random thoughts for wednesday september 29th, 2010

DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS both bring you today’s daily blog, and we are grateful to them….

1.  “THE KILLER” is celebrating a birthday today…no, it’s not O.J. SIMPSON, it’s rocker JERRY LEE LEWIS…..he’s 75 today…yepper, 75…….he’s gone thru many things in his lifetime, including marrying his 13 year old cousin…..wild stuff….i used to have a major crush on my cousin LISA, but i wouldn’t marry her….anyway, here’s JERRY LEE LEWIS back in the day…nice looking guy….

and here is JERRY LEE LEWIS today on his 75th birthday…

the first one is with a very cute fan….

2.  oh come on…we HAVE TO DO a video from JERRY LEE…here’s his signature song, and one of the biggest and greatest songs of all time….”GREAT BALLS OF FIRE.”



“if you are in hell, and get mad at someone, where do you tell them to go?”

4.  i was talking to a friend the other day….(yes, i have friends, believe it or not), and we were talking about how protective we are of our kids today…which is okay….but i told him that when TROY AND I were younger, we used to walk the creek by VEBLEN, which was behind our home.  we would walk it for miles, and then come home a few hours later….no questions asked….nowdays we have to worry about “weirdos” and “wackos” who abduct and harass kids….did we have nut jobs like that years ago? if we did, and we probably did, we didn’t hear much about them…..

5.  one of the hardest parts of today’s world is watching your high school being torn down…..a few years back LANGFORD HIGH SCHOOL tore down thier high school, and i actually have bricks in my garage from the school….i was talking with a friend from VEBLEN the other day, and they were sad about having their school torn down, too….they were upset though, that they didn’t have the chance to watch it, or to grab some bricks from them.

6.  well, this morning in the STRATFORD area, there’s a deer walking around with a major pain in it’s behind….last night, coming home from HECLA, i was tooling along the highway near STRATFORD heading home to WARNER, when a deer came out of the ditch and STOOD THERE looking at me….i slammed on my brakes, everything from the back of the van came to the front, and i stopped just in time to slam my bumper into the deers rear end….i didn’t hit it hard enough to do any damage, other than to slam him in the rectum…RECTUM HELL, IT DAMN NEAR KILLED HIM….(a line from one of my all time favorite jokes)

7.  the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA heatwave broke all records the other day, when LOS ANGELES hit 113 degrees…wow…PARIS HILTON would have said her signature line, ‘THAT’S HOT”, but 113 was about 109 numbers above where she can count to.

8.  the PENDLETON, OREGON “ROUND UP” is marking it’s 100th anniversary with their first official “RODEO INSPIRED COLOGNE.”  i’m not saying that it’s horrible smelling, but let’s just say in the dating world, an eight second ride is going to be almost impossible.

9.  former TIGER WOODS mistress RACHEL UCHITEL is looking at getting her master’s degree in criminal justice….she’ll be investigating crimes, and setting up stings to catch criminals…this may be well and good, but everyone knows that she does her best work “undercovers.”  BAH-ZING….

10.  tv show star JOHNNY KNOXVILLE from the “JACKASS’ series has married his longtime girlfriend NAOMI NELSON…the happy couple promises to stay together for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, and till a paintball to the groin do they part….

11.  as we reported yesterday, “TITANIC” star GLORIA STUART died the other day at the age of 100…sources say that the was going to push her “life alert” button, but she dropped it in the water….(you won’t get that one unless you watched the movie.)

12.  some UNITED STATES executions have been put on hold because of a shortage of lethal drugs….here’s an idea….feed them the “double down” sandwich from KFC, or the “monsterburger” from HARDEES….


Doctor: Take one of these everyday for the rest of your life.

Patient: But there is only seven pills in the bottle!

Doctor: I know.


This guy goes to a psychologist. The psychologist shows him an
inkblot and says, “What does this remind you of?” The guy says,
“A naked woman.”

Then he shows him another inkblot and asks him the same question
and the guy says, “A naked woman on a bed.”

Then the psychologist tells to him, “You sick pervert!” The guy
replies, “I’m not a pervert, you are the one who is showing me
all these naughty pictures.”




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