random thoughts for monday september 27th, 2010


DAKOTA HOT TUBS AND DISCOUNT VAC IN ABERDEEN bring you today’s daily blog!!! make sure to thank them…

***this past friday night, a few of us went to MILLER to watch our nephew JOSH play football against CROW CREEK…MILLER beat them badly….well, some dork that you listen to in the morning had to be stupid in front of the camera….

1.  our celebrity birthday today is SHAUN CASSIDY…that’s right, MR. “DA DOO RON RON”…..he is 52 today….YEP, FIFTY TWO…how old does that make you feel….here’s SHAUN CASSIDY as you remember him…..

and here he is today on his 52nd birthday!!!!!!!!

and EVERYBODY had his 70’s album, featuring his smash hit single….

and here’s the song you know and love, “DA DOO RON RON”…


2.  as long as we’re doing 70’s heartthrobs, whatever happened to REX SMITH…he sang the 1970’s hit “YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY.”  here’s REX SMITH from yesterday, including one “for the ladies.”

and here’s REX SMITH today, at the age of 55……

ready for some “video action?”  here’s REX SMITH and his biggest record of his career, “YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY.”


boy does this song bring back memories…do you remember the REX SMITH song “SIMPLY JESSIE?”  here it is…..it’s from his movie “SOONER OR LATER.”


3.  well, my beautiful bride JEANNIE AND I went to a doubleshot of movies saturday….that’s right, we went to BACK TO BACK movies…we haven’t done that IN YEARS….we saw the new movie “YOU AGAIN.”  highly recommended…very funny…very enjoyable…it stars KRISTEN BELL, BETTY WHITE, SIGOURNEY WEAVER, JAMIE LEE CURTIS, CLORIS LEACHMAN and others….it’s about the battles nerds like me had with the “popular kids” in high school….very good movie….


the other movie we saw was the new M. NIGHT SHAMALAMADINGDONG movie called “DEVIL.”

this movie is about some people with “pasts” who get caught in an elevator together, and one of them is the “devil.”  very good movie….not so scary, just kind of keeps you guessing…..i don’t know if JEANNIE AND I have ever gone to back to back movies and liked both of them….cool day with a very COOL LADY….


my REDSKINS always “play down” to their competition, and they should have DESTROYED the ST. LOUIS RAMS, instead, we give them their second win for their coach who’s been with the team for two years….way to go boys….

but the good news is, the MINNESOTA VIKINGS got their first win of the year, as they ran over the DETROIT LIONS…

other highlights:

the DALLAS COWBOYS won the battle of TEXAS over the HOUSTON TEXANS….(DAMN)

MICHAEL VICK looked incredible for the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES….three touchdown passes and one ran in….

ANQUAN BOLDIN was awesome for the BALTIMORE RAVENS…three touchdown catches…

****AND GUESS WHAT?  I HAD HIM ON MY FANTASY TEAM…by the way, BOTH of my fantasy teams won yesterday.  i’m still undeated in my “family league.”

5.  i’m fairly impressed with myself….i have matured and grown up about watching the NFL….whether the SKINS lose or win, i just walk away from the TV and go and do something else…..i used to throw things at the TV, and scream at the tv….i still whoop and holler if something goes good, but i don’t go on a rampage anymore….

6.  here’s one thing i’m sick and tired of with the NFL, and it’s the one thing that could turn me off from watching games….I HATE WHEN THE PLAYERS DANCE AROUND, AND ACT ALL COCKY WHEN CATCHING TOUCHDOWNS OR GETTING A FIRST DOWN….here’s the thing…..


7.  some CONGRESS members are upset of comedian STEVEN COLBERT being allowed to speak to CONGRESS on immigration…he basically did his “comedy schtick”…..i don’t know what they have against comedy…i laugh every time that they introduce new legislation……

8.  FACEBOOK experienced technical difficulties for two days last week that kept MILLIONS of people from logging in….turned out to be the most productive two days in AMERICA in over five years….

9.  THIS IS SICK….the newest fad among teenagers is where they bite each other and suck each others blood…YUCK…they’re either obsessed with the “TWILIGHT” movies, or they’re planning for a run for CONGRESS…

10.  a new study shows that men don’t even notice when a woman is wearing high heels…unless she’s carrying them by her chest…

11.  the world’s largest wind farm is now operating off the coast of ENGLAND….it’s the second largest wind farm if you count the one in WASHINGTON, D.C….(man, i’m hammering on CONGRESS today…oh well, they deserve it…)

12.  singer KATY PERRY’S SESAME STREET promo was cancelled because of her revealing dress…now kids will have to find another way to learn to count to two…

13.  LADY GAGA’S infamous “meat dress” is to be treated and archived for posterity….it will go thru a drying out process…JUST LIKE LINDSAY LOHAN…


A lady calls the police to report her husband is missing. The police arrive and ask for a description. She tells them he’s 6 feet 2 inches tall, blonde wavy hair and has a smile that makes everybody love him.
    The police then go to the next door neighbor to verify this report and the lady next door tells the police, “You can’t believe her. He’s 5 feet 4 inches tall, has no hair and he wears a perpetual frown on his face.”
    The neighbor then goes and asks the lady why she gave the police such a false report. She replies, “Just because I reported him missing, doesn’t mean I wanted him back!”






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