random thoughts for THE LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!

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1.  here’s today’s question…IF I WAS SINGLE, WOULD I GO OUT WITH A 70 YEAR OLD WOMAN?….the answer is no!!! NOPE, CORRECT THAT…I WOULD, IF IT WAS RAQUEL WELCH…oh my goodness….RAQUEL turns 70 this weekend, and is drop dead gorgeous and super super super hot at 70…..here’s how we remember her from yesterday…


ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?  here’s RAQUEL WELCH today at the age of 70…..



also, comedian JOANNE WORLEY from “LAUGH IN”, has a birthday this weekend…she’s 73…remember her?

here she is today at 73….the first one is with SOUTH DAKOTA NATIVE GARY OWENS, who was the announcer for “LAUGH IN.”

okay, one more birthday…”KNOT’S LANDING” star WILLIAM DEVANE is turning 71 this weekend….remember him?

and here he is today…


“if the phrase, ‘only the good die young’ is true, then what does that say about our senior citizens?”  (never thought of that, did you?)

3.  well, last night was incredible….JEANNIE, MITCHELL, AND I spent the evening looking for pictures of my beautiful wonderful GRANDPA for his funeral this weekend in BRITTON…and as we looked thru pictures, we laughed and laughed and melted from the memories that we found….we looked at baby pictures of our boys, our wedding day, our high school days and more….remember those pictures back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, where you look at the camera in one frame, and then look up in the other?  i did that…and even had a pink shirt on…WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?

4.  i have always been a firm beleiver that SOMETHING GOOD ALWAYS COMES OUT OF SADNESS…GRANDPA’S death and funeral will bring out something good out of our family and friends…i’ve witnessed it firsthand…..maybe someone will go back to church after missing for many years…..maybe a family member will re-connect with someone they haven’t communicated with for years….maybe a married couple or their children will forgive and forget and come together….i don’t know what it will be, but it always happens….

5.  what a weird appetite i had last night…..i was watching the MINNESOTA TWINS game and my WASHINGTON REDSKINS game, so i waddled into the kitchen, grabbed a bowl, cut up a banana, poured hershey’s chocolate syrup on it and sat down and devoured it…..the only thing missing?  ice cream…ha ha

6.  speaking of my REDSKINS…last night was the final night of pre-season football, and THANK GOODNESS IT WAS…last night’s game was PAINFUL to watch, because you don’t know any of the players, and chances are you’ll never hear from them again…the good news?  THE NFL STARTS THIS COMING THURSDAY WITH THE VIKINGS AND SAINTS….. (plus sunday night it’s the COWBOYS AND REDSKINS)….

7.  last night while watching the TWINS and REDSKINS, i noticed that there were two players on the teams with the last name of “WELLS”….and they both had unusual names for young guys…one guys name was BEANIE WELLS, and the other one was CASPER WELLS….hmmm….

8.  the stock market had it’s worst august since 2001…and so did a bunch of hens at the IOWA egg farms….

9.  the FDA said that IOWA farms that were responsible for the eggs with salmonella had piles of manure inside…hopefully PARIS HILTON won’t mistake it for chewing gum…(actually, i hope she does.)

10.  a mall in WASHINGTON, D.C., has installed a device called “THE MOSQUITO”, which emits an annoying high pitched noise to break up crowds of loitering hoodlums….you mean they’re broadcasting JUSTIN BIEBER songs?

11.  a businessman in ITALY, was so crushed when his girlfriend dumped him, that he paid TWENTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS for a sex doll that’s an EXACT REPLICA of her, except for the doll has BIGGER BOOBS….guys around the world think that this guy is insane…until they heard the ‘bigger boobs’ part…

12.  legendary comedian JERRY LEWIS said that he’s so sick of these ‘self indulgent young celebrities’ like LINDSAY LOHAN, PARIS HILTON, and others, that he’d like to put them over his knee and spank them…..kinky….actually, i think i’d donate one thousand dollars to his MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY TELETHON just to see that!!!

13.  ZSA ZSA GABOR’S weird husband says that after she’s gone, he wants to plastinate her body to preserve her beauty….hey, it seemed to work for HEIDI MONTAG….


so, this guy is out hunting bears, and all of a sudden finds himself cornered by a huge huge grizzly bear….so, the man drops down on his knees and prays to GOD, by saying, “DEAR GOD, I’VE LIVED A GOOD LIFE, I’VE GONE TO CHURCH, LOVED MY FAMILY, AND HELPED OUT MY FELLOW MAN…SO PLEASE GOD, LET THIS BE A CHRISTIAN BEAR…..AMEN….” 

the man gets up and noticed the bear getting down on his knees, and the bear says, “DEAR GOD, THANK YOU FOR THIS MEAL THAT YOU’VE PREPARED FOR ME…..”…..





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