two churches in the area. Jay is at St. John's Lutheran in Hecla, SD, and Trinity Lutheran in Houghton, SD. Jay is blessed to have his beautiful wife Jeannie by his side, and received the two greatest gifts he could ever receive in his sons Tyler and Mitchell. Jay's interests including listening to classic country music, including his favorite Hank Williams, SR., and watching his beloved Washington Redskins and Minnesota Wild.

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