random thoughts for wednesday november 3rd, 2010



DISCOUNT VAC and DAKOTA HOT TUBS, both of ABERDEEN, proudly bring you today’s daily blog!!!

1.  remember actor KEN BERRY?  he was on “F-TROOP”, “MAMA’S FAMILY”, and appeared frequently on “THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW.”  well, he has a birthday today and is turning 77….

here’s KEN BERRY, in case you forgot him…

here’s KEN BERRY today at the age of 77….the second picture is with his former “F-TROOP) co-star LARRY STORCH…


as a viewer of your station, and someone who is waiting to see election results, i have one thing to say to you…i understand how important it is to be the “first” to break election news, but GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER BEFORE YOU ANNOUNCE IT…it doesn’t matter which party i am, or who i voted for, i, along with every other south dakotan deserve correct results.  last night when i went to bed, you mentioned that kristi noem would be coming along to give her “consession speech.”  i wake up this morning and found out that noem won.  how many more people went to sleep last night after hearing your mistake?  like i said before, it doesn’t matter which political party we support, or who we voted for…we deserve to hear the right information, and not get sucked into the “war of the tv stations.”

3.  shouldn’t deer be asleep at 4:30 in the morning?  just wondering….

4.  last night felt so good….i was in my church office in HECLA having a meeting with three ladies named GAIL, DARLA, AND STEPHANIE…we laughed so hard….we had serious talks, too, but laughter filled the office all night, including, yours truly, intentionally dialing the wrong numbers for DARLA AND GAIL when they asked me to help them dial….pretty sure they’ll never do that again…ha ha

5.  i have nothing but respect for my REDSKINS’S coach MIKE SHANAHAN….but my respect was a bit shaken this weekend, when he suddenly pulled quarterback DONOVAN MCNABB with two minutes in the game, and put in REX GROSSMAN, who hasn’t played in a year and half or something like that…well, he fumbled on the first play, and DETROIT scored….well, yesterday it was reported that the SKINS brought in washed up quarterback JAMARCUS RUSSELL for a run thru…and they also brought in washed up qb J.P. LOSMAN….what the hell is going on here? we finally get a “franchise” qb, and we’re toying with him?  c’mon SHANNY…you’re much better than this….

6.  I’M SO EXCITED…the pop group “AMERICA” will be going on tour at the end of this year and all next year…YAY…this is the duo that sings hits like “SISTER GOLDEN HAIR”, “VENTURA HIGHWAY” , “THE TIN MAN”, and many more….nothing in this region yet, but i’ll keep you posted…they will be touring in AUSTRALIA with PETER FRAMPTON and CHICAGO…wow..what a show that would be…

7.  the CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL is recommending that AMERICANS between the age of 11 and 65 be inoculated against “WHOOPING COUGH.”  now if we could only get inoculated against ‘WHOOPIE GOLDBERG.”

8.  a MASSACHUSETTS teenager was suspended from school for riding a horse to school….the school administrators apparently were worried about a “DRIVE BY SHOEING.”

9.  a clown with a circus in NEW YORK told a news station that he’s sick and tired of politicians being called “clowns” because circuses are very efficiently run, and clowns make people happy….well, except for the clowns who are scary and alcoholics….wait…scratch that….THOSE are like politicians…

10.  MICHAEL JACKSON’S song “THRILLER’ is being turned into a full length movie….and it will still be based on zombies….which must mean that the cast of 60 MINUTES will be in the show…


An older couple was lying in bed one night. The husband was falling asleep but the wife was in a romantic mood and wanted to talk.
     She said: “You use to hold my hand when we were courting.”
     Wearily he reached across, held her hand for a second and tried to get back to sleep.
     A few moments later she said: “Then you use to kiss me.”
     Mildly irritated, he reached across, gave her a peck on the cheek and settled down to sleep.
     Thirty seconds later she said: “Then you use to bite my neck.”
     Angrily, he threw back the bed clothes and got out of bed. “Where are you going?” she asked.
     He answered, “To get my teeth!”




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