“FONZIE” star HENRY WINKLER turns 65 this weekend….65!!! here’s a before and after picture of HENRY WINKLER…   and this will make you rockers feel old….GRACE SLICK of “JEFFERSON AIRPLANE…JEFFERSON STARSHIP” and whatever else they called it…is 71…..SEVENTY ONE YEARS OLD… here’s a before and after of GRACE SLICK


i’m not going to do the top 12 over, but one of them has to be booted out, and i don’t know which one… we’ll make this an “honorary top five” of all time… HOW COULD I FORGET THE MOVIE THAT SCARED THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME… GEEZ WHAT AN IDIOT….


man, did this take some time…i present to you…just in time for halloween…. JAY DEAN’S TOP 12 FAVORITE HORROR MOVIES OF ALL TIME….  12.  this movie scared the crap out of me when i was in junior high…and i heard stories on tv about people afraid to go in the water, and afraid to get […]

random thoughts for friday october 29th, 2010

YOUR DAILY BLOG IS SPONSORED BY DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS…   1.  today, i’m going to salute BOB KEESHAN, who played “CAPTAIN KANGAROO.”  used to LOVE that show…..i’m going to show you a video in a few minutes of some classic pictures from the show that will bring back great memories….BOB KEESHAN died […]


HAWAII FIVE-O star JAMES MACARTHUR is dead at the age of 72….JAMES played JACK LORD’S sidekick on the show…JACK LORD used to say to him “BOOK EM’ DANNO.”  the saying became a staple in people’s vocabulary… PICTURES AND MORE TO COME TOMORROW ON THE DAILY BLOG… PLUS, TOMORROW…..JAY DEAN’S 12 FAVORITE HORROR MOVIES OF ALL […]


dear politicians, i’m sure i speak for a lot of people when i write this letter.  with the elections coming up, and things heating up, i think there’s a couple of things i have to say. first of all, i don’t give A CRAP, what you think the other candidates have done…you may have some […]

random thoughts for wednesday october 27th, 2010

SLOW DOWN OUT THERE TODAY!!! winds up to 50 miles per hour and snow sticking to the roads are creating some hazardous driving conditions in parts of our area…I JUST ABOUT TOOK OUT A BRIDGE ON THE WAY IN FROM WARNER TODAY….the winds whipped my van around, and i, luckily steered away from the bridge….scary […]