random thoughts for wednesday october 20th, 2010



1.  happy birthday wishes today are going out to actor ERIC SCOTT… you probably don’t know that name, but you do know the name of BEN WALTON  on “THE WALTON’S.”  that’s right, ERIC SCOTT played one of the kids on that awesome show, and he’s turning 52 years old today!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember which one BEN was?

and here’s what ERIC SCOTT looks like today at 52…..


***speaking of “THE WALTON’S”, keep watching the blog, because one day soon, i’m going to show you what EACH WALTON KID looks like today…should be fun….but is gonna take some work…lots of kids, you know…ha ha***


2.  as one of my friends put it yesterday….”geez…first we lose MRS. CLEAVER, and now MR. CUNNINGHAM…”……this past weekend we lost BARBARA BILLINGSLEY, who played JUNE CLEAVER on “LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.”  yesterday we said goodbye to actor TOM BOSELY who played “MR. CUNNINGHAM”, on “HAPPY DAYS.” 

he looks like everyone’s grandpa, doesn’t he…..TOM BOSELY played RICHIE AND JOANIE CUNNINGHAM’S dad on the show, and will go down as one of the best tv dad’s ever…..he was 82 when he died yesterday…..

3.  speaking of the tv show “HAPPY DAYS”, i found a really cool video for you to watch…..do you remember all the “big stars” who were “unknown stars” back when they appeared on “HAPPY DAYS?”….well, watch this…you’ll love it….


4.  i have such a one track mind…last night at bible study, we started talking about the “WISDOM OF SOLOMON”, and all i could think of was “THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON” on my favorite tv show theme…..remember?


5.  man, my ping pong skills were at an all time high last night.  i beat JEANNIE three games to none last night, and i haven’t done that FOR A LONG LONG TIME….crap…maybe i was dreaming it…i’d better call her today and see…..(i guarantee she’ll say it was a dream).

6.  my son called yesterday to “thank me” for him having my family’s allergy problems…ha ha….yep, we’re in that season….i woke up this morning thinking that i was actually LYING in a grain field because of the way i felt…..i think it’s going to be one of those seasons….

7.  a company is marketing a new alarm clock that is LOUDER THAN A CHAINSAW….it’s guaranteed to wake you up in time to put on clean underwear….

8.  BRITISH doctors removed a tooth from the ear of a man who was in severe pain for 33 years….the man said his only regret was spending his childhood with MIKE TYSON…

9.  the new CBS daytime show “THE TALK” debuted this week…and it’s so similar to “THE VIEW’, that WHOOPI GOLDBERG AND JOY BEHAR walked out of this show too….

10.  MEL GIBSON will be making a cameo in the upcoming movie “THE HANGOVER 2″….MEL’S agent sent a TEXT MESSAGE to MEL about the offer…why?  because nobody in his right mind wants to be on the telephone with MEL GIBSON right now….


an elderly lady calls her local newspaper and yells at the person who answers the phone.  “i’m 92 years old, and all i look forward to is my sunday paper, and it’s not here…where is my sunday paper?”   the girl on the other line politely told the lady that she was mistaken, because today was , in fact, saturday….to which the elderly lady said, “well, then…that sure makes sense as to why nobody was in church this morning either.”





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