this morning for our "forgotten 45" we played BOB AND DOUG MCKENZIE and "THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS."  well, BOB AND DOUG are from the tv show from the 80's called "SCTV."  here's a couple of classic skits from that show... here are BOB AND DOUG MCKENZIE.... and here's a classic commercial from SCTV [...]


random thoughts for tuesday november 30th, 2010

your daily blog, as always, is sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS, BOTH IN ABERDEEN...   1.  we have a couple of celebrity birthdays today...first of all, the "eternal teenager" DICK CLARK, may not feel like such a teen anymore....DICK CLARK turns 81's DICK CLARK back on his "AMERICAN BANDSTAND" show..... and [...]

random thoughts for monday november 29th, 2010

WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS..I TRUST EVERYONE HAD A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING WEEKEND....   today's daily blog sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS OF ABERDEEN...   1.  we start our blog out today with, unfortunately, bad news...comedic actor LESLIE NIELSEN died yesterday at the age of 84......he, of course, is part of a great comedy [...]


did you hear about this?  FOX NEWS super hottie, MEGYN KELLY is being blasted for her "sexy picture" in GQ MAGAZINE....truthfully, i think MEGYN is probably the most beautiful newswoman out there, and, call me a pig, i don't see anything wrong with it.... i guess, looking at her makes all the murders, robberies, and [...]