random thoughts for monday october 25th, 2010


1. in our “today and yesterday” segment, we feature singer HELEN REDDY who turns 69 today…that’s right, HELEN REDDY is knockin’ on the door to 70…..here’s the deal, i do so many blogs that i forget who i’ve featured before.  if i featured HELEN before, i apologize…..

here are a couple of album covers back in the 70’s….i always thought that she was so pretty….

and here is HELEN REDDY today on her 69th birthday…

2.  in honor of her birthday, let’s feature a couple of HELEN REDDY’S greatest hits…

this is BY FAR my favorite song by her….here’s “LEAVE ME ALONE, RUBY RED DRESS.”


and here’s her super big hit, the woman’s anthem, “I AM WOMAN.”



our WINGS, picked up two big wins over the weekend.  on friday night, they had a 5-0 lead thru most of two and a half periods….LOOKIN’ GOOD WINGS…i’m so thankful that GREG ODDE brought the WINGS to town….the games are so much fun.

4.  SCARED SILLY…that’s how i would say yesterday afternoon went, when JEANNIE AND I went to see “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2” at CARMIKE……neither one of us thought it was quite as good as the first one, but nonetheless, it was super scary and very intense….JEANNIE watched most of the movie thru her hands that were covering her eyes…..there’s one scene in the kitchen that made EVERYONE either jump or screen, or both….great movie…..


**my WASHINGTON REDSKINS picked up a huge win over the CHICAGO BEARS yesterday in CHICAGO….DEANGELO HALL had FOUR interceptions for my SKINS, as he tied an NFL record yesterday……JAY CUTLER was just horrible for the BEARS…..the game, truthfully, was kind of ugly, but hey, a win is a win…

**WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THE OAKLAND RAIDERS?  the RAIDERS scored the most points in team history yesterday, as they BLEW OUT the DENVER BRONCOS  59-14 yesterday…and to make matters worse, IT WAS IN DENVER….my good friend, KEVIN SPITZER at SPITZER MILLER FUNERAL HOME is a diehard DENVER BRONCOS fan, but he’s also a fan of MIKE SHANAHAN who used to coach DENVER and now coaches my WASHINGTON REDSKINS…KEVIN told me that if DENVER doesn’t shape up, he may become a SKINS fan…well, KEVIN, this may be the perfect time….

**UGH…the MINNESOTA VIKINGS lost to the GREEN BAY PACKERS last night 28-24 at LAMBEAU FIELD….BRETT FAVRE didn’t look very good last night. the team’s offense continues to struggle…remember that i said this…if, and when, the VIKES offense starts clicking, LOOK OUT….

**THE BUFFALO BILLS kept up with the BALTIMORE RAVENS, and even went to overtime…..the RAVENS won, but this would have been the BILLS first win of the season..it would have been a shocker…

**speaking of shockers…the CLEVELAND BROWNS go into NEW ORLEANS, and smother the reigning world champs, 30-17…DREW BREES really struggled, and the BROWNS looked pretty sharp.

**tonight on monday night football, it’s the much hated DALLAS COWBOYS taking on the NEW YORK GIANTS….GO GIANTS….

6.  we’re so proud of our son MITCHELL…this weekend he will be one of four kids representing WARNER HIGH SCHOOL at “all state chorus” in ABERDEEN……MITCHELL is a really good singer, and we can’t wait to watch him and the entire orchestra….

7.  research reveals that women give more to charity than men…unless of course, CHARITY is an exotic dancer….then we give the edge to the men…..

8.  an exhibit of HARRY POTTER props and costumes have gone on display in SEATTLE.  there are so many people attending that police have now opened up a “NERDS ONLY’ traffic lane…

9.  former porn star JENNA JAMISON wants to do a show on BROADWAY…which one?  “BOOTY AND THE BEAST?”

10.  DISNEY may cut ROLLING STONE’S guitarist KEITH RICHARDS from the new “PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN” movie, because of his admitted drug use in his new autobiography….PIXAR, however, will cast him in the new “TOY STORY” movie as “EXTREMELY BUZZED LIGHTYEAR.”

11.  actress HILLARY DUFF said that on her wedding day one of her teeth fell out…call me old fashioned, but if you’re still losing your baby teeth, maybe you’re too young to get married…


After a long, dry sermon, the minister announced that he wished to meet with the church board following the close of the service. The first man to arrive and greet the minister was a total stranger. “You misunderstood my announcement. This is a meeting of the board members,” explained the minister. “I know,” said the man, “but if there is anyone here more bored than I am, then I’d like to meet him.” 

or how about this one…one of my all time favorites….

A man joined the priesthood. The order he joined could not speak for 7 years. Then they could only say 2 words. The first 7 years passed and they went into a small room. His 2 words were “too cold”. The next 7 years passed and they took him back into the small room and his 2 words were “bad food”.

The next 7 years passed and they took him back into the small room and his 2 words were “I quit”. Good they said, “all you have done is complain since you got here!!!”




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