random thoughts for wednesday october 13th, 2010

dakota hot tubs and discount vac bring you today’s daily blog!!


1.  WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MA AND PA WALTON?  let’s find out….of course, RALPH WAITE played “JOHN WALTON” on “THE WALTON’S”, and MICHAEL LERNED played OLIVIA WALTON ….let’s check in on MICHAEL LERNED first….you don’t find many women named “MICHAEL.”  here’s “MA” back on the show…

and here she is today at the age of 71.  must be a fan that she is with…

JOHN WAITE believe it or not, is 82 years old…wow…and still acting…here he is back on the show, including one with his on screen wife….

and here is RALPH WAITE today….

and what would a salute be without a full cast shot of “THE WALTON’S”…..


we haven’t done this for awhile.  do you remember a cereal called “FRUIT BRUTE?”  it was part of the cereal collection with “FRANKENBERRY” and “COUNT CHOCULA.”  i don’t remember it, but here’s a commercial anyway…


3.  THIS IS AWESOME….watch this two minute video of the “TEN FAVORITE CEREALS”, and see how many of these you remember….i used to love “KABOOM” by the way….


4.  i don’t even want to mention this, but i feel i need to.  you know this BRETT FAVRE debacle going on where he supposedly sent pictures of his wee wee to some girl other than his wife?  I DON’T CARE….this matter is between BRETT AND HIS WIFE only….the media is beating the hell out of it, and it frustrates me every time i hear about it…..you won’t hear me talk about it again.

5.  THE CHILEAN MINERS ARE BEING RESCUED…what a wonderful story.  these miners have been stuck, like a mile down, for two months now….officials were unsure if they would have them out by CHRISTMAS, but THANK GOD, they are doing it now.  by the way, if you are wondering how they stayed healthy, food and drinks were sent down thier via a tube…..this is gross, but i’m wondering where they piled their dooty while down there?  this is how my mind works…i think of stupid stuff.

6.  have you seen the new CONAN O’BRIEN commercials in the blimp promoting his upcoming show?  they are crazy funny…especially the one where he talks about the baseball game that it runs in.  and the fact that he OBVIOUSLY dubbed the teams name in there makes it more funny…check it out….


7.  a federal judge has stopped the enforcement of the “DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL” policy, ending the military’s 17 year old ban on openly gay soldiers…however, they are keeping in place the “DON’T ASK OF JUSTIN BIEBER IS A DUDE OR A CHICK” policy.

8.  a WISCONSIN farmer has set a new world record by growing a 1810 pound pumpkin….that broke the old record for the biggest pumpkins, held by PAMELA ANDERSON.

9.  a new study found that AMERICAN college students who study abroad become heavy drinkers.  well, if you were stuck at the UNIVERSITY OF NORTH KOREA, you’d drink too.


This farmer had a wife who nagged him all the time. One day while he was outside plowing the field, she came out and started nagging him. While she was doing this, the mule kicked her and she died.
    At the funeral, the ladies came up and talked to the farmer. The farmer nodded his head “yes.”
    The men came up and talked to him and the farmer nodded his head “no.”
    Well this other man wondered why he nodded his head “yes” to the ladies and “no” to the men. So he went up to the farmer and asked him why.
    The farmer replied, “Well, when the ladies came up, they told me how pretty my wife’s dress was and how pretty she looked. When the men came up, they asked, ‘That mule for sale?'”






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