random thoughts for thursday october 21st, 2010

DAKOTA HOT TUBS AND DISCOUNT VAC BRING YOU TODAY’S BLOG…by the way, i will be at DAKOTA HOT TUBS friday from 10am-1pm…stop by…..


1.  a hair of 65 years ago today, GOD placed an angel on this earth to be the most beautiful, most loving, most compassionate, and most caring person in my life.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA…I LOVE YOU….

i have never met a more loving woman than my mom….she is incredible.  how one person can hold a family together for so many years is  beyond me.  how one person can raise five kids and take care of a husband, and still remain sane is beyond me. 

it’s always been considered a “negative” to be a “MAMA’S BOY”…well, i’m here to tell you that i’m 46 and i’ve ALWAYS BEEN A MAMA’S BOY and i don’t care who knows it……


2.  and in honor of MOM’S birthday, we will salute her favorite actress of all time…SHIRLEY TEMPLE….SHIRLEY was, of course, a child star, and a beautiful one at that….she went on to be an ambassador for our country in her later years.  here’s SHIRLEY TEMPLE as we remember her…..

and here is SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK today at the tender age of 82…the first picture is with actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS…

3.  the weather’s cooler out, so is it soup season?  it is here…remember this vintage CAMPBELL’S SOUP commercial?


4.  UH-OH……

GUESS WHAT JAY’S DOING THIS WEEKEND?  the sequel to the scariest movie i’ve ever seen comes out this weekend….”PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2″ has been kept underwraps pretty well….can’t wait to see it….the trailer looks TERRIFYING……

don’t watch this trailer of you don’t like being freaked out…


5.  is there a better, calmer, more perfect place to sleep than the first pew at church?  NO, NOT DURING MY SERMONS….ha ha…sometimes when i go to HECLA to work at the church, i just need a half hour nap in the pew…..someday when i pop out of the pew, i’m going to give someone a heart attack…or they’ll give me one…

6.  NEW JERSEY butchers are warning women NOT to try to create the LADY GAGA meat dress for HALLOWEEN, because meat is bloody, wet, cold, clammy, and unhygienic…..and let’s not even bring the “stray dog” element into the equation….

7.  the “CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL” megachurch in CALIFORNIA, which is built almost entirely out of glass, has filed for bankruptcy…..they could no longer afford the cost of windex….

8.  a man in CHINA had to be rescued when he got his arm stuck all the way down a public toilet while trying to retrieve his cell phone…wow…and you thought that YOU were addicted to texting…

9.  okay, let’s stop the reality show crap…did you hear this?  there’s a new reality show being filmed in a FLORIDA NUDIST COLONY……may i recommend a title?  how about “THE REALLY SAGGING HOUSEWIVES OF FLORIDA.”

10.  MEXICAN authorities have seized over 105 tons of marijuana….which set the mexican drug trade back by, oh…..seven minutes….


Three guys go in for a job interview, all at the same office.
    The first one goes in for his interview and the interviewer says, “What’s the first thing you see when you look at me?”
    The guy says, “That’s not too hard, you’ve got no ears.”
    The interviewer says, “That’s it, get out, you’ll never be seen around here again.”
    The second man takes his turn and is asked the same question.
    The applicant replies, “Uh, you’ve got no ears.”
    The interviewer throws the guy out, cursing and yelling that he’ll never get a job with his company.
    As he is leaving, the second guy warns the third guy, “Listen man, whatever you do, don’t say he hasn’t got any ears. He’s so touchy with the ear thing.”
    “Okay,” said man #3 on his way into the office.
    Once inside he is told, “Name the first thing you notice when you look at me.”
    The guy answers, “That’s easy, you wear contacts.”
    The interviewer was flabbergasted, “How on earth did you know that, son?”
    “What? Are you stupid? You can’t wear glasses, you’ve got no ears!”






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