random thoughts for monday november 1st, 2010

CRAP…ANOTHER REDSKINS LOSS….this time to the “motor city kitties.”  (detroit lions)


DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS both bring you today’s daily blog!!!!


1.  i was so disappointed last night while watching tv….HALLOWEEN is my favorite night to watch tv, because of the great horror movies that are on….last night?  ZERO…zero good ones…and only a couple of channels had any horror movies….so, i spent last night watching a marathon of “THE ADDAMS FAMILY”, which i ABSOLUTELY LOVED!!!

so, it got me thinking, where are some of the cast members today? let’s find out…

actor JOHN ASTIN played GOMEZ ADDAMS, the leader of the family….JOHN is still alive and still acting at the age of 80….here’s a picture of him as GOMEZ and one from today…

LISA LORING AND KEN WEATHERWAX played “WEDNESDAY AND PUGSLEY” the children on ‘THE ADDAMS FAMILY’…LISA is now 52 years old, and KEN is 55….here they are with actor TED CASSIDY, who played “LURCH”, who is now deceased…

and here’s a picture of LISA LORING and KEN WEATHERWAX today with a fan posing in the middle of them…

2.  veteran actor JACKIE COOGAN played “UNCLE FESTER” on the show…definetly one of my favorite characters….

do you know how JACKIE COOGAN got his start in show business?  he appeared with the legendary CHARLIE CHAPLIN in the movie “THE KID”….here’s a very famous photo of SIR CHARLES CHAPLIN and JACKIE COOGAN…


but, he’s best known for playing UNCLE FESTER…

and here is JACKIE COOGAN back in the early 80’s, before he passed away in 1984 at the age of 69….


3.  i have to voice my opinion on one thing…I CANNOT STAND CHRIS BERMAN ANYMORE!!!   i’ve grown so tired of his sound effects and “cutsie” names he makes up for football players….i have to shut off sunday night football until he is off of it, because it just grates on me….in case you’re wondering who CHRIS BERMAN is….reluctantly, here’s a photo….

4.  ALL STATE CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA WAS AWESOME!!! hats off to anyone who helped put this event on in ABERDEEN…what a joy to sit there and watch over 900 kids singing and over 100 orchestra members…(if i remember correctly)….my son MITCHELL was one of the singers, and we couldn’t be prouder of him…

5.  my motto today:

6.  most weeks church is the only thing that keeps me sane.

7.  over the halloween weekend, people across AMERICA put on false faces and pretended to be something they’re not…that’s right…it was the FINAL WEEKEND BEFORE ELECTION DAY!!

8.  a COLORADO company has launched a line of soda drinks made with MARIJUANA…WOW…their new slogan? “have a toke and a smile.”

9.  the CHINESE have built the world’s fastest supercomputer….it’s expected to be obsolete by the time i finish typing this sentence….

10.  PETA has offered to pay LINDSAY LOHAN’S rehab bill if she agrees to go vegan….ummm…cocaine is vegan, right?

11.  porn stars scoffed at the claim by the woman who was caught with CHARLIE SHEEN, that he paid $12,000 dollars to have intimacy with him…she now is appearing on a new tv show called “TWO AND A HALF MEN…AND THREE WOMEN…AND ANOTHER GUY…AND THE CABLE REPAIRMAN’S ASSISTANT.”


A guy decides to bring his new blonde girlfriend to a football game. After the game is over, he asks her if she liked the game.

She replies: “Oh it was great, I loved watching those men in tight clothes, but there is one thing I don’t understand.”

“What did you not understand ?”

And the blonde says: “Well, at the begginning of the game, both teams flipped a quarter to see who would kick off first. Then the rest of the game everybody was yelling get the quarter back, get the quarter back, get the quarter back. So I thought to myself, gosh it’s just a quarter!”






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