dear politicians,

i’m sure i speak for a lot of people when i write this letter.  with the elections coming up, and things heating up, i think there’s a couple of things i have to say.

first of all, i don’t give A CRAP, what you think the other candidates have done…you may have some info wrong…but here’s the deal…TELL ME WHAT YOU CAN DO, INSTEAD OF WHAT YOUR OPPONENTS CAN’T DO….

secondly, don’t blow smoke up our rear ends with what you want to accomplish in office.  too many times the general public has put someone in office and NOTHING happened with the things promised in the election……be honest with us, and we’ll HONESTLY think about voting for you.

thirdly, stop the negative advertising and the damn phone calls.  last night during a debate on tv, we had SEVEN calls from political action groups and such…..don’t care…waste of time….let’s hear the issues and that’s it.

your constituents deserve better…this country deserves better…show us that you are better.


jay dean, voter


(if you agree with me, e-mail me and let me know.)



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