1.  congratulations are in order for the WARNER MONARCHS volleyball team.  the number one rated and undefeated class “b” MONARCHS played the number one rated and undefeated class ‘a’ team, WAGNER, on saturday night with WARNER beating them three games to none….wow……

2.  NFL FOOTBALL TONIGHT BABY….it’s the return of RANDY MOSS with the MINNESOTA VIKINGS as they head to NEW YORK to play the JETS…this is BRETT FAVRE’S first visit back to NEW YORK after playing one season with the JETS….should be a dandy tonight….

3.  THE MINNESOTA TWINS ARE SO FRUSTRATING…they win the division a couple of weeks early, play their best ball of the season, go on a downslide the last few days of the season, and get blown out by the EVIL EMPIRE NEW YORK YANKEES in round one of the playoffs…….i can’t imagine how disappointing this series was for RON GARDENHIRE and the TWINS….but, back to the drawing board, and sources in MINNEAPOLIS say that some of the players who were there this year, probably won’t be there next year, as the twins may be cutting thier payroll….DON’T DO IT TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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